Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Splashy Taal Adventure

Its been awhile since I updated this little world I have in here. Got tons of work with respect to my new appointment in one of the most powerful committee at work (harharhar!) and of course, I am so damn busy being so happy falling in love over and over again. (Insert a smiling sigh here.)

WE have just turn ONE month last April 12! (Yipee!)

It falls on the ground of the holy week, me along with Jed (ang bait ng ate ko siya ang sumagot ng aming hotel! Ang taray talaga!) and Marco (kasama ni bunso ang kanyang bagong asawa whom we get to meet for the first time. But before that, bunso was nagging me and ate about having a boyfriend na mahaba ang baba, and as always we told him that our only concern is that for him to have someone who can love him truly, no buts and no ifs.) And to complete the casting, Regen together with new found love as well, whom we fondly call Porshcia Ilagan (lolz!) have joined us.

TARGET: An Overnight Stay at the Splash Mountain Resort in Calamba Laguna

Still detained by work that day, the rest of the gang went straight to Laguna with my promise that me and mah baby will follow shortly after work, as we did and reached the place at almost 12:00 midnight.

After a short rest, nag aya na ang ate lumangoy, at siyempre di na kami tumanggi. Me and ate nagging the other two couple to get into their feet for us to take a dip. Mukha kasing walang balak ang mga puta at ang gusto ata matulog na lang that night hanggang magkakaakap! (lolz!) I would want to do the same thing, pero saying naman ang perang ibinayad ng ate kung di man lang naming masusulit noh! So lundag lahat sa pool ang mga hitad!

‘Twas really fun and everybody is having good time… Regen and Porschia (Ronald) came a surprise with their antics. Kakaloka ang dalawang ito, wala talaga kaming ginawa kundi tumawa. Regen imitating a crab while on the pool and holler sound of ruffa mae quinto and Porschia who is unleashing the very bitch in him… Me opinyon at komento ang batang ito sa lahat ng bagay, lahat napapansin, pero we all agree that he is such a darling and we love him for that. Ang kulit ng tandem na ito!

Well for me and my baby twas a special night, siempre FIRST Monthsary naming ng asawa ko and what a month that was. Ang Sarap magmahal ng Asawa ko!

TRIVIA: Eversince naging kami, he never fails to visit me in my workplace. He will go straight to my place right after his work and everyday he do that, until now kinikilig ako!

It is almost 3:00 AM I think when we all decided to go back to our room. Everybody is taking turn in the Bathroom for a quick cleansing shower before going to sleep, pero siempre walang humpay pa rin ang kuwentuhan. Ang tataas pa rin ng energy at patuloy pa rin sa pangungulit ang tandem nila regen at porschia.

4 AM everybody is sound asleep already. (I thought! Grinning over bunso!)

I woke up around 7 AM that day and saw ate doing his morning rituals already. My stomach crumbling, I forgot I only had donuts for dinner last night and woke up my baby and invite him for a breakfast in a nearby coffee shop. (Shit! Ang tagal ng service! Kakainis!)

After breakfast, we are nagging again everyone for a swim, so we did with the exception of bunso and his partner na nagpaiwan na sa room. So let them, so the five of us take a dip again…. Ang sarap! I have always been fond of water and so I am the one most excited about this trip.

Its around 10 AM when we all agree to go back to the room and prepare ourselves to check out. And then it occurred to me, why not go straight to tagaytay. And we all agree and plays a devil advocate to bunso who have to attend to an overtime work back in manila. After a series of nagging, bunso finally gave in and place a call to their GM to excuse him and promise the same that he will attend to his work in the later part of the night.

So, we went straight to tagaytay – Palace in the Sky is the Target!

Weather up there was really better that what we have here in manila. The cool breeze of the wind made us enjoy the scenery. Ate with his photographic instinct took pictures of the abandoned palace and taal scenery (medyo foggy nga lang kaya poor ang visibility ng Taal Volcano).

It’s a baby’s first time in tagytay and I promise him na babalik kaming dalawa ulit doon, maybe for an overnight stay.

After eating in a nearby Mc Donald Branch, around 6PM we all decided to go home. Everyone is tired with the trips, swim and all but I am know everyone had our share of smile about this trip. I hope maulit naming ulet in a nearby future. Next plan is to go Puerto Galera, we opted not to go there this holy week, the place is a mecca for beach lovers, so surely the place is packed with crowds.

Thank you guys! I love you all! Til’ our next adventure! Mwuah!

Note: Ate got sick the following day and somehow felt bad about him being the only one who have no love partner during the whole course of our trip. Somehow felt guilty about it. I pray that the ONE that God has been preparing for him come soon. Sana before our Puerto Galera trip happen.