Thursday, September 07, 2006

Crikey! Here’s to Ya Mate!

I realize the death of Steve Irwin is old news…I’ve been wondering what to say about the whole situation.

To be quite honest, I greatly admired the man. This guy had a set on him.
A big brass set he probably had to keep in a chest locked up somewhere…
He allowed the rest of the world to see dangerous animals up close, from the safety of our homes.

He didn’t send his assistants to tease the animals to react on camera, he jumped in there himself. I watched almost all of his shows and one thing that stood out was that he never told/made an assistant do anything around a dangerous animal that he himself had not or would not do…

The only time I ever questioned his judgement and sanity was when he fed a croc while holding his infant son…and he took a lot of shit for that incident… rightly so…

I won’t dwell on the incident…there are enough people ragging on him for his actions and politics that it makes me just want to sigh. I’ll stick to remembering what the man gave to the world.

He was a conservationist and teacher. I’ve no doubt that he was a wonderful husband and father. I hope I’m alive to see the day his children follow in his footeps, or at least acknowledge to the world his devotion to wildlife conservation and education wasn’t in vain.

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