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    This is a repost from UNITED SEA
    I would like to acknowledge BISEAN for the buttons and the post.
    Lovely Really! Well Done! Cheers!

    Thursday, July 26, 2007

    Asian Candies: "Sizzling Kriz"

    Asian Candies is a new series I've been planning to do here at Hush and Listen featuring local asian guys - beautiful guys who are hot at their own right and have beautiful organ between their ear to back it up, but never gave it much attention til' now. One reason is that, unlike the guys featured in the Asian Heatwave Series who are already public figures, thus, there's no need for me to seek any permission to feature those hunks. Here it is a bit different. Yes, Asian Candies will be featuring random guys from the internet but since they are local guys who have private lives, seeking a permission is a must.
    Thus, I have to exert more effort asking permission, doing some research before a final feature is complete. So I hope you guys would like this series as you enjoyed Asian HeatWave (and yes, HL will still be featuring more HeatWaves - lolz)
    So, with no more further delay, Hush and Listen would like to introduce you to kriz.....


    Name/Alias: Kriz

    Age: 25 years old

    Location: Manila, Philippines

    Status: Committed/In a Relationship



    Kriz says:

    What would you do when you've finally found the one you've been waiting for all of your life...

    The one worth of your time and emotions...the one you would want to be with at your downest times...and share your jouyous memories with...

    The one worth risking for...even if you sacrifice your own good and happiness...that even suffering tastes sweet because of the numbness of what your heart feels.

    YES! everything tends to be perfect but what if fate doesnt confide with you...

    that tend to see things on what your heart makes you feel...uve never understand the true vision of what it is truly like behind the back of the picture...

    what if you were the only one seeing it?

    you were the only one who feels it?

    WHAT IF HE NEVER FELT IT?...what would you do?

    would you still fight for it? but how can you struggle if things are not worth fighting for?

    you have given ur best shot...but still it aint worth it...

    to love someone doesnt assure you to be loved back...but what hurts you the most is that you have tried onto something that is not worth of a single second of your precious time....

    you have the right emotions but on the wrong person...

    what's more frustating dont know how to pick up the pieces for you to love again...and soon realize you found yourself empty and got nothing to give anymore...

    How foolish i can you be...not to know from the start?

    was there any hint for me not to realize?

    how could i let my heart blind me to reality...

    why do we seek things that are hard to find...and that soon enough, it will only hurt us....

    why do we search for answers but afraid to know the truth?

    sometimes...waiting is not what we need...

    even if it lead us to longiness...bein alone doesnt mean ur miserable but it is a way of knowing yourself better and deeper...

    if the one uve been longing to have...doesnt have feelings for doesnt mean u r not worth of experiencing the love uve been longing is just that the one your meant busy with things...busy in preparing love you more than you ever imagine...

    emptiness teaches you to save and fill the emotions that was once gone and shattered...

    it is empty because...someone out there in the open will fill it for you with emotions...uve never experienced for ol of ur life...

    and now...i am not afraid to be alone...for all i know...someone out there...will love me the way how i knew love is...

    i dont care how other people define what love is...but as along as i know how to define it within to show it...feel wont really matter at ol...

    i am empty...alone...and still longing.


    The write up above is an excerpt from "Kriz" personal blog over multiply.

    Master and Slave: The Last Chapter

    “I’m sorry Master,” The bound boy whimpered. “I’m sorry. I told him that you- you are my Master and I can’t-”

    A large hand struck him across the cheek. “Silence!” His Master snapped.

    The man reached down and jerked the vibrator roughly out of his small hole, making the boy whimper with pain and need. He shut it off and cast it down to be forgotten on the floor. The boy squirmed awkwardly under those scowling eyes.
    “You will have to be punished,” The older male of the two said. He nodded weakly.

    “Yes Master.”

    The silk cloths that bound his feet to the bed were undone, then the ones at his hands.

    “Roll over,” His master ordered harshly.

    The boy did as told, rolling onto his stomach. His arms were jerked roughly behind his back and tied there at the wrists.
    “Up!” He was ordered.

    The boy struggled to his feet but he wasn’t fast enough for the man. He was dragged up by the wrists and thrown down to the floor.
    “On your knees.”

    The boy got on his knees, his back straight, until his head was forced down roughly. His master ground his face roughly into the floor and then slapped his rear.

    “You will stay like this,” He snarled. “Until I tell you that you are done. You will thank me for every blow. If you hesitate, or don’t say it, that’s ten more. Do you understand?”

    “Yes Master,” The boy whispered.

    There was a pause, then “What is your safe word, slut?”
    “Yellow, Master,” He whispered in answer. The safe word. He’d never had to use it before. Would tonight be the night that Master Lex went too far? As much as he enjoyed the pain mixed with pleasure he was given, he did have his limits. His master would keep those in mind tonight. Right?

    He was frightened. His master was angry at him, very angry. And kneeling like he was, his rear raised high and his head pressed against the ground, he was vulnerable.

    He could hear the man’s boots click over to the cabinet again. He was getting something to beat him with. Suddenly a sharp blow landed on his rear. It was the cane. His master was using the cane on him, despite how much he knew the youth feared it. Or maybe that was why he chose it.

    “Thank you Master,” The boy whispered. Another blow, and again he thanked the man for hurting him.

    The cane left harsh red marks on the soft, youthful skin of his rear. Tears began to fall down the teen’s cheeks.

    “Thank you Master,” He whispered. “Thank you Master.”

    Pain seared through his small body, burning through his nerves. With it came the most bitter pleasure he had ever known. His body sang as he wept.

    “Thank you Master,” He said.

    Then the blows stopped, and all was still. He started to raise his head but was struck in the back of the head.

    “Thank you Master,” The boy mumbled as he became still again.
    “I told you not to move, slut,” The man sneered. “You can’t have forgotten already.”

    “No Master.”

