Thursday, May 31, 2007

BISEAN is G* Spot May 2007

It has been a very long month for the this month's finalist in the G* Spot Weblog Award to say the least not to mentioned the controversy that this Award has gone thru but like the previous ones only one emerges as a Victor. For this month undoubtedly it is BISEAN who bagged this month G* Spot Weblog Award.

BISEAN started out on March 2007 with its authors, Pisanu (Thai-Belgian) and Sofia (Thai-Danish) currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. This blog is about the 11 countries in Southeast Asia, to keep up with what's happening in all these countries. Everything worth mentioning. And you guys should feast your eyes in his feauture on Hot Eurasian whom the author fond of calling "The Perfect Race."

A definitely must read for all gay men and women especially those who belongs to the SE region. Its definitely a no non sense blog.

Indeed, in a short of time, BISEAN have proven that it has what it takes to bagged this month's award with an overwhelming 1,349 votes.

Congratulations Guys! Well Done!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

H&L on PGB

Excuse the author's pride.
Another review for Hush and Listen:

"Some might actually complain why it's taken so long for this blog to be featured - I beg your forgiveness, I can only process so many blogs in a day. Let's cut to the chase and explore the words of hush and listen.

Most of the blogs we featured thus far tend to share a lot of themes and ideas and common. There's nothing wrong with that, of course - it just shows the interests that run common for most of us in the community, may it be entertainment or the latest hot guy to hit the scene. hush and listen is a bit different compared to most given what it chooses to tackle.

Every gay man has been known to dabble in writing to some extent, whether in terms of short stories, entire novels, poetry or songs. I guess it's the whole cultural role we tend to take on naturally. What makes hush and listen so different is the level to which Khalel, the author, appears to take his passion for writing into something far greater. His words are terribly striking and any gay man is sure to be able to relate to at least one but more likely many of his pieces which he faithfully posts. The complement these beautifully crafted words are images and pictures that are equally strong, artistic and sensual at the same time....."

read more of the review on


Maraming Salamat po!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I don't care how exasperating you are,
I don't care how much you get on my nerves.
I care about always treating you the same.
Love is always patient.

I don't care how you treat me,
I don't care if you're mean to me.
I care about how I am to you.
Love is always kind.

I don't care if you're with someone else,
I don't care if your best friend isn't me.
I care about your happiness.
Love is never jealous.

I don't care if you love me or not,
I don't care if my love is never returned.
I care about your well-being.
Love does not seek its own.

I don't care if you tease me,
I don't care if you won't let me forget my mistakes.
I care about forgetting yours.
Love does not take offense.

I don't care about how I've been wronged,
I don't care about what you've done to me.
I care about what you've done for me.
Love does not store up grieviances.

I don't care about reputations,
I don't care about who you're said to be.
I care about who you are.
Love finds joy in truth.

I don't care about rumours,
I don't care about what people say.
I care about what I know you to be.
Love is always ready to hope.

I don't care about what happens,
I don't care if it doesn't fit my schedule.
I care about being there for you.
Love endures whatever comes.

I don't care how long it is,
I don't care how many years,
I care about staying the same.
Love has no end.

Monday, May 28, 2007


To some love comes so easily
Just the way they smile can turn anyone on.
Some people have all the glory
Some like me, do everything wrong.

I dream each night of things I want to be
But then I take a look in the mirror
And I am in front of my greatest enemy
With no power left to fight.

Trying so hard to conquer something unreal
But I can no longer hold on to this
You have no idea how I feel
How I lost the sense of perfect bliss.

Toying with my emotions that I have tried to hide
Failing with all I had left inside
My dreams, my heart, bruised and broken
Because of you and the words left unspoken.

The distance is growing
Like a grand canyon between us now.
You never call, you never write
What’s the point in having you around at all?

Each day my heart grows a little weaker
The less I hear the less I feel for you.
I cannot be near when you act so far
All I am in love with is but a dream of what I think you are.

I don’t know you anymore
We’re strangers now.
The more I wish, the more it hurts
Each day it seems to get a little worst.

I have a feeling that if I turned around and walked away
You wouldn’t even notice
Maybe you wouldn’t even care
I guess all in life truly isn’t fair.

