Monday, July 21, 2008



I am Invisible

you are invisible

and you were here.


The Photos are taken by JT
Edited by Vids Coheim

Two of the Most Beautiful Minds Ive Met.
Thanks Guys!

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i've always had a certain degree of fascination with the moon. it's the embodiment of change perpetual with its face waxing and waning constantly each and every month. and it's never so ubiquitous when full. a bright disc in a backdrop of deep black, a full moon illuminates, its halo of light radiating towards a darken earth below. maybe it's these astrophysical attributes of the full moon that lend themselves so easily to its more unsubstantiated metaphysical aesthetics. some people believe that the time of a full moon is something magical as all things possible - both good and bad - are more likely to happen. i think i'm open to believing that now.

one night, feeling very sorry for myself, i saw a waning full moon suspended in the dark sky. having nothing else to lose - not even my ever-present lucidity - i made a wish to that celestial orb, an act that i've not been wont to do before. i asked for strength, for happiness and for someone special to come into my life. maybe it was done out of desperation, maybe for hope. whatever case, it was done in the moment and one forgotten just as quickly.

as i made my way home early saturday morning from an *amazing night out, that familiar sight was again in the sky. partly obstructed by clouds, it raced alongside the cab as i riding on. and looking up, staring uninterrupted into that white, bright orb did i remember the wishes made from the month before.since then i've found strength and happiness - a fact certainly obvious to regular readers of this blog and most especially to my family and friends - though i thought the last one still eluded me. but as i recounted the events of the previous nite in my head, perhaps i had been granted that wish as well.

kisses were exchanged, sentiments shared and even hands were held. the venue and time may have been the same to that of the month before, the circumstances somewhat similar, but the feeling is completely different. there's a positive, open vibe to this. although cautious about getting ahead of myself, i sat there a little while longer, just staring and thinking. when i finally made my way inside, i found myself smiling.

I got my ring back. I have found my new strength.

the moon have heard me well.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Shower Room

"Are you alright sweetheart?” Jeremy asked, jogging over to the bathroom.

“Were you busy?”

“Just trying to throw together some lunch, nothing that couldn’t wait.” He sat on the edge of the bathtub. “Is there something wrong?”

“No, I was just…” Yan let his voice trail off into silence. The truth was that he just wanted to get Jeremy into the room but he hadn’t gotten as far as to think of an excuse. Perhaps he should have planned better.

Jeremy realized this fairly quickly and decided to play along. He grabbed the bright pink puffball Yan had hanging from the faucet and squeezed some soap on it.

“Here, I’ll wash your back,” he said, gesturing for Yan to turn a little.

“You just want an excuse to touch me.”

“Like that wasn’t your intent?”

Yan remained silent, realizing he was caught. Instead of replying he complied and was soon enjoying the feel of Jeremy carefully washing his skin.

“How are you feeling? You aren’t uh… bruised or anything are you?” Jeremy asked casually.

“I don’t know, maybe you should check.”

Jeremy groaned. “Yan that was weak, even for you.”

“Hey, I had a bad day!” Yan said with a pout. “Cut me some slack, alright?”

Jeremy laughed decided once again to play along. He set down the puffball and reached under the water. Yan tensed as Jeremy’s hand found what it was looking for and squeezed gently, eased up and squeezed again. Jeremy leaned in towards his ear.

“How does that feel?”

Yan opened his mouth but failed to answer. He tried again. “Good, that’s good. No pain there.”

“I’m glad.”

Of course Jeremy didn’t stop, he had no intention of stopping. In fact it only took five minutes for him to be completely stripped and in the bathtub along with Yan. It was a tight fit but they managed with Jeremy sitting behind Yan and Yan leaning back against Jeremy’s chest. It was sexual, but also quite romantic and cozy.

“I really was concerned you might be bruised or something,” Jeremy said, running a soapy hand over Yan’s bare shoulder.

“Thank you. I’ll be okay, nothing that a little vigorous exercise won’t fix.”

“I see.”

“That is, if you’re okay with that idea.”

Jeremy answered with his actions, reaching down and once again wrapping his hand around Yan’s penis. He started stroking gently, doing just enough to get Yan going before he would stop to tease him in other ways. Once again he had Yan completely at his mercy and God that was a wonderful feeling.

“So you’re for it then?” Yan said through labored breathing.

Jeremy kissed Yan’s temple. “Yes.”

“I’m nervous.”

“Huh?” The sudden revelation caused Jeremy to stop his movement and crane his neck to look into Yan’s eyes. “You’re nervous?”

“Yeah. I know it’s stupid, I mean this is hardly my first time but I’m… nervous for some reason.”

Jeremy smiled. “Yan there’s a lot about your sexual past that I don’t know and I’m fine with that, but given what you’ve told me… I’d say this will be your first time.”