    He was still for what felt like forever. Then, suddenly and without warning his master’s length slammed into his rear without preparation or even lube. A cry of pain escaped his lips and the tears fell faster down his cheeks. The friction was rough and painful, his master gave him no time to prepare or adjust.
    “Thank me!” The man snarled as he thrust into the boy again, his hard length delivering sharp blows to the boy’s prostate.
    “Thank you Master,” He whimpered with each torturous thrust.
    Every movement that Master made send hot tendrils of pain through his body. His rear stung from the vicious use of the cane and already it was aching from the deep, rough thrusts. Large hands gripped at his bound wrists, jerking them for support until the boy’s shoulders hurt. His fragile body shook with every savage movement of their hips, driving his face harder against the floor.
    “Thank you Master,” The slave whispered. “Thank you Master.”
    Their hips met over and over again as his tight ass was violated violently by the much larger male. His master thrust into him what seemed like a thousand times, making the boy thank him after each. The tears were pooling around his face on the floor, his eyes red and puffy, and his voice hoarse. There were bruises on his wrists and the round cheeks of his beaten rear.

    At least his master seemed to be enjoying himself, moaning at the tightness, the friction. He was nearing his climax. Then, just before he came, he hit the boy hard in the back of the head. The boy’s rear tightened around him and he released deep inside his slave, listening to the muffled “Thank you Master.”

    Lex pulled out of Tristan’s limp body. His slave had passed out from the pain. Gently he untied the youth’s hands. He rolled over the small boy and looked down at the tear stained face. Softly Lex kissed his lover’s cheeks.

    “I’m sorry,” He whispered softly.

    Strong arms picked up the teenaged boy and carried him to the bed. With all the care and gentleness of a mother cat cleaning one of her kittens he wiped the tears from Tristan’s face, then climbed into bed with him.

    Lex cradled his young lover all night.

    Wednesday, July 25, 2007

    Asian HeatWave: Luis Alandy

    The young Filipino television and movie actor Luis Alandy is not only strikingly handsome, sweet and now hunky, but is also down-to-earth and intelligent.

    At 25, Luis has already appeared in several ABS-CBN television series, in a few movies, and has been busy with the just concluded hit stage play “All About Men, Part II”. Not only that, Luis is also a member of the all-male singing group “Barako Boys”.

    Luis first ventured into showbiz in 1998 at the age of 18 when he auditioned and was accepted at the GMA-7 television network. In 2000, he switched to the rival network ABS-CBN, and has been there ever since.

    The middle child of a family of three brothers and one sister, Luis grew up in a comfortably middle class family in Antipolo, Rizal, after being born at St. Luke’s Hospital in Quezon City on Feb. 7, 1980. Luis was not spoiled by many maids and nannies while growing up, as his mother even had to work to help support the family when he was a child.

    He later studied psychology at San Sebastian College, but dropped out in his third year to try his luck in show business.“I love the hardships of acting,” Luis says when I ask what attracted him to becoming an actor.He is also a passionate defender of Philippine cinema, which after a period of decline is, in his opinion, experiencing a rebirth with the advent of digital cinematography.

    He recently starred in a digital film called “Tuli” (Circumcision) along with Desiree del Valle, Carlo Aquino and Vanna Garcia. The film, directed by Auraeus Solito, won best local film and local director awards at the 7th International Film Festival in Manila last October. Despite tabloid rumors that he has split up with his girlfriend Desiree del Valle, Luis says that they are still together despite not having the time to see each other every day.
    “We’re both career oriented, and with the schedule I have I rarely see her. But I talk to her on the phone,” said Luis.After joining the “Barako Boys” group, which recently released their first album of songs under BMG Records, Luis began working out religiously three times a week to turn his body that originally looked like the one of a boy next door, into the hunk that he is now.

    But don’t get Luis wrong. He’s not a spendthrift. Instead, he’s saving up his paychecks to buy a housing lot in Antipolo and to pay off an educational plan for his future child. “I want to get married in my thirties and have 2-3 kids,” said Luis.And I have no doubt that he will.

    He confessed that in his eight years in show- business, he experienced being at the bottom of the wheel. He remembered contemplating if he will land TV or movie projects because of competition becoming stiffer with the emergence of newer actors.

    Studied at San Sebastian College (Philippines) and AMA Computer College-East Rizal (Philippines).

    Buffed up his body for Bench underwear fashion shows, and for the musical revue “Penis Talks (2004).”

    Personal quotes

    “At first, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to pull it through. But with my determination to do well in the play, I just considered it a challenge. I found it to be very difficult especially since I didn’t know where to get the motivation because I have yet to meet in person a child who was a victim of molestation. I only got to know about real-life situations like that on TV and reading about it in the papers. But the hardest was playing the father because I was just there sitting down and yet I had to act and look really vicious.” - Interviewed about his significant 3-role performance in the 2004 musical revue “Penis Talks.”

    Tuesday, July 24, 2007

    Hush and Listen at UNICEF

    Whoa! It feels So Damn Good!

    I was doing my routine of checking my links when i came across this one: UNICEF

    Apparently, the spanish and french translation i did for one of my favorite work was reposted in the UNICEF Innocenti Reserch Centre. Pretty Cool, right? Imagine the gargantum UNICEF taking a look at this little blog of mine.

    So what is that post? Check it out here I So proud of that piece. A lesbian residing in Malaysia once sent me an email telling me how that post moved her into "loving" again her lost love and across the world found each other once and married each other.

    So for all of you havent read "On Loving" i suggest you click it.

    khalil: On Marriage

    Give your hearts, but not into each other's keeping.

    From Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet

    Then Almitra spoke again and said, And what of Marriage, Master?
    And he answered saying:

    You were born together, and together you shall be forevermore.
    You shall be together when the white wings of death scatter your days.

    Ay, you shall be together even in the silent memory of God.
    But let there be spaces in your togetherness,
    And let the winds of the heavens dance between you.

    Love one another, but make not a bond of love:
    Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.
    Fill each other's cup but drink not from one cup.
    Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf.
    Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone, Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music.

