Friday, May 29, 2009


ive lost my concentration.
this outburst of emotions,
this uncontrolable surge of pain,
words seemed to be far away,
and im left here, silenced.

this feeling that wont subdue,
id really hate you if this is untrue.
you stare at me like im the only one.
we both know im not.
but why such pretention?
why such love?

is this cowardice we both manifest?
or is it only i that make matters worse?
you've got someone else beside you.
i've got no one.
love fills me when you speak.
but dried tears well up when the two of you meet.

my jealousy is void,
for you and i, there has never been US.

-khalel zantillan
May 29, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009


The average; norm.
is there such a form?
Forlorn; torn between a sole journey
and the sojourn of the soul.

The final visionary,
overtaken by solemn undertakings
as serene reality, overshadowed by unreal premise
trickles down, abandoned by discontented minds.

Silenced murmurs echo unchecked,
obscured among lost footsteps of dissident spirits.
Lighten prospects through unenlightenment;
Quench the thirst for reality with tears of confusion.

Shaded nuance and veiled subtlety;
forsaken graces of humanity
when fear of individuality
overwrites morality.

-khalel zantillan
i forgotten how sweet the black tears taste.
rekindling the dying light, beckons: I am home.


Whose flesh this is I seem to wonder,
Insanity triggers my conscience.
Your soul is captured by the light
And the dreams of faceless horror.

I shed your lies and let you bleed,
Leaving you scars that remorselessly refuse to heal.
But where has my heart gone you may wonder,
Inside a villain, a rapist, and a ruthless assassin.

The blade is a trigger,
Once pulled or released.
There is no return,
And the life fully diminishes.

My non-virgin hands of the brutal murder,
Soaked in your blood,
Leads me to the vehement fear
As the darkness chooses to fade away.

Your lifeless body lies in my arms of guilt,
And my tears of joy wash your blood away.
You'll wake to see the world on fire,
And the fire releases upon the heavens.

-khalel zantillan 2009
sigh. letting black tears fall once more.