Tuesday, September 21, 2010

[Im]Perfect Ten

Imperfect words with perfect love cannot
contend nor hope to love's sweet touch
convey. Among such uninspired a lot
as they, this joy sublime reads not as such.

Still faith I ask of you that all
I write rings truer in my heart than on
my page. Such joy I know from love's great fall
that each new day be life's unending dawn.

No word of him has passed my lips nor 'scaped
my pen nor shall it now, for word of him
would be but words and air. He shall be traiped
not so through rhyme despite my love - the lure.

I pause, so little can contend a scarcity
of words with his and love's infinity.


Happy Tenth Mothsary, Hun!

What we have might not be the ideal from the start, but each day I believe that we are both growing and building our castle of love.

I love you much!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Pages upon pages
I have traversed time
I blink
Three days pass
And no memories remain

The synapses are slower than before
I breathe
I consume
I procreate
And I have no concept of what occurs

Yet three days later the synapses return
Flashing faster than I ever thought possible
I am talking without thinking
This is unfiltered truth
Spilling my guts to strangers
Not caring if I'm ignored

I am acting independently
But I am still running in circles
Breathe, consume, procreate
A three step program to happiness
Breathe, consume, procreate
A three step program to life
Breathe, consume, procreate
A three step program to destruction
I have lost the knowledge that makes me human

I am a caged animal
On display in the zoo
I am entertainment
I am here to show you what your greatest fear is

You are all afraid of me

Nay, you are all afraid that you are the same as me

That is why you never take your eyes off me
You stare at me
Through me
Around me
You are all afraid that we are all animals

Breathe, consume, procreate
Is that not why we are here?
Take one factor out of the equation and we are wiped off the face of the Earth
All of this talk that creative thought makes us special
We have never contemplated
That "they" have it too
That there is no difference
Besides our outward appearance

This is fear
And yes
I am afraid

Yet I find solace in the fact that you are all the same as me
You breathe
You consume
You procreate

Nothing more
Nothing less
Nothing will be the same again

Monday, September 13, 2010

So You Want to be a Photographer?

Well, there is no doubt about it, we are in a great age of photography. We have the ability to shoot a photo and instantly know if the photo is overexposed or underexposed. We have the ability to share our photos with people around the world and we have the ability to view our favorite photographers images without leaving our homes. So, who do you want to be like? Chase Jarvis, Joel Grimes, Dave Hill, David duChemin, or Joey L? Or maybe you want to be just like Ash Castro, MJ Cahero, Ian Felix Alquiros? Well hopefully you don’t want to be like any of these photographers. Let me explain.

A few weeks ago I was working on one of my old photographs and I was trying some new stuff. I had just seen an amazing black and white gallery and was trying to add some duotone to my portraits to add even more drama (since my photos don’t have enough drama as it is). Anyway, I spent hours reworking this photo and trying to get something new and different. And I did! Or at least so I thought. I posted the photo up on my multiply hoping to see what others thought and hopefully add something new to my workflow. Well before long, I got a comment that said something like “This is an amazing photo! This looks exactly like a (name withheld) photo.” To most, I think they would take this as a huge compliment but to me it was just a huge disappointment.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure by now you all know how much I love his works work and how he’s been a huge inspiration in my photography. But, that doesn’t mean I want to create photos just like him. I want to use the tools I see in his works, combine them with a bunch of other tools and finally finish it off with my own creativity and personality. No matter what you say, there is no way that another like him and I are the same and therefore it’s fine for me to want to create images just like him. I think this should be a lesson for everybody. There is no point to want to be the next Ash Castro or MJ Cachero. There is simply no room for another ash castro, ian felix alquiros or another MJ cachero. But, there is room for a (insert your name here)”.

The industry may be completely over-saturated with photographers (how many times have you heard that before?) but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for one more person who creatively approaches the photography world with a fresh new outlook. The challenge is trying to be independent and different than everyone else but stay true to yourself. I think it’s a challenge that all creatives face but it’s just something that you have to work through.