    Give your hearts, but not into each other's keeping.
    For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts.
    And stand together yet not too near together:
    For the pillars of the temple stand apart,
    And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other's shadow.

    Monday, July 23, 2007

    Master and Slave: Chapter II

    There was a knock at the door. The boy raised his head to look at it. At last, Master had returned. But wait, if it was his master then he wouldn’t have knocked. Before he could tell whoever it was not to come in the door opened to reveal Kay.

    “Hey, I was-” Kay stopped and looked at the sight before him.
    The boy on the bed turned bright red, blushing deeply. How could he explain this? Here he was, tied to the bed, a vibrator running inside his ass, and he was obviously enjoying it.

    “Tristan, what happened?” Kay moved to the side of the bed.

    Tristan pulled away as Kay tried to untie the strips of cloth that tied him down.

    “Don’t,” He protested. “Don’t please.” He was almost crying. First his master left him here to take a phone call, now one of their roommates was getting mixed up in this. “Lex…” Tristan started to explain.

    “Lex did this to you?” Kay asked, shocked. “Where did he go?”
    Tristan looked away and felt his blush deepen. “He… got a phone call…” He mumbled.

    Kay sat down on the bed and Tristan bit his lip. This wasn’t right. Kay was supposed to be leaving now.

    “Well, that wasn’t very nice of him,” Kay said. He reached down and picked up the remote.

    Tristan’s eyes widened. “Don’t!” He protested, but Kay ignored him and set the vibrator to the highest setting. Tristan’s fingers and toes curled at once, automatically. He bit back a moan, but kept protesting. “Kay… No… Only Master-”

    “Master?” Kay repeated. “Is that what he’s doing? Training his own little slave?”

    Tristan blushed. “Its not-” He started, but Kay kept talking. Tanned fingers ran over the tied boy’s chest.

    “Hmm... You’re so sexy tied up like this. I wish Elliot would let me do this to him. He’d look so beautiful.” Kay reached down and grasped Tristan’s length.

    Tristan’s hips bucked forward at the touch automatically and he bit back a moan.

    “Only way to know is to ask him,” A voice said.

    Tristan looked up to see Lex in the doorway. “Master!” He gasped breathlessly. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry Master, I told him-

    “Hush,” Lex said and the boy was silent. His blue eyes moved to fix upon Kay.

    Kay smiled sheepishly and released Tristan’s erection. The small boy whimpered but was ignored.

    “Sorry,” Kay said. He got to his feet, still holding the remote in his hand. “I came here to borrow some lube. We seem to have run out.”

    Lex rolled his eyes and went to the cabinet. He produced a bottle, and then he did something strange. Tristan watched as his master pulled out some ropes too.

    “Give it a try,” He suggested. “Train your own little slave, don’t go taking mine.”

    Kay smiled and took the bottle and the ropes. “I will. Where is Ellie anyway?”

    “He’s down in the laundry room,” Tristan spoke up. He blushed and lowered his gaze at the glare that Master Lex gave to him. “Sorry Master,” He mumbled.

    Lex sighed and pushed Kay toward the door. “Go ahead. And keep those ropes. We’ve got plenty of better things to use.”
    Kay nodded and headed out the door. He stopped in the doorway and turned.

    “Oh, and here,” He said as he tossed the remote control for the vibrator at Lex. “Have fun, you two.”

    Lex watched the door until it closed, then rounded on Tristan, his eyes flashing dangerously.

    to be continued...

    Friday, July 20, 2007

    Master & Slave

    He knelt on the floor, naked, his gaze downcast. The flogger ran over his back, tracing down his spine. The boy shuddered slightly and stared hard at his hands, palms up on his knees. His master’s heels clicked on the cool hard wood floors as he walked around him in a slow circle.

    “You’ve been a bad boy,” The man purred. The flogger struck his back suddenly, leaving bright red marks on his pale skin. “You must be punished.”

    “Yes master,” He whispered softly.

    The cool leather strips of the flogger pressed against his face as his master returned to his front.

    “Kiss your tormenter, slut,” He growled.

    The boy did as he was told and kissed the flogger softly on one of the strips that pressed closest to his face. It was pulled away sharply and struck him across the face. Tears of pain formed in his eyes as red stripes formed on his cheek.

    “How many lashes shall it be this time?” His master asked.

    “As many as you deem fit, master,” The slave whispered softly. He had learned never to suggest something. His master would either find it too high or too low, and either way he’d be in more pain then he planned by the end of the night.

    “I think twenty is a fit number,” The man said after thinking it over.

    “Yes master,” He whispered.

    “On your hands and knees,” His master snapped and the boy obeyed.
    He got on his hands and knees, his legs spread as he’d been taught so that his master could see his sex dangling between his legs. The man smiled and stood above him. Without warning the flogger struck his round rear. His small body jerked slightly as he was struck a second time. The boy bit his lip as he felt pain shooting through him with each blow. He was struck on his rear and the backs and insides of his thighs. A welt began to bleed and his master smiled. He smeared the blood over the soft skin with his thumb as he rubbed the boy’s reddened ass.

    “You’re so beautiful,” He whispered. “Have I told you that?”

    “Yes master,” The slave said quietly. His master laughed.

    “You are a smart one.” He studied the boy and noticed that he had grown quite hard. “You enjoyed that, didn’t you, you little slut.” The man smacked the boy’s ass softly.

    He let out a small moan of pain.

    “Answer me, slave,” His master growled. “You must have enjoyed that.” The flogger moved down between his legs and rubbed against his swollen sex.

    He bit his lip. “Yes master,” He breathed. “Yes.”

    Suddenly the boy let out a cry of pain as the flogger snapped and struck his length. He squeezed his eyes shut and whimpered softly.
    “You slut,” His master growled. “You dirty little whore.” He dragged the boy up by his collar and pulled him into a deep kiss. His rough tongue forced its way into the youth’s mouth, invading it.

