Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I Believe.

  • I believe in God.

  • I believe his people are on the wrong path.

  • I believe in Christ.
  • I believe in reincarnation.

  • I believe that man has corrupted God's book over and over again.

  • I believe that the stars and primarily, the planets heavily influence us from birth.

  • I believe in heaven but don't believe in a burning hell.

  • I believe most life forces have a soul but life experiences and memories do not travel with them.

  • I believe there are a limited amount of souls in the universe.

  • I believe in angels, spirits, and demons.

  • I believe in life on other planets.

  • I believe in other life dimensions.

  • I believe we are in control of our lives as long as it fits within the framework of our creator.

  • I believe there is more in this world that we don't see, feel, or hear than we do see, feel or hear.

  • I believe that some of us have a purpose here on earth and in our current life but not all.

  • I believe that some of us have a purpose after our life on earth but not all.

  • I believe that most of us never get to understand our purpose even when it is fulfilled.

  • I believe that we should learn as much as we can from our elders before they go on to the next life or to the after life.

  • I believe that I am a very young soul with only one or two lives before me.

  • I believe that being gay is a gift from God to both me and to mankind.

  • I believe in peace over war always.


You? What Do You Believe?

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