Last week, I was talking to a friend about refining your creativity and really becoming a master of your photograph. Everybody has their own style. Some like wide angle lenses, some telephoto, some black and white and some super saturated with color. No matter what, you have your style (you just may not know it). The truly amazing thing is when you take a photo and do certain specific things in an image for a purpose. This is where your creativity really becomes a killer asset.

Step one is really knowing that you have to break your subject down into parts.

Step two is making those actions completely deliberate. Each part of our subject has to be lit in a way that caters to your creativity and thus go together in one cohesive piece in the end. This all goes back to the idea of not just shooting a photo to shoot a photo but shooting a photo and having a reason for it. It’s all about your vision and your creativity.

So, I encourage all of you to not try to be like any other photographer but to be true to yourself and your creativity. Yes, it’s completely fine to take inspiration from other photographers but that doesn’t mean you copy their images down I combined what I learned at the workshop with my workflow that I was already using in hopes of creating something different. I wouldn’t necessarily say I’ve refined my “look” yet but I’m not sure if we ever do. It’s all about having the most tools possible and being able to call on them when you need them. But, the most important tool that you have is your creativity. So use it! Don’t be a slave to your camera or computer and don’t do something because your camera or computer says it’s good. Be deliberate with your actions! Make sure there is a purpose for each decision you make as a creative.

I feel that everything we do is a compilation of everything that we have learned. This blog post in fact is a composite of prior knowledge, we use the same past knowledge and current experiences to contribute to are artwork. I hope this challenges you to find your own vision and avoid trying to be like someone else. There’s only one you in this world for a reason. Make sure you never forget that!

Saturday, September 11, 2010




your life, your stories
An Openphotoshoot project
that is ALL About you!

Shoot Date : September 18, 2010

text your name, email to
0917 971 3253

Bring T the most significant things
in your life and wear your favorite ensemble
and strike a pose!



four (4) high resolution photos
hair and make up

get a hardcopy of your best shot

PAYMENT OF PHP 500.00 thru BDO 290 219 019 (glenn peralta)

for more details
please contact 0917 971 3253

hilot ala ventosa

You run your fingers down my back
Softer, harder, rhymically, faster, slower,
Deep into the knots that represent
My inability to sit up straight.
The oil smells faintly of fields
But it feels good against my tired muscles.
The soft music drifts to my ears
Relaxing the thoughts of work and play
To a dull buzz in the background.
The blankness is what I long for
During sleep, when I only get nightmares
And confusing dreams of the future.
Too soon, you are finished,
And I must return to the harshness,
The realities of life.

Friday night, right after the first day of the wedding expo where I and glenn attended to help a good friend. He went to SHUI (shway) spa clinic at Perea, Makati City. It was really a surprise, although glenn has been telling me about this little surprise for a week now. Well I do hate surprises, i dont know why but I just dont like them. I dont like the idea of getting off guard about things that is going to happen. But like what I have said, glenn already told me there will be a little surprise for me and kept on asking me if i am stress - so more likely I already have the idea of what the surprise is but I cant let him know that or it will spoil the idea, well now he know (sorry, hon). True enough it was a nice spa treat. Something I really wanna have for the longest time I remember but cant do because of schedules.

So there we were, the eucalyptic air caressess and calm our senses and for more than two hours we had the more soothing experience.

Thank you so much, hon. I love you.

Well Ill tell more about glenn soon. Its a love story worth every detail.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hush and Listen, Again.

After more than a year, i am back writing again. It was no mental block nor laziness on my part but sheer disgust to find out that my blog have "killed" by a redirection site. How it happens I really dont know and cannot care anymore. I just feel good that I am finally back on writing again.

So how am i maintaining my sanity for the longest time I am away?
My two concubine is keeping me at peace - my cigarette and my camera.

There is so much to tell, so many stories to relive. Allow this post be the beacon of another chapter for this little blog. At this point, allow me to sing my poems and stories together with my drama i see under my lens.

Thus, i am inviting you all....
Hush and Listen, again.