    The man pushed his slave down onto the bed as they kissed. The flogger fell forgotten to the floor. He kept their lips connected as he raised the teen’s arms and tied his wrists to the headboard with silk cloths. Then, finally, he pulled his mouth away. The slave leaned up, trying to reach him, and his master laughed softly.

    “So eager, my little pet. Patience.” He pressed a finger to the boy’s lips then moved down. He tied each leg to a bed post and then looked down at the youth.

    The boy watched his master as he reached over the edge of the bed for something. It was long and plastic. He gasped softly as it began to buzz. A vibrator. His master rubbed it against his hard cock.

    “Do you like that?” He asked. Before he could answer the vibrator was already being pushed in his small entrance.

    “Yes master,” The boy managed to whisper. It felt so good, rubbing against his inside walls. His master held the remote and he watched as the man pushed it up so that it went faster, rubbing against his pleasure spot.

    “Mmm… My little slut…” The man purred. He stopped as his cell phone rang in the next room. The remote was set down on the bed beside the boy. “I’ll be right back. Be a good boy.”
    No. He couldn’t be leaving, not right now!

    “Master! Please, don’t leave me here, Master,” The boy begged but his master was already gone.

    Nothing to do but wait.

    He lay there for what felt like forever, the vibrator still running deep inside him. Softly he began to moan, squirming in an attempt to bring a little pleasure to his aching length. But it didn’t work. He couldn’t reach it at all.

    to be continued....

    what i asked of you

    Address me with simple words.
    I don't need phrases.
    I don't need steely glances
    through crowded corridors
    or awkward exchanges,
    where I picture us embracing,
    blind to your true intentions.
    In my head
    you're hating me
    and loving me
    all at once,
    because I've never been one
    who thrives on the logic
    of casual interaction,
    void of deeper motivation.
    I'm secretly seducing you
    with books and educated taste.
    Like everyone
    in every library and bookstore
    I enter.
    Little eyes and large eyes
    make it seem like a mistake,
    but my advances are unnoticed--
    perhaps it's for the better.
    I've failed at seduction with my grammar
    but I know little else,
    except for subtle repartee,
    and willing you,
    to take my hand.
    That's all I want from you.
    Pressure applied
    from palms and fingertips
    so close they've joined into one.
    One waltz of tension,
    one hopeful reluctance,
    when we will each other
    to want the other
    in a movie theater
    in a town that's not ours
    with platonic buffers on either end,
    more aware of our ignorance
    and our youth.
    Your youth is more severe,
    and my want
    is the only want
    we're really discussing.
    What if it wasn't,
    and you were writing for me,
    I'd shake my head.
    I'd collapse into sobs
    and wonder what I'm supposed to want,
    I suppose.
    But the prospect of owning--
    having in my possession,
    your Polaroid
    sends me into catatonia.
    Because what do I do
    when that isn't enough?
    When your image makes me crave something
    I have,
    plastered on my wall
    or marking a page in
    my beloved Nietzsche
    and I'm still struggling with the pronunciation
    and spelling
    of Zarathustra?

    Wednesday, July 18, 2007

    khalel on khalil

    One night. I just found myself looking at the books at my shelf, and with great familiarity, took a favorite book that often kept me sane. And as it always did, The Prophet of Khalil Gibran never fails to answer the lingering question within me.

    The Passage below talks about love in its truest and purest sense. This is a repost

    Read On:

    Then said Almitra, "Speak to us of Love."
    And he raised his head and looked upon the people, and there fell a stillness upon them.

    And with a great voice he said:

    When love beckons to you follow him,
    Though his ways are hard and steep.
    And when his wings enfold you yield to him,
    Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you.
    And when he speaks to you believe in him,
    Though his voice may shatter your dreams as the north wind lays waste the garden.

    For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you. Even as he is for your growth so is he for your pruning.
    Even as he ascends to your height and caresses your tenderest branches that quiver in the sun,
    So shall he descend to your roots and shake them in their clinging to the earth.
    Like sheaves of corn he gathers you unto himself.
    He threshes you to make you naked.

    He sifts you to free you from your husks.
    He grinds you to whiteness.
    He kneads you until you are pliant;

    And then he assigns you to his sacred fire, that you may become sacred bread for God's sacred feast.

    All these things shall love do unto you that you may know the secrets of your heart, and in that knowledge become a fragment of Life's heart.

    But if in your fear you would seek only love's peace and love's pleasure,
    Then it is better for you that you cover your nakedness and pass out of love's threshing-floor, Into the seasonless world where you shall laugh, but not all of your laughter, and weep, but not all of your tears.

    Love gives naught but itself and takes naught but from itself.
    Love possesses not nor would it be possessed;
    For love is sufficient unto love.

    When you love you should not say, "God is in my heart," but rather, I am in the heart of God."

    And think not you can direct the course of love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course.

    Love has no other desire but to fulfil itself.

    But if you love and must needs have desires, let these be your desires:
    To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night.
    To know the pain of too much tenderness.
    To be wounded by your own understanding of love;
    And to bleed willingly and joyfully.

    To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving;
    To rest at the noon hour and meditate love's ecstasy;
    To return home at eventide with gratitude;
    And then to sleep with a prayer for the beloved in your heart and a song of praise upon your lips.