So that’s what I am going to do right now
I’m just going to turn and walk away
Out of your life, not like it matters anyway
And if you don’t stop me, I guess this is how it will stay.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Asian HeatWave: Jung Ji Hoon

Name: Bi aka Rain
Real name: Jung Ji-hoon
Nickname: Puppy
Date of birth: June 25, 1982.
Physical stats: 184 cm in height, 74 kg in weight
Blood Type: O
Favorite Color: White, Black
Education: Post modern music department, Kyung Hee University
Favorite Actor: Charlie Chaplin, Hahn Suk-kyu
Favorite Genre: R&B, hip-hop, funk
Favorite Sport: Basketball, swimming
Favorite Artist: Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Usher
Hobby: Movies, music, collecting shoes and clothes
Special skills: Sing, dancing, acting

Jung Ji Hoon, born on the 25th of June 1982 is a well known actor and singer in South Korea.. He uses his stage name, Bi (pronounced: “Bee” which means Rain in Korean), when he performs as a singer and dancer. His real name is Jung Ji Hoon, which he uses when he performs as an actor. His surname is Jung and his given name is Ji Hoon (also spelled as Ji Hun)

He discovered his passion for dancing ever since he was in the 6th grade. As a teenager, he was part of the boyband group called “fanclub” and years after the group ended, Park Jin Young (Korean producer/singer who worked with American singers Will Smith, Mase, Lil’ Kim, 3LW, Tyrese) took Bi under his wings after he auditioned for JYP entertainment and trained him for years in dancing and singing. Bi was a back-dancer for a famous Korean singer named Park Ji Yoon and Park Jin Young himself. During those training years, Bi was not at home much and would lie to his parents telling them he was gonna study in the library while in fact he went to the dance studio. He struggled financially and at times had to go without meals. Nevertheless, he continued to focus on his dance and singing even though he was anxiously waiting for his debut.

It can be said that this latent passion for excellence is what made Bi what he is today. And Bi has great potential for further development because he always tries his best to sharpen his current skills through ceaseless practice. He is truly a believer in the saying, "Opportunity visits those who make great efforts." There is no doubt that Bi will reach beyond Asia to become a global star someday because of his enormous talent and tireless work ethic. The success he achieved through his hard work is a promise that he made to his late mother.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

a taste of ecstasy

I could feel his breath upon my neck,
Gentle soft and sweet.
His soft supple lips caressing my skin,
His fingers running through my hair.
I breathed in deep,
Taking in every part of him.
My hands upon the gentle curve of his lower back,
Holding him close.
I feel his chest press against mine,
Firm, muscled.
His lips traveling to my clavicle,
As she gently glides his hand
Up and Under
My shirt, tracing my spine
Fingering the small cold clasp
Finding their way up and under the elastic.
His fingertips dancing around my nipples,
Teasing and enticing.
As they become erect with anticipation.
I sigh and entwine my fingers in his soft black hair.
Our hearts now beating strong,
He gathers the cloth of my shirt
And gently lifts it
up and
my head. I did the same to him.
Wild now with fervor he grabs me and
Pulls me close.
Hard, forceful.
Our hearts race as his fingertips unhook the clasp,
Lower straps down,
Off my shoulders and down my arms.
Placing his hands on my now bare shoulders he kisses my chest,
Glorifying every inch of my body,
His lips trail up my neck and to my ears,
There she nibbles softly.
Our lips again meet in a hot passion,
Our breaths harder,
Our heart beats quickening.

He unbuckles my belt as I unbutton his pants.
Simultaneous zips change the beat.
Guiding me with his kiss,
he guides me to the bed.
Never do our lips part
As we shed our cotton cocoons,
To reveal our soft,
Vulnerable bodies.
I feel his skin,
Soft, warm, supple.
Our eyes meet, our lips part
His eyes wild, beautiful.
I follow his gaze as he
Travels down my body.
His fingers slip under the strap of my boxer
Lifting it, pulling it,
Drifting down my thighs,
Past my ankles,
Onto the floor.
he smiles up at me.
Entrancing, mysterious, seductive.
I sigh with eagerness.
His hands glide up my legs,
Over my thighs.
His fingertips linger by my pelvis,
Guide themselves up my sides.
His lips kissing my stomach,
he begins to bite and suck,
Then her lips trial up my torso,
Between my chest,
And up to meet my lips,
Parted and ready.
I sigh.
His fingertips begin to dance and sing
Between my legs.
Tenderly caressing and massaging.
Our bodies press together hard, passionate.
A voice escapes me and
Mingles with the stars,
As he enters inside of me.
Gentle, firm, methodical,
he feels me inside,
Gazing into my eyes,
Looking for my soul,
Trying to reach my heart.
I throw my head back and moan in ecstasy,
As he continues to massage and feel me.
Pressing his body hard against mine,
We move with the same fluid motion,
With one heart, and one mind.
My nails scratch into his back,
As I hold him tightly.
My fingers running through his hair,
Holding on to him desperately.

