Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I just recently open an account at G4M.com, so for those of you have an account there - please do say "hi," and for those who still dont own one, why dont you click thi slinkn and register:

Click here to visit guys4men.com

Also, i have decided to activate once more my picturetrail account
check this one out:


Two Albums though are locked.
Try to Flirt with your Brain and crack this Anagram:

"Immoral Sit"

Friday, January 18, 2008


"help me survive."

Demons rip my heart out and cast me away,
For I have no time for you, there are dues to be paid.
I no longer want to be part of your game,
I want to be free of this lie you framed,
I don’t want to think I’m worthless,
I don’t want to think I deserve to die,
Even if it was the truth,
I don’t want to be sad inside.

I want to live,
I want to dream,
I want nothing to be, as it seems.
I want to be free of depression,
I want to be free of damnation,
I want my blood to run cold,

And my heart to be sold,
And live a life of determination.
Then I would no longer have to feel,
I would no longer be that broken toy,
That nobody thinks about,
And just keeps passing by.
It’s too bad I sold my soul to the shadows,
Because eventually they set me free,
But now that my depression is over,
I have no heart to relove with,
And no blood left to bleed with,
I have no life to relive over.



Please bare with me. I am really going thru a lot these past few months.
First, work has been detaining ike hell and of course there alot of offline shit that has been bruising me.

The Only consolation i am getting over all these bruised and scar is that i have written a number of poems and essays that i will be publishing soon.

But I hope i survive this one before it finally knock me down.

Let my photo makes you feel what i feel now.