    Once There was A Boy

    Once there was a boy
    Who gave his love freely
    Loved everyone equal
    Saw no one different

    He though that the most precious gift
    That he could give another
    Was love and affection
    Man, woman, friend or lover

    So he lived in innocence and bliss
    Happiness and contentment
    Until that one day
    That one fateful day

    As he walked down the street
    On the arm of his lover
    And saw a man leaning up against a wall
    Who looked like he could be having trouble
    And walked over to the man
    And dared to ask if something was wrong

    He began to speak, and then he looked up
    Looked at the boy and the young man with him
    And his eyes grew dark and angry
    Moved too fast for either of them

    There was a flash of bright steel
    A splash of crimson blood
    And a torrent of horrible names
    And the boy fell silently at the foot of his love
    While the man ran, ran quickly away

    And as the world grew soft and fuzzy 'round the edges
    As he felt the shadows creeping in
    He lay his trembling fingers on his lover's cheek
    And said "Tell them you love them again
    And again
    And again
    And again"

    And his love didn't have to ask who he was talking about
    He knew exactly who he meant
    Not one person, but the entire world
    So full of hate and resentment

    And then the darkness closed in on the free spirit
    The shadows bore him off to a place
    Where saying "I love you" is never a fear
    Where there's no pain or hurt or hate

    His lover bore the small form away
    The light of life gone from its eyes
    It was no longer the youth he loved
    But an empty shell his disguise
    But he did as he asked
    He never forgot
    He spread his cheer and joy and frame
    Of mind to others, trying to drive away the hate
    And the whole time he felt the free spirit
    Wrap his arms around him again and again and
    Again and again and...

    Hate brings nothing but pain and remorse
    Bitter, red-stained tears
    Intolerance a rough-edged sword
    Stained with the blood of many years
    And it cleaves through souls that otherwise
    Have naught but love to give
    It turns the world unlivable
    Keeps alive all our fears

    So if we open our eyes to others
    If we see things from their side
    If we can only be what we're meant to be
    And never have to hide
    When we're free to say "I Love You"
    To whoever where we please
    Then we'll know that this is paradise
    Every spirit will be free

    Tuesday, July 17, 2007

    Khalel Versus Cairo

    I can feel your eyes bleeding through me. And every word of change you whisper creeps into me like a virus; and I fight to keep you from taking control. I am so fed up with your riddles; your manipulative games, why can't you just come out and fucking say what you want from me? I'm falling apart and all you're doing is folding the creases so I can be more easily torn. And still I can feel your whispers suffocating my soul.

    I've cast you to the side, I've ground you into the dirt, and still you're here.

    My scream echoes in my head as I hear the accusation directed back toward me over, and over, and over, and over... What gives you the right to tell me who I am, and what I should be? I don't even know who I am; and I don't know who the hell you are.

    And still your thoughts are diffusing through me, slowly being absorbed by every cell in my body; I'm being tainted in your lies, and still I refuse to admit that I've lost control. I can feel my sanity deteriorating with every passing hour, and I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to be able to hold out. The road to freedom looks more inviting every time I look at it; but to travel down it is to admit defeat, and I’m not giving up without a fight. But I feel my energy draining with your inaudible whispered venom that poisons me.


    Just talking to my alter ego.


    guys, bare with me. I am having trouble with the templates right now because of the recent crash of peek-a-boo widget.

    Monday, July 16, 2007

    Tatlong Tanong

    I seldom answer meme really, but this one is for rye, it actually sets of simple question but it took me two hours to at least complete my answer. Geez, it took me more time to answer this than write, "The Boy" lolz.

    Anyway, here are my answer to this Meme:

    Three things that scare me
    1. A Rooster, yes! A cock Scares me! lolz (lolz)

    Three people who make me laugh
    1. My Dog, Shifu (sorry, i feel shifu is a person trap in a dog's body lolz)
    2. My mom
    3. Myself

    Three things I love
    1. Reading A Good Book
    2. The Beach
    3. Scuba Diving

    Three things I hate
    1. pointless arguments
    2. Hearing Wrong Reasons
    3. Unequal Treatment

    Three things I don’t understand
    1. why cant I have a better body...
    2. workplace politics
    3. Why my dog takes a pee like a bitch. lolz!

    Three things on my desk
    1. My computer
    2. Books
    3. My Crystal Goblet

    Three things I am doing right now
    1. answering this meme
    2. Doing some Committee Resolution
    3. Waiting for a call from mantra

    Three things I want to do before I die
    1. Go to African Savannah
    2. Build my crystal dream house
    3. and Oh yes, star in my very own porn flick with brent everett

    Three things I can do
    1. tolerate other people's quirks
    2. smile even when in the most trying moments
    3. spend my days just diving

    Three things I can’t do
    1. Do nothing
    2. Eat Vegetables
    3. Socially interact with a dummy

    Three things I think you should listen to
    1. My Alter Ego
    2. The Sound of the Beach
    3. The unspoken words

    Three things you should never listen to
    1. anyone who hinders your growth
    2. selfish reason
    3. gossip

    Three things I would like to learn
    1. breathe underwater
    2. fly an airplane
    3. dry orgasm (lolz)

    Three favorite foods
    1. Sinigang
    2. Pork and Tofu in Soy Sauce
    3. Tuyo (dried fish)

    Three shows I watched as a kid
    1. Superfriends
    2. Winnie the Pooh
    3. Superbooks

    So in tradition, I am tagging three person to answer this meme too:
    1. Bisean
    2. Tiggah
    3. Daniel

    I really feel so weak today. I woke with fever and was actually chillin with it around 3 AM this mornin'. argh.

    Friday, July 13, 2007

    The Last Words

    Dear Reader ,

    The Big Bad Boys Have Tied Me Up
    They Say Im Gonna Die

    Then They Wished Me Luck

    They Hit Me Hard
    They Beat Me Strong

    Then They Said That I Was Wrong

    They Called Me Names
    They Took No Pity

    They Say I Dont Belong
    In Their City

    They Say Im Nasty
    Then They Cut My Throat
    And Poured Piss On My Clothes

    They Told Me With People Like Me
    This Is How It Goes

    They Shot Me Six Times
    Right In The Head

    Then They Called Me A Faggot

    Yes Thats What They Said....

    They Laughed So Loud And Clapped Their Hands
    Then They Dumped My Body In The Water

    To Them It Was Fun....
    To Me It Was Slaughter...

    To All of You, Goodybye....




    Definitely this is not my last words at this Blog.
    Happy Weekend Guys! I am leaving you "The Last Words" and "The Boy" to stimulate your organs - two of my favorites actually.