His body lifts from mine.
Once again he gazes into my eyes,
And kisses me.
His eyes widen and he smiles big,
Wanting me, yearning for me.
Together we flow as one, moan as one,
Moving in unison.
Our bodies hot,
I kiss his neck and shoulders,
And taste his saccharine perspiration.

He lifts his body from mine,
His fingers leaving me, and mine leaving his.
he kisses me,
And moves down my body.
Her tepid wet saliva trailing down my body.
Slowly he kisses my stomach,
My pelvis,
Slowly, teasing,
Heading toward his destination.
he places his hands on my hips,
I moan,
he kisses.
Softly, then forcefully.
Sucking, licking, nibbling.
he massages my thighs,
I breath hard.
My voice gets stronger.
My soul sings and my heart pounds.
he glides his right hand up my side,
And it interlocks with mine.
Sucking, licking, nibbling.
I squeeze his hand hard,
And licks harder in response.
His fingers join the dance.
His tongue and his fingers working as one,
Heightening my senses.
Breathing harder, louder,
Flowing faster, stronger.
My eyes widen and a smile erupts on my face.
I cry out.
My body shudders with pleasure and ecstasy,
As I reach my peak.
My heart pounding uncontrollably.
My chest heaving up,
he slows, then stops.
he slides his body back onto mine.
We breath hard together,
As we hold each other.
Our skin touching, caressing.
We gaze into each other’s eyes,
Merged now, our souls, as one.
Our hearts beating in unison,
Our minds in tuned with each other’s.
We smile and bask in each other’s warmth.
Our limbs entwined in each other,
We know,
This is right.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dear Homophobia

Come a little closer
Let me whisper in your ear
Let me tell you something
That I want you to hear

Protest me all you want
In a loud or quiet voice
I just wanted you to know
Being gay is not a choice

There are other things to fear
Scarier than me
It’s obvious that you don’t care
You’re blind and cannot see

Take off that blind fold
From your eyes and take a look around
The world is full of people like me
And are willing to say it loud

We are repulsive in the mind
We are fearful at the touch
All I want you to do
Won’t take very much

Leave us alone
Take the angry mob away
Will always be hear to stay

You cannot get rid of us
However, you can try
Taking away our rights
Isn’t going to make us cry

Things like this don’t bother us
We learned not to care
This is our world too
So learn how to share

This letter will end
Though unwillingly
From the members
Of the LGBT

Monday, May 21, 2007

hear me

I'm tired of being here,
all locked up in my head.
Every day I hear a whisper,
and I'm closer to being dead.

Something taps me on the shoulder,
something I can't fight.
When it talks in that low voice,
my eyes are shut so tight.

Once it gets to a cetain point,
and I'm still sitting on the ground,
it tells me to do things,
I'm trying to ignore the sound.

Its voice is harsh and filled with confidence,
and I can hear a hint of sorrow.
Even when it's telling me,
I won't live to see tomorrow.

I don't know what to say,
and I don't know what to do.
I'm still hearing it now,
and I'm still suffering too.

I can't tell what its weakness is,
but I know I hear some lust.
I just have to get through this,
and have no one to trust.

Stop Wonderin' who is my subject for this photograph - its a self portrait.
Finally, I have save some money and buy myself a digital camera nothing fancy really and its not even a professional camera but hey maybe someday i can buy one.
So what do you think guys - Of the new Poem and New Photo?

Friday, May 18, 2007

the elevator

Have you ever been in an elevator with someone you like?


I stepped onto the elevator, pressed number 12 then closed my eyes. Leaning my back against the side of the elevator I felt by body ascending up to the next floor, where the elevator stopped to let more people on. That’s when I noticed the smell. It was a warm and beautiful smell that filled my whole body with some inexplicable ecstasy. By spine shivered and my eyes were forced to open.