“I hope you’re going somewhere deep and meaningful with this because otherwise you’re just going nuts. Jeremy I’ve been with a lot of-“

Jeremy put his finger to Yan’s lips to silence him. “You can make fun of me if you like, call me cheesy, a hopeless romantic or whatever but I believe this will be the first time anyone has ever made love to you. There is a different sweetheart, and this is why it was so important to me that we wait. That night at the club if I had gone back here with you it would have just been sex. Yes I started falling for you the moment you came to talk to me but I wasn’t there yet, I wasn’t head over heels in love like I am now. Now it’s different.”

Yan didn’t know what to say. Jeremy was right of course, he’d had more sex than most people he knew put together but there wasn’t much in the way of emotion to go along with it.

“I’ve always been so confident,” Yan said quietly. “I guess you’re the first guy to ever really know me.”

“And I consider it a privilege.”

Yan smiled. “Come on, let’s get out of the tub.”

He stood and climbed out, Jeremy following close behind. Before Yan could even grab a towel Jeremy had him in his arms and the two were engaged in a very deep kiss. The fact that they were dripping wet never even crossed their minds as they awkwardly made their way to the bed without breaking their connection.

Once they reached the bed Yan broke away in order to lie back on the mattress. Jeremy watched from the bedside, mesmerized by what he viewed as complete perfection. Yan’s pale skin contrasted sharply against the deep purple bedding and the pink of his flushed cheeks gave him an almost innocent appearance. Jeremy stared, knowing the attention was making Yan nervous but not caring. No matter how many times he had seen Yan naked and no matter how many times he would see him naked in the future he would never be seeing him like this again, no one would. This was his alone.


Jeremy smiled at him and joined him in the bed, kissing him immediately. He only briefly lingered on Yan’s mouth however, instead choosing to begin his kisses at Yan’s collar bone and work his way down. He mixed his kisses with gentle bites, tugging just enough at Yan’s flesh to make his breath and heart rate quicken.

“Touch me,” Yan whispered in a pleading tone.

Jeremy shook his head. “Not yet.”

Ignoring the impatient whimpers that soon followed Jeremy continued his path, kissing down Yan’s chest. He chose to ignore the erect nipples that seemed to beg for contact, and once again he heard Yan protest.


“Patience sweetheart,” Jeremy said with a grin.

Yan of course didn’t want to be patient and was going to fight being forced to if possible. What he didn’t realize was that his insistent pleas only fueled Jeremy’s teasing, prolonging the delicious agony.

Jeremy trailed kisses down Yan’s stomach and hips leaving tiny red marks behind as he went and driving Yan completely crazy. He couldn’t understand why Jeremy was purposely avoiding the areas he wanted to be touched most and the frustration was only continuing to grow. Jeremy of course knew exactly what he was doing.

Still ignoring Yan’s whimpers and pleas Jeremy ran his tongue down the inside of one of his thighs. He was almost ready to take things further but he was having a great deal of fun teasing the young man first.

He repositioned himself so that he was between Yan’s legs which he had spread lightly. The erection that was practically screaming for attention awaited him, the small bead of clear fluid calling to be lapped up. Even Jeremy couldn’t resist that kind of plea and soon his mouth was engulfing Yan’s penis. He bobbed his head up and down, holding onto Yan’s hips and urging him to join his rhythm. Yan was eager to oblige, bucking upwards to meet Jeremy’s mouth, abandoning any sense of pride as he tried so desperately to reach his orgasm. He didn’t want to stop, he didn’t think he could stand Jeremy teasing him anymore. Suddenly none of his other lovers had mattered and he was back in his teenage years, young and inexperienced, thinking only of stopping the throbbing sensation in his groin. When he hit the back of Jeremy’s throat he grabbed onto the blanket, ready to come at any second. Thankfully Jeremy didn’t slow down.

“Jeremy,” Yan gasped, the only sound he could make before exploding into his lovers mouth.

Jeremy continued his motion, slowing but not stopping until he was sure that he had milked every last bit of fluid from Yan’s aching penis. When he knew that there was nothing left to give Jeremy lifted his head, licking his lips as he had done before in the hotel room. He then smiled and bent back down, placing the tiniest of kisses on Yan’s skin.

“Are you ready?” he asked without looking up.

It took Yan two tries before he could actually say “yes” and he pointed to the nightstand next to the bed. Jeremy knew exactly what he was getting at and retrieved the lube from the drawer.

“Should I…” Yan breathed, making a motion with his hands that Jeremy could only assume meant “turn around”.

“No sweetheart, this is special, I want to be able to see you.”

Yan nodded and closed his eyes as Jeremy spread the lubricant on his own erection. He then squeezed some onto his index finger and reached between Yan’s thighs, entering him for further lubrication. Yan opened his eyes to see Jeremy grabbing an extra pillow and raised his hips without a word allowing the pillow to be placed beneath him.

I love you,” Jeremy whispered, staring into Yan’s eyes.

Yan smiled. “I love you t-“

Before the words could even finish leaving his mouth he felt Jeremy enter him, and it became apparent just how long it had been since he had actually had sex. It wasn’t terribly painful but it was something he wasn’t used to.

“Are you okay?” Jeremy asked tenderly.

Yan nodded. “Keep going. You can’t stop now.”