    Stay Blessed, Beautiful and Free!!!!

    And Please If you like what this biatch has been writing here. A Virtual Pat on mah shoulder can be properly address to the GAY MEN RULEs Gay Dude Award for the Best personal Blog where this Blog is also nominated.

    Lastly, please feel free to check UNITED ASEA and join Us.

    Cheers! Have a Happy Weekend Guys

    -- khalel

    the boy

    He’s a year younger than you and he’s your
    brother’s best friend, I admonished myself. But I couldn’t seem to help where my thoughts were going. Robbie, my younger brother’s best friend, had caught my eye, and I couldn’t get him out of my head. He was shorter than me by about six inches. He had thick, unruly black hair and crooked teeth. But his eyes, well, they were the deepest brown I have ever seen, almost black and he had inherited her wonderful morena skin of her mother. And he wore that skin beautifully!

    He had the most amazing muscle tone for a sixteen-year-old I had ever seen. His muscles weren’t huge, or even large, but each one was perfectly shaped and moved beneath his skin in a way that tantalized me. And lately, I was seeing a lot of him. He had joined my family on our annual summer camping trip. He typically wore nothing but swimming trunks or cut-off jeans. And, of course, everywhere I went during that summer trip, there he was, smiling at me. Robbie, three of my four brothers and I were all sleeping in the same tent. Somehow, Robbie had managed to stake out space in the tent right next to my own space. So, even though I was trying very hard not to think about him, not to think about what I wanted to be doing with him, it was really a lost cause from the start.

    On the fourth night of our camping trip, I was so full of heat and yearning for Robbie I couldn’t stand it. I had been grouchy all day, with everyone, even my parents. I wasn’t enjoying the trip any more. I didn’t even bother to go swimming in the beach with everyone else earlier that afternoon. Finally, during dinner, as the family sat around the picnic table eating grilled bangus (milkfish) and laughing about the day’s antics, my parents had had enough of my surly mood and ordered me to bed.

    I headed for the tent, angering my parents even more by muttering under my breath as I went. I threw myself down on my sleeping bag and glared at the tent’s ceiling, daring it so much as to move in the breeze. To my surprise, I fell asleep rather quickly. I suppose I hadn’t been sleeping much, really, with Robbie lying next to me in nothing but shorts every night.

    Some time later, I woke up when I heard an odd sound from next to me. Everyone else had apparently managed to get into the tent and get settled without waking me, because I could see the dark shapes that would be my brothers on one side of the tent. Next to me, close enough to reach out and touch, Robbie lay on his back, softly snoring. At that moment, the moon began to shine through the mosquito net window on our side of the tent. It was by that moon’s gentle glow that I realized what the sound I had heard was.

    Robbie had worn a very short, very tight pair of cut-off jeans that day. As he lay there, now, on his back, I could see that he had unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts. And I could see, quite clearly, what those shorts of his had been hinting at and teasing me with all day. My heart started racing, my breathing so fast and shallow I thought I might pass out. What was I supposed to do? How I was supposed to behave myself, with Robbie lying there, sleeping, next to me, fully exposed?

    Those are, perhaps, the thoughts I should have been having. Instead, I reached over and placed my hand on Robbie’s taut, lean tummy. He made a quick gasp, and his own breathing seemed to speed up, as well. Still, he continued to appear to be sleeping. Slowly, I let my hand drift downward along his tummy. After what seemed like hours, but was surely barely minutes, my hand was below the open waistband of his shorts, resting in the soft black nest below his navel. Again, he gasped. And still his soft snore continued.

    However, his manhood, which had been resting limply just under the open zipper of his shorts, suddenly jerked and sprang out of the opening, fully erect. I panicked and pulled my hand away. By this point, I was so wired, I could feel my stomach cramping and my nuts had begun to hurt, as if someone had kicked me. I lay there on my back, trying to slow my breathing, but my eyes kept drifting to Robbie. I had a moment of sickening dizziness, and then the next thing I knew, I was taking Robbie’s manhood into my mouth.

    I don’t even remember, now, the way that felt. I don’t recall what he tasted like, or how long it took him to fill my mouth with the proof of his orgasm. I only remembering realizing that it was over and then running off into the trees near our campsite to throw up. I also remember that Robbie never seemed to wake up through it all. However, when I came back into the tent a short while later, I noticed that he had rolled onto his side, facing me, and that his shorts had been zipped back up and fastened again.

    I lay there, feeling sick and scared, afraid I had done something nasty and wrong. It wasn’t just that I felt wrong for taking another guy into my mouth like that. I already knew what a fag was and how people felt about that sort of thing. I felt nasty and dirty for doing it to a guy who, as far as I knew, was sound asleep. In fact, I was utterly terrified. I was afraid that one of my brothers might have seen and would tell on me. I was afraid Robbie would tell on me the next morning. How could he not have noticed I was sucking on him like that?

    I threw up twice more that night. I never slept. I just lay there, the cold weight of my terror crushing down on me, trying to squeeze the breath right out of me. And then the sunlight replaced the moonlight, and my father was outside the tent ordering everyone to breakfast. Since I was already awake, I was first out of the tent, even though the last thing in the world I wanted at that moment, was to be near my parents, or near anyone else for that matter.

    I took my place at the table just the same, though. I ignored my mother when she commented that a night’s sleep hadn’t seemed to improve my mood any. A few minutes later, my brothers and Robbie ambled sleepily out of the tent. Although he normally sat next to my brother, that morning, Robbie slipped onto the bench of the picnic table next to me. Without ever looking at me, he slid toward me until our bottoms were touching. Then he threw his naked leg over mine, and leaned toward me. He whispered into my ear, “Tonight, it’s my turn.”


    Thursday, July 12, 2007

    Sound the Bells!