The first thing I saw was his shoulder. A nice, broad shoulder wrapped in the white cotton of a tight tee-shirt that was practically see-through as it hugged his muscles. Just as intoxicating as the smell was the sight of his body.

I bit my lip as my heart started racing. My breath became heavy and my face was hot. He turned to me, bumping me with his shoulder. As it touched me a wave of ecstasy ran through my body.

“Excuse me,” he said, with a soft yet strong voice. “Do you know what time it is?”

I looked at my watch. “Half past six,” I said, looking him in the eyes. He had electric green eyes that made me feel weak. I closed my eyes again and waited.

I opened the door of my apartment and as I was walking in I heard his voice again.

“Excuse me,” I turned around as he was walking toward me. “Hi,” he said, “I’m new in the building, I live in 1213. I was just wondering if you were busy at all, I haven’t really met anyone yet.”

I swallowed really hard then said, “Not at all, come on in.” As he stepped inside he gave me a look so seductive I thought I was about to pass out. I closed the door and turned on the lights. I took of my shoes and seeing this so did he. “Would you like something to drink?” I asked.

“No thanks,” he said. He just stood there staring at me.

“What’s your name?” I asked him.

“It doesn’t matter,” he replied as he started kissing me. I wrapped my arms around his muscular body as he ran his hand up the back of my shirt. Our tongues moved around passionately inside each other’s mouths as our hands moved all over each other’s bodies. The crotch of my jeans suddenly felt so tight I thought they would rip.

I slowly removed his shirt, revealing his beautiful torso. I kissed his neck and he then started sucking and nibbling my ear lobe, causing me to shiver with pleasure. He removed my shirt and we started moving toward the couch.

I fell down on the couch with him on top of me. As we kissed there he undid by belt buckle and undid my pants. He then started kissing me all the down my torso as he pulled my jeans off, leaving me there in my underwear with a raging erection.

As he started kissing me again he lightly ran his fingers along my inner thigh and then cupped my penis and lightly massaged. I ran my hands down his spine. As I reached the waistline of his jeans I moved around to the front and undid his belt and zipper and began to remove his pants. He got up and was standing before me in a pair of tight, black boxer-briefs that looked like they were about to burst open. I stood up and grabbed his arm, leading him to the bedroom.

Once we were in the bedroom he put his arms around me and started kissing my neck. He put his hand down the front of my underwear and started playing with my rock hard penis. He then pulled my underwear off and I turned around to face him. He stood up and looked me in the eyes as he pushed be back to the bed and laid me down. He then took my throbbing penis in this mouth and started working up and down, faster and faster. I started moaning as I got close to the climactic point, but just before I did he stopped, teasing me.

I then got up and threw him down on the bed. I pulled his underwear off and stared at his gorgeous body for a moment. I slowly ran my tongue up and down his huge, throbbing penis as I squeezed his thighs. I took the whole thing in my mouth and started working up and down, faster and faster, feeling it getting warmer and warmer ready to explode. Just has he had done I stopped just before he could reach his climax, teasing him.

I then got on top of him and put my penis between his legs and started thrusting, listening to him groaning and kissing him. We were both sweaty. Our bodies were pressed together. I kept on thrusting faster and faster and faster until I heard the elevator door open.

He stepped out onto floor 10 and I never saw him again.


Happy Weekend Guys! Stay Blessed, Beautiful and Free!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

still fallin'

These abrasions healed over are my weakness,
My strength,

These unsightly scars give me no satisfaction closed,
However, when they breathe they scream for me.

I don’t weep, no need, the clear salt doesn’t sting
The red rushing within me, pools outside me… weeping for me.
It stings

Do you know what I see? Everything you see, just like you.
But you can’t see my shame. I won’t let you.

Do you think you could pick me from a crowd?
I look like you, I act like you, just like you.

When I feel it all come crashing down on me, I don’t scream, I don’t cry.
I let the sticky mess inside me, talk for me.

Its an addiction that could, devour me, demolish me, destroy me.
Release me.

I haven’t fallen.
I’m still falling.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Can you really sit in a tunnel of noise and yet hear only silence?

Can you scream so loud that you feel as though your heart will break and yet make no sound at all?

Can you be so trapped within yourself that you see no way out?

How can it be possible to need someone so badly but want every one to stay away even more?

How can you exist in a moment but have no emotions attached?