That was all Jeremy needed to hear before he began his thrusts, slowly at first but soon picking up speed. Yan was beautiful beneath him, losing himself in his own ecstasy and not holding anything back. He cried out, raked his nails down Jeremy’s back and as he lost himself to his second orgasm he screamed loudly enough that he the neighbors were sure to hear. The sound alone was enough to push Jeremy over the edge and he soon poured himself into Yan’s warm body, spilling over onto the blanket beneath them.

Neither of them spoke afterwards, Jeremy simply withdrew his softened penis and laid down next to Yan on the bed, coaxing the young man into his arms. They both knew that if they didn’t go clean up now it was going to be hell to take care of later but neither cared. They were satisfied, they were tired and they wanted nothing more than to fall asleep in each other’s arms, so that’s what they did.



Thanks to a dear friend - Mr. Jay Plogman for the beautiful photos.
Guys, if you can catch Jay and his masterpiece at

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Photography for a Cause

Asian Men Redefined 2009 Calendar - Cover & Back Asian Men Redefined 2009 Calendar - February Asian Men Redefined 2009 Calendar - March Asian Men Redefined 2009 Calendar - July

I was doing my rounds of daily (b)read when i saw a post of tiggah about pooh modeling for a 2009 calendar of Asian Men Redefined. There was no available photos of pooh in tiggah's site referring to calendar thingy. So motivated by curiosity search google for the said calendar. (Yes! I wanna see how sexy pooh was in the calendar photo.) But strike me about the producer/photographer of Asian Men Redefined.(I just came to know about it from this Tiggah's site). It was for a cause and damn good cause. After scanning the site I feel somehow obliged to ran a campaign (advertisement?) for this project and its cause.

Asian Men Redefined is produced by Dannydan Photography ( as a charity cause for Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center ( All of the work involved are mainly volunteer effort, either by the photographer, models, crews, and everyone else who help this cause. The 2007 Calendar was the first calendar that was produced in September 2006. The 2007 Calendar has given $1,588.00, which is half of the calendar profit, to Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center on May 19th, 2007 at the Banyan Tree event at Metreon, San Francisco. The 2009 Calendar now follows its predecessor and now available for purchase through online and retail stores.

The Beneficiary: Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center

Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center (A&PI Wellness Center) is the oldest non-profit HIV/AIDS services organization in North America targeting Asian & Pacific Islander (A&PI) communities.To meet the needs of our clients who are often immigrants orrefugees, A&PI Wellness Center's staff speak many Asian languages including: Cantonese, Hawaiian, Hindi, Ilokano, Japanese, Malay, Mandarin, Tagalog, Vietnamese and Visayan.

A&PI Wellness Center's HIV Care Services provides free andconfidential HIV treatment case management, mental health and substance abuse counseling, on-site primary medical andpsychiatric care, client and treatment advocacy, and group andindividual support to A&PIs living with HIV/AIDS.Our HIV/STD Prevention Services reaches youth (straight, queer and questioning), gay and bisexual men, transgender persons through community organizing and outreach, workshops andsupport groups, peer counseling, and prevention casemanagement.

We offer HIV/STD/Hepatitis testing, social marketing and health promotion campaigns, community events, internships, andvolunteer opportunities.

The Community Development & External Affairs (CDEA) builds HIV prevention capacity in A&PI organizations and communities throughout the United States and its Pacific Territories; conducts community-based research; and trains non-medical serviceproviders in HIV treatment throughout California.For more info about Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center, please visit

The Photographer: Dannydan

Dannydan’s interest in photography began in college where he took photography courses while studying Molecular Biology in University of Wisconsin, Madison. After relocating to San Francisco in 2000, he worked for a scientific publishing company while continuing to photograph primarily Fine Art, both in black and white and color. After doing several gigs for an event planner, he started Event Photography. His work quickly led him to editorial work where he has chalked up an exciting portfolio; including a spread for Noodle magazine, advertising campaigns for Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center, and numerous local and national advertisements. He now lives in San Francisco where he continues to work in Event & Wedding Photography. You can see more examples of his fabulous work at his website


Pooh is the Guy featured on March.

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The FirstG* Spot Weblog Award

I know this is a exaggeratedly long overdue
but nevertheless the final resolution must be met to begin anew.

So without no further clog, allow me to present to all of you the eleven best blogs of the G* Spot Weblog Award

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May the Best Blog Win!
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Cheers to Peace and Love!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Luhaang Langit

you were to touch the weeping sky;
ascending to the clouds
like a raindrop rising back to its creator
floating in free space
majestic solace emanates

a shining star in the paleness of the world;
you rose up slowly in search of sorrow
you rose up slowly in search of gray clouds
you rose up slowly to break the pain

a brush of your delicate hand stops the bleeding of thousands
air remains wispy whilst you glide in gently
the connection of a fingertip sends ripples asunder
as the gray clouds rip apart in serene obliteration

you have created a path for the tears to fall again
tears of sunlight fall down to earth;
rays darting down in bursts of sprints

there is hope in the world again.