    As i was doing my daily [b]reads and tagging fellow bloggers and friends via comment page. I came across the line above from River Pisanu of the Bisean. It is indeed quite alarming for me. As a blogger and as writer it has been my primordial goal to extend to my readers a piece of my mind on various issues and concerns plaguing society as whole through my poems, stories, essays, anecdotes etc. etc. etc.

    And as much as i dont want to, I am nodding my head to what river said: Blogging has indeed is embracing a new shit! Proliferation of scam bloggers has become more and more noticeable and pseudo writers/bloggers are getting less substantial everyday.

    Dont get me wrong, I am all for the freedom of expression but let us all be reminded that with "Freedom comes with great Responsibility."

    Thus, I am dedicating a blog for the South East Asian Nation bloggers where we can join hands into taking blogging into a new level. To inspire new budding and emerging bloggers to actually tick their keyboards into actually writing about something that will actually be useful for the society.

    It will be temporarily called United SEA [until somebody came up with a better name] so here is the link. Dont expect anything grand yet, it will be a blank space. Let us all start from Scratch.

    So if you from the South East Asian Region, Join Us.

    Wednesday, July 11, 2007

    The Gay Marriage II

    Marriage is All About Love

    Last month I posted a challenge for all my readers focused on One Theme: Gay Marriage. It did attract attentions and opinions of my readers. So this one would be my personal stand on the matter. Read On.

    I'm not a person of facts. I'm a person of feelings. You wont be reading about statistics and percents and figures here. What you're going to read is my opinion on gay rights (the marriage issue). This is my opinion. I'm not saying everyone has to feel my way and I respect the views of others and I ask for the same respect in return.

    I want someone to tell me why gay people shouldn't get married? Are we are a country with great respect for Human Rights, Democracy, the "Land of the free and the home of the brave," or aren't we? If we truly are the land of the free then prove it. Why can't we all be free? What kind of message is all this sending the younger generation?

    "Don't you dare be different!"

    "Conform to our way of thinking!"

    "Pretend to be someone you aren't because its more politacally correct."

    I say forget that. I dare to be different just by speaking out about controversial issues like abortion and gay marriage. I dare to be different for not doing drugs because I feel like its the right thing. And I think that an openly gay person is very brave because of the persecution that they go through.

    Another thing. Why do people think that being gay is a choice people make? Or some kind of Mental Illness that needs Psychotherapist?

    WRONG! WE are BORN like this! Okay, lets use a logical approach. Lets say you were gay. Following me? Okay good. Okay, you're gay and you come out to your friends and family. Your friends and your family disowns you. Pretty soon word spreads like wildfire. And suddenly your car gets keyed. Your tires get slashed. People start calling you horrible names. Some even become violent toward you. You start getting threats. Hate mail. All that fun stuff. Now honestly tell me... is that a life you would choose? Nope, not me.

    Now, lets look at this from a religious point of view. People always say

    "Its against God!"

    "Let those fags burn in hell!"

    Man all that is so played out. I'm a Christian and I was taught that religion is a religion of love and kindness. If we do not love our neighbors as we love ourselves then we are nothing, am I right? Then why all the negativaty toward gay people?

    And you say to protect the sanctity of marriage. Okay... lets use Britney Spears as our prime examble. She can go get drunk, married in Vegas, and have it annuled the next day, but its okay because he was a guy and she was a girl?????

    Do not use the religous card with this situation. Plus add it to the fact that the Bible translation has been personal. Translation of the original varies depending on what is the congregation it wishes to uphold.

    I'm sorry, but this should not be about morals because, lets face it, we are not and never have been a moral nation. Everytime you change the channels on your television set you hear cussing, see sex and violence, and see hate filled images. You hear music all the time with hate filled lyrics and whatnot, so what the crap? I say we take care of those problems before we go pointing the dilemma at US.

    Gay people are not ruining our society. Hate is ruining our society. PEOPLE are ruining our nation and ruining the lives of the people here INCLUDING THE GAY PEOPLE!!!!!

    All in all, I fully support gay marriage. I see nothing wrong with wanting to marry someone that you love. Yes, gay people love too!!! They are tax paying citizens of this country and deserve all the rights that we have. People may disagree because we are a Christian nation, which in itself is stupid. There is such thing a seperation of power between the state and the church, right? But yes, even I can blame them, just the recent elections, you will see politicians begging for the religious group vote.

    And if nothing else in my whole angry piece of writing makes sense to anyone then please read this and understand.

    Love is something that is more powerful than hate if we let it be. Love is the purest thing. People mess it up. Don't turn your back on Us [gay people] just because we are different. Don't hate us because that would be like someone hating you because your names starts with an M. I'm not telling you that you have to agree with our sexuality but I'm asking you not to take away our rights just because we believe differently than you do. Don't keep two people that love each other very much from being able to pledge their love to one another in a marriage ceremony just because they are of the same gender. That's not fair and its not right.

    We need to start rebuilding this nation and we can only do it one heart at a time. When people start to love one another despite differences and flaws that's when real changes can be made and it has to start with us. I'm just a blogger thinking outloud and I doubt anyone is taking me seriously right now but I hope this at least helps someone.

    The Library Foundation

    TLF Sexuality, Health and Rights Educators Collective Inc. (TLF SHARE Collective) is a membership organization of peer educators, trainers and advocates committed to the prevention of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV (or the virus that causes AIDS) among Filipino MSM and the promotion of human rights regardless of sexual orientation and gender identities.

    TLF SHARE Collective is comprised of members who have benefited from capacity building programs and contributed to the efforts of The Library Foundation, founded in 1991, known to be one of the pioneers in HIV/AIDS prevention work among MSM in the country.

    Incorporated in 2005, TLF SHARE Collective’s charter membership and governance have been known to be some of civil society’s staunch advocates and prolific trainer-educators on gender, sexuality and sexual health issues affecting the Philippines’ communities of gay, bisexual, transgender men and other MSM. Its members have actively participated in networks involved in HIV/AIDS prevention, particularly PNAC. They have significantly contributed in the organizing of coalitions for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders (LGBT) such as Task Force Pride and Lesbian and Gay Legislative Advocacy Network. As trustees, officers, staff and volunteers of The Library Foundation, the members have also implemented project-grants from donors such as Australian Agency for Internation Development, PNAC, Astraea Lesbian Foundation, International HIV/AIDS Alliance and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. They have also been involved in sub-contracted projects from Health Action Information Network, Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) and The Futures Group.