How can you be in so much pain that you are no longer able to feel?

The overwhelming sense that one more moment of anything that amounts to more than nothing will be more than too much?

Trying to make sense of it all.

Asking questions, trying to understand, trying to be more than the moment but being so buried in it that it suffocates.

Trying to try.

Holding on to the belief in self.

The endless fighting to prove that the lies are the lies and the truth is the truth and someone else's eyes create the muddle and confusion.

The want to believe that things are as they should be, that all the numbers add up.

Denial that projected images are wrong, it has to fit the hole, as long as the square peg fits in the round hole it doesn't matter how it gets there.

Fighting for the truth, but no one wants to rock the boat, no one wants to be wrong, no one will ever be the hero.

The princess will remain locked on the tower and the dragon will sleep peacefully at the door and the knights will sleep peacefully in their beds knowing that no one will think they may be wrong.

Need to fly, need to sleep, need to dream.

They say that time heals all, but why does it take so long?

Pain takes pain, it gives it a moments release but then it goes and all remains as it was.

Sometimes anger takes over pain but then it goes.

Sometimes there is a moment when if only someone would be there it would all go away, but then it goes.

Can anything ever be normal?

Can anything ever be like everything else?

Control and power, power and control.

Need to claw back some need to have something that no one can take away, that no one can have for themselves.

How can emotion be so huge?

How can pain be do clear but no one knows?

Or that no one cares?

Wrapped up in their bubble, don't want anything to spoil it, don't want to share priority, it's all priority and priority doesn't count.

Invisibility has it's own protection but yet there are some things that have to be seen.

Existence is away from reality, a comfort in the imagination. But only for a little while. For a little while the imagination can give release.

Is it fear?

Running so fast and so hard, running in sleep and running awake always running always trying to sever the invisible ties that bind to the existence of the matter of fact.

Can trust be established?

Can blame be apportioned?

Can freedom be found in forgiveness?

Can there be a key?

Can the thoughts, the memories be pushed so far back that they are less than a haze?

Can they fly back at a moments notice and hit so hard and so fast that they make it hard to breath?

Can half a memory be worse than a whole one because the imagination fills in the blanks?

Can the blanks be so damaging that they are better left alone?
Can guilt be part of doing no wrong?

Can the endless questions be the inner whirlpool that keeps binding the path to moving on?

If freedom comes with time then seconds become minutes, minutes become hours and hours become days and so on.

The time doesn't become forever there are trips and falls along the way but time longer moves on.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

the writer

How can I write neither sad nor depressed
That is the gift with which I am blessed
To be cursed with good rhyme as cursed by mind
Free-falling thoughts, from brain, sans rind

Thoughtless pieces constitute the piece
That, unfortunate, has failed to cease
No salvation in doing forsakes doing
No search of satisfaction in such lack of cueing

Depressed by my own lack o’ ‘pression
‘t is cruel, I know, to seek such session
Perchance to write, to dream while glad
Will find me in the heavens clad

The Sun

i saw the sun from the wrong side of the glass.

Friday, May 11, 2007

My Turn

Just to know about how my readers actually look at this little space of mine...
So I hope you guys can take a time to rate this blog and leave a comment as well for me to improve:

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Thanks Guys!

side effect

A boy in his early twenties booked into a hotel called 'Drive-By Motor Inn' at around 6PM on a cold June night. Fumbling with the key he unlocked the door and stumbled inside. He was longing for a hot shower so he stepped into the bathroom and took of his clothes. The boy looked at his tanned muscular body in the mirror and thought of his girlfriend -- he could have been at home with her if he hadn't been assigned this business trip.

The boy turned the taps and stepped into the shower, the water was warm and soothing on his body. He sometimes sat down on the floor of the shower with the water running over him and pleasured himself and tonight wasn't going to be any different. As he went to sit down he noticed a bottle sitting on the shower shelf.

The boy picked it up and looked at it. The label read 'Hot Sex: Makes Your Orgasm Ten Times Better!'.

He turned it over and read the instructions:

1. Gain and maintain erection.

2. Open bottle and poor over the top of your head, drinking some as you go.

2. Masturbate like you've never masturbated before.

May have side effects.

The boy sat down on the ground and placed the bottle beside him. He massaged his big cock until it was rock and hard, again he thought of his girlfriend. He started to move his hand up and down over his erect penis and with the other hand he picked up the bottle of 'Hot Sex'.

