Monday, September 25, 2006

Sunday Blast!

Last night finally our trio - Jed, Marco and Me had the chance to have our long overdue dinner date. Aside from the fact that we are having this loaded schedules and other personal repertoire, Jed left the country for a training in Bangkok few weeks back.

"jed and marco - smile!"

Anyway, we decided to go out a for a dinner somewhere in Malate. I was thinking to get it Haru, a korean resto somewhere in the Nakpil area but hey, the two just got their korean lunch that day so we opted to find a chinese resto instead - David's Tea House was the target.

So right after the mass at MCC we rushed our feet to Malate despite the drizzle that eventually turn to a heavy downpour covering Manila which brought about a power failure. I was teasing, Echo (Mantra's officemate) and RJ (Echo's partner) if they are carrying a sort curse with them referring a birthmark in their butt or something. (lolz). I decided to get the two joined us, of course I was with Mantra, I invited them to attend the church service, so I think it will only be polite to let them share dinner with us (di ba baby? hehehe).

Due to the downpour and power failure, we thought it would be better if we get our dinner in a much nearer place, Shakey's was somewhat convenient, but upon checking the place that is teeming with people getting their own dinner and bystanders still due to the downpour, we found it unconviniently for our routine of chit chat and dinner. Gosh! it was raining outside and damn hot inside the place. So, we pushed on going to David for our Dinner.

After the heavy dinner, (heavy for me, mantra, echo and rj. lolz. See pix!) We sipped a cup of coffee at Cafe Adriatico. All of us just cant get enough of Echo who has been plaguing us with his silly antics since earlier at dinner. Mind you guys, Echo was sick that time for his bad throat. (Just imagine that lolz).

Videoke Time - after getting our enough caffeine we decided to walk along Nakpil and just found ourselves in front of videoke bar, synders, and before we know it, everybody is belting a piece. It is in that point that I think we had too much caffeine in our system, everybody is just hilarious and comic with the choice songs. I think covered all the genre for that evening, placing the cherry via "HollaBack Girl" as performed by Marco. Throughout the singing session everybody is having a greal deal of time. Echo is still and is simply the zaniest of us all, but of course, our little bunso wouldnt easily give out the crown. All of us dancing that turn to be the attraction for the people in Sonata (another videoke bar in Malate). The room we got has a glass walling, so you can just imagine. But I think, thats the way to enjoy life - Dont let other people bother your own happiness.

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