Thursday, September 07, 2006

The French Connection

My apologies to my other readers, here is the translation of what me and steven are talking about:


j'ai vu tes messages. merci beaucoup! pardon, mais je n'ai pas jusqu'ici blogoliste maintenant . hablas español tambien?

I saw your messages. thank-you a lot! pardon, but I have not so far blogoliste now. Do you speak spanish good?

étudier-tu français aussi, comme moi? parce que je n'ai pas d'argent, j'ai étudier français seul tout (il y a 3 mois). est-ce qui? = who is this?

Do you study french as well, like me? I dont have the money so I am self studying (for 3 months now) est-ce qui? = who is this? (we are comparing each other note here, was asking him on his blog, because the translation of est-ce qui? is this that? he said it can also be translatedas who is this?, gulo ng french noh? lolz)

le français

the french

But of course, di ako nagpatalo, lolz


Oui, je parle aussi l'espagnol et non, j'ai appris français tout seul aussi. Bien que je Dois Reconnaître que je ne suis pas éloquent dans parler la langue mais j'essaie. Acclamations ! Le séjour A Béni et Libère, monsieur steven.

Yes, I also speak spanish too and no, I learned French all alone also. Although I must admit that I am not eloquent in speaking the language but I am trying. Cheers! stay Blessed and free, sir steven.

Vous remercier droppin › par à mon site, monsieur.

Thank you for droppin by at my site, sir.

¡Sí, hablo español también! (spanish)

Yes, I speak spanish as well.


EXPERTS pakicheck ang mga translation ko ha. lolz.
That was fun!


steven said...

are you using an automated translator?

vous remercier = you(formal/plural) to thank (thank you = merci)
dans parler = in(side) speaking

rmacapobre said...

j'utilise quand j'ai besoin de trouver un mot/nom/verbe. j'utilise aussi traduiser en ligne de google quand j'ai voulu revérifier mes phrases. je suis contente que j'ai trouvé ton blog.

sana mas daghan pa ta mga pinoy na nagaral ng pranses ..