The boy poured it over his head and drank some as it trickled down the long locks of hair that made his fringe. He massaged his cock and thought of his girlfriend. Suddenly the boy froze, the bottle dropped to the floor empty and his head slumped forwards in his lap. The boys hand still maintaining it's grip on his hard penis. As the water ran over the boys head wild visions ran through his head, visions he could not control.

Hot men in short tight shorts with six packs and sexy pectoral muscles ran through his head. The boy's head rose and stared blankly at the tiles wall in front of him, he massaged his half-soft penis and made it hard again. Then he masturbated, masturbated like he had never masturbated before and all the while images of men appearing in his mind's eye.

He subconciously massaged his aching anus which was screaming for some attention. He dreamly wildly of hot sex with basketball players and underwear models. The boy played with his testicles as a chant formed in his head: Girls are your past, Boys are your future.

He moved his hand up and down over his penis head and felt an excited feeling spread over him. The boy stroked faster and faster until he climaxed. White liquid spewed from the end of his penis and dripped onto his plums.

The boy was now a gay boy -- and would take it up the ass for the rest of his life.



Enjoy your weekend guys!
Stay Blessed, Beatiful and free, you all!

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Your tummy is empty and dry from trying,
like ploughed fields or deserts made from ice or ocean.
you forgot to take your angry pill and i get the blame again.

I love our fights.

Save a little space for me right by you,
on your pillow with a hand on your skin.
I wanna be yours, and work real hard to keep you happy,
and never let you cry anymore,
and never let you get sad or angry,
and your friends will be so proud of me.
I want you to be proud of me to.
I won't let ANY ONE EVER get you again,
and i will take you all up high with space ships and planets and stars

and shooting stars

and we'll watch the danger from birds eye views and hindsight.
I will hold you all tight in my arms
and tight tight tight like snake squeeze
and prison grip, and never let you go.
My bed will be warm on sundays when your all there under my sheets,
I WANT TO KEEP TRYING through your cigarettes
and SILLY STUPID boyfriends who you don't love and never will,
i know you are, because i love you too, and I KNOW YOU ARE
and don't ever say we are over and don't ever say, EVER that you love him, or them, or anyone. you love me, i know you do.
This is for you.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hush and Listen

The G* Spot Weblog Award for this Month (May 2007) has been the most controversial and most talk about one to date.


BISEAN is topping the race
with more than 80% of all the votes Cast.

Now there are readers questioning the integrity of the poll itself, needless to say the integrity of this Weblog Award.

Right after the set of this month nominees was properly notified thru their respective blogs, River Pisanu, owner/author of Bisean emailed me, hereunder is the conversation we had, to wit:

Hello Mr. Khalel,

Thank you for your prompt response. This is about the G-Spot Blog of the month. Thank you for featuring my blog on one of your polls. I appreciate it. I have something to ask you...

You have to take down my blog from that poll. Let me tell you why...My blog is just 1 month old and I barely get exposures (understatement -- absoloutely! LOL). Another fact is I'm Thai. All of the blogs you feature are Filipinos. Maybe you thought I am one? Oh my, I'm honoured. Who nominated me anyway? Oh he's gonna be soooo dead! Hahahaha!

Right now Khalel, I feel like I'm a candidate in the Miss Universe Photogenic competition -- I would pose like hell, flash the best smile, higher my chin and strut my best angles -- though I know it's Miss Philipines gonna win the Photogenic award anyway!

AND my blog is not even categorized as's a B! So I should me on the B-Spot yeah?

I think I would be the super-really-under dog on this poll, yeah? Maybe I'm just a bit jittery about the fact that I'm gonna lose the dang survey. It's unfair! I have just been blogging for 36 days! Somebody also did a similar "blog fights" like this and paired me up with a blog that's over a hundred years old! Of course I lost. Whew!

BUT hey! What the heck? "publicity is publicity". So, I'll jump on it if I have to.

Even though my blog's gonna lose for sure; I'm not gonna sit down here without a fight! --send me the HTML code of that poll -- pllleeeeaaaassseeeee. I'm gonna do my own campaign Thai style. And I'm gonna do what Tigguhtigz did to win last month's poll -- hellya! LOL

Send it to me ok?-----OK!

Oh my this would be fun!