    TLF SHARE Collective is currently the project management team that implements the prevention component of the Global Fund AIDS Project among MSM populations of San Pablo City, Gumaca, Quezon, Legazpi City and Tabaco City, targeting over 2,000 clients in five years. The organization’s officials have been involved in establishing around 200 MSM clients through participatory BCC activities (International HIV/AIDS Alliance, 2003-04); assisting awareness for HIV/AIDS stigma and discrimination in MSM venues and communities (Positive Lives/PBSP, 2004); establishing MSM peer education programs in five communities (PNAC, 2001-02); facilitating formative assessment for local MSM STI/HIV prevention responses in Noveleta, Cavite (PNAC, 2002); and advocating for safer sexual behavior among local MSM tourists of Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro (PNAC, 2002).


    The Library Foundation will be holding another HIV Seminar for more detail please text or call Ohjs at +639203670338

    Tuesday, July 10, 2007

    Another Nomination

    I just found out that Hush and Listen has been nominated for the First Ever "The Gay Dude Award for the Best Personal Blog".

    So who the hell is Gay Dude?

    He is one of the Greatest Gay Blogger of his Time, author of Voyeur Nation and one of the founder of the Must Read Gay Men Rule who passed away a couple of years ago due to cancer.

    The Award is a tribute of an avid reader and co author of Gay Men Rule, Steve aka Diamondfistwerny to commemorate the late blogger and his writings.

    So if you have time, do check out:

    and cast in your votes!!!

    To the Organizer, Thank you So Much.

    Asian HeatWave: Paul Gomez

    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown
    Shoe size: 11
    Height: 5′11″
    Weight: 160 lbs.
    Chest: 38”
    Waist: 32″
    Body Type: Slim / Muscular

    Paul Gomez is one of the top male models of the Philippines today. However, his success may be attributed to his joining the Mossimo Bikini Contests, twice. He first joined Mossimo Bikini Summit in 2005 but failed to bag the crown. He, again, joined the prestigious modelling competition, as the wild card entry from 2005 (where he was known as Paul Tumulak), and was adjudged as Second Runner Up together with Hermann Weber as First Runner Up to the Grand Prize Winner Jerome Ortiz.

    He intends to be one of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs in the near future. Let’s see what’s in store for this model / wannabe billionaire in the years to come.

    Monday, July 09, 2007

    Beautiful Kiss

    I could feel her breath upon my neck,
    Gentle soft and sweet.
    Her soft supple lips caressing my skin,
    Her fingers running through my hair.
    I breathed in deep,
    Taking in every part of her.
    My hands upon the gentle curve of her lower back,
    Holding her close.
    I feel her breasts press against mine,
    Firm, soft.
    Her lips traveling to my clavicle,
    As she gently glides her hand
    Up and
    My shirt, tracing my spine
    Fingering the small cold clasp
    Finding their way up and under the elastic.
    Her fingertips dancing around my nipples,
    Teasing and enticing.
    As they become erect with anticipation.
    I sigh and entwine my fingers in her soft black hair.
    Our hearts now beating strong,
    She gathers the cloth of my shirt
    And gently lifts it
    up and
    my head. I do the same to her.
    Wild now with fervor she grabs me and
    Pulls me close.
    Hard, forceful.
    Our hearts race as her fingertips unhook the clasp,
    Lower the straps down,
    Off my shoulders and down my arms.
    Placing her soft hands on my now bare shoulders she kisses my breasts,
    Glorifying every inch of my body,
    Her lips trail up my neck and to my ears,
    There she nibbles softly.
    Our lips again meet in a hot passion,
    Our breaths harder,
    Our heart beats quickening.

    She unbuckles my belt as I unbutton her pants.
    Simultaneous zips change the beat.
    Guiding me with her kiss,
    She guides me to the bed.
    Never do our lips part
    As we shed our cotton cocoons,
    To reveal our soft,
    Vulnerable bodies.
    I feel her skin,
    Soft, warm, supple.
    Our eyes meet, our lips part
    Her eyes wild, beautiful.
    I follow her gaze as she
    Travels down my body.
    Her fingers slip under the strap of my thong
    Lifting it, pulling it,
    Drifting down my thighs,
    Past my ankles,
    Onto the floor.
    She smiles up at me.
    Entrancing, mysterious, seductive.
    I sigh with eagerness.
    Her hands glide up my legs,
    Over my thighs.
    Her fingertips linger by my pelvis,
    Guide themselves up my sides.
    Her lips kissing my stomach,
    She begins to bite and suck,
    Then her lips trial up my torso,
    Between my breasts,
    And up to meet my lips,
    Parted and ready.
    I sigh.
    Her fingertips begin to dance and sing
    Between my legs.
    Tenderly caressing and massaging.
    Our bodies press together hard, passionate.
    A voice escapes me and
    Mingles with the stars,
    As she enters inside of me.
    Gentle, firm, methodical,
    She feels me inside,
    Gazing into my eyes,
    Looking for my soul,
    Trying to reach my heart.
    I throw my head back and moan in ecstasy,
    As she continues to massage and feel me.
    Pressing her body hard against mine,
    We move with the same fluid motion,
    With one heart, and one mind.
    My nails scratch into her back,
    As I hold her tightly.
    My fingers running through her hair,
    Holding on to her desperately.

    Her body lifts from mine.
    Once again she gazes into my eyes,
    And kisses me.
    Her eyes widen and she smiles big,
    As she feels my fingers slide down her abdomen and enter her.
    She is warm and wet,
    Wanting me, yearning for me.
