Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mike, Timmy and Muffin!

I was watching the news, 24 Oras, and they are featuring a dog wedding. So i got excited really and missed my babies that passed away just last month. The two timmy and muffin are so cute in their little formal attire as Timmy (biffon frise) and Muffin (shih tzu) got married at Harrods (a famous knightbridges store).
timmy and muffin
Hopefully before Christmas I can save enough money again to buy a new pooch.
"Sa UK pati aso kinakasal na! ANO BA YAN!"
Mike Enriquez (said this to intro the feature story.)
Sadly, I dont I know its just me, somehow I am sensing disgust from his voice. Just last sunday, a friend of mine heard this guy on the radio and his news about a foreigner who got rob inside his unit (forgot the place he is in) and his direct comment was, "BAKLA BA HA? BAKLA BA?" and there was this irritating ridiculing recorded laughter in the background. And as the news article was delivered that background sounds continues, as he continue saying, "Ah BAKLA NGA.."
I dont get it really, a man was robbed and he was being ridiculed for being gay. It is as if this BRUTE! (yes I am calling him an BRUTE! something that this below a man and an angel) is saying that it is okay to rob the gay community.
Mr. Enriquez, you should know better, after all there are a lot of traces that you are one and part of this community you are trying to hate.
Get out of your closet!

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