Kop khun krap,

River Pisanu

Love beyond gender.

Here is how I responded:

Allow me to answer your queries and concern point by point...

Let me tell you why...My blog is just 1 month old and I barely get exposures (understatement -- absoloutely! LOL). Another fact is I'm Thai. All of the blogs you feature are Filipinos. Maybe you thought I am one?

Another Newbie in the Blogdom won as a G* Spot Weblog of the Month, i think its Filipino lesbian, she is up ang against well established blog in the INTERNATIONAL SCENE.

May I repeat that International Scene. Meaning the G* Spot Award is not merely focused on filipino Blogs BUT is giving recognition to ALL Blogs.

I know youre THAI, and the one who nominated you also knows that.

Who nominated you??? I am giving him the privelege of telling you that.

The G* in the G* Spot Stands for GREAT. So youre nominator thinks that you are one great blog.

And NO, filipino blogs, doesnt always win the G* Spot Weblog Award, There had been winners from Australia, Argentina (I think), Filipino Lesbian is Philippin Based, Tiggahtigz is on California.

and rest assured there is no such thing as an undergog here. There has been WELL ESTABLISHED BLOG (I wont mention the name of the Blog, but look at the PLU Blog List and you will the idea.) thats been topping the PLU Blog List with his 3000_+ visitors weekly that has been nominated for three consecutive times yet never won any awards even when G* Spot Awards is conducted on the Weekly basis.

So I hope You give this thing a good fight...

Stay Blessed, Beautiful and Free.

River Again:

The HTML code for me to post the poll on my what Tigguh did. He got the polling thingy on his blog that's why everybody who visit his blog can click on it.

Unlike the others, they didn't get much votes because they have to go and vote at another blog.

So where's the HTML? I wanna put it on my blog pleeeeeaaassseee so my visitors can click click click click click click click!

Thanks again Khalel, you rock!


i think it will be unfair for others if i give you the codes... tiggah, done that for himself... i suggest that you read my script maybe you can find the codes there... it is okay... but i think it would not be proper if the same will come from me...

hope you understand...


Somebody told me you're a nice guy, so I would believe him. I already did my campaign in Europe and South America and now I think my votes are unbelievable. LOL

Anyways, I understand. No worries about the code. But still! (I'm being a stubborn little boy here) you did not send me a notice of congratulations to get the link from your site! Hmmm... me and OYGA. I haven't put anything on my blog yet because of that but my friends are already voting anyway.

But I understand. You rock and stay nice. And please don't be so sad all the time. Your posts shows it.

Hugs from Thailand,

River Pisanu

and this one is the newest message from RIVER:

Goodmorning Khalel, I see your online.

This is just to say that I have taken off your link and the link to the voting from my blog.

I get a lot of bad emails, really bad people who's giving me a headache. It affects my day. I'm beginning to change my opinion about Filipinos now.

They hate me for having those numbers. I want to shrug it off but I guess this is the best thing I can do now to detach myself and blog from those people.

Now you know why I asked you to take off my blog on that poll? But I really appreciate what you did.

I hope you have a lovely day, Khalel. Thanks.

Hugs from Bangkok,

River Pisanu

Now, if indeed one can provide me with straight FACTS concerning the alleged cheating for this Month, I suggest you do it and present me this FACTS!
"Beneath the dingy Unofrmity of International Fashion MAN have remain A SAVAGE, A BLOODTHRISTY HUMAN BEING!"

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


someone somewhere better make a man out of me,
coz i can't rip my shoes off the street.
Someone somewhere better make a man out of me,
coz i can't rip my skin from these sheets.
And all i need is some belief,
to stuff inside of me.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Make It Hurt

“Do you want this?” I whisper softly… Why are the tears beginning to flow? Your eyes are so warm, so caring…the only part of you that isn’t frozen. The only part of you that I can see, that I can feel…

All this time, you were this fortress, this cold stone; a wall that could never be breached. But the moment I left you defeated by your defenses, you tear down your wall and reveal yourself.

How could this be? Are you truly here? Have you really shown all of yourself to me? I’m wondering why, I’m wondering how this could happen only when you see me in pain, lower than you, tired of begging for you, completely spent…

Is it pity? Do you feel safe that I truly am no threat? Or is it something else? Whatever the case I will try, I will try to let you in, take all that I can have of you for whatever reason…but i'm tired.

You reach out to me, you reach out to me this time…I take your hands into my own, I take your eyes into my own…

“I don’t want you to cry, not for me...” so sweetly your lips move, so warm are your eyes… But the tears are still falling.

Your fingers reach up and trace my lips softly, we are in sadness together. You take in a short gasp, and I see your eyes begin to grow with love, the tears falling down for me.

Never would I have imagined such a sight, this must be real, you must be real.

Suddenly you kiss me, so deeply I am awakened from my shadows. I swoon into you and let it take over. Our bodies are so cold ,so harsh. Can we really warm each other?

I feel you groan for more, reaching once more for me, for me. Your breath is on my skin, the ice melting away swiftly. Your spirit creeping up my neck breathing me in more intensely than ever before, “ I do, I do need you…” you cry softly.The purest of saints could not have said something sweeter.

Your lips are my verification, your eyes, my escape. Now make it hurt.


ah well ive had this piece for a Very long time, It just never seemed finished until now.. due to recent occurances I now know how the story Begins, for this is a beginning...

its funny I was soo angry when I wrote this and it seems to have evolved into the underlayers of my anger...

let me know what u think....

Enjoy Guys.

Friday, May 04, 2007


it came to me like one of those lumps in your throat
and left me in cold tears.
Do you hear what they say?
I was lost in coma.



Cant Help it.

Just a Short One for this Weekend, saw this photo while surfing, then, BANG!

Honestly this is what I really feel right now.

Mabuhay Beauties

Mr Sexy Body 2007 from Manila, Philippines.
Go check out their website for more...



To my readers, i am geeting a bit fucked lately... Getting a writer's block. But I promise to post some new poems and stories soon. It is just that they are all scrambled in mah little space between my ears, seems cant get to put it into pen. Hopefully next week will be better. Enjoy your Weekend Guys. Be Safe You All!

Meanwhile, enjoy these gorgeous boys...

Stay Blessed, Beautiful and Free!

Bench Summer

summer is definitely here.

take your pick.
summer attire guys... not the boys.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Asian HeatWave: Leandro Okabe

Another addtion to the HeatWave List is no other than the new model of Terra - The Boy, Leandro Okabe, 21 y/o was discovered by a modeling agency in the São Paulo capital.


This Brazillian-Japanese mix stud his career in Asia with his height of 1.84m and lean fit body that made him stand out and in high demand. He traveled and worked in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong. He keeps his great physique by running dialy and eating healthy food.

Leandro is definitely Hotter than the Summer Sun!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tiggah' is A Certified G* Spot Winner

Adding to the Heat of the Summer Sun this Tiggah's Life in Random makes sizzling mark in the G* Spot Weblog Award for bagging the award for the month of April.

The Blog is about an asian gay guy in southern California sharing his love of life, food, and his amazing experiences with his boyfriend Pooh!

"Life is random. I'm random. We're all random"
says the author of this Blog.
So take a peek at Tiggah's World. And find out for yourself why fanatics of this blog thinks it deserved to be G* Spot April's Winner.
Also, get the chance to meet the author's alter ego - Tigguh.
Believe me, Tigguh is hotter than the sun itself.
Here is the Complete Tally for this Month:

The G* Spot Blog of the Month: April 2007

Tiggah 41% 182
Teazed 6% 25
Twist 2% 10
Bill Coy 10% 43
Super Xienah 19% 86
Culture Shiok 12% 53
K A D A 4% 16
Harmony in my Ears 3% 14
Pale Ground 3% 15
444 votes total
To all the Finalist of the G* Spot Weblog of the Month (April 2007) Congratulations!


I never knew love could find me here
In the empty void I called my soul
Into that darkness, it's kind eyes peered
It looked longingly for me, stretched it's hand

That hand was yours, reaching into my life
Soothing old scars as you passed them by
I peered at you from within, with bitter strife
I longed for your life, I needed what you had

You came and looked me in the eye
You were crying, not for you but me
"Come," you plead, "don't ask me why"
I came and never looked back once

I wondered why you loved me, or even cared
Then I realized you were full of love, to the brim
I knew that instant why, you wanted it to be shared
And you chose me, above all others in the world

You pulled me up into a world full of bliss
I followed you everywhere, trusted you always
You pulled me close to you, and lightly gave me a kiss
Together we walked the world, you always were there with me

i love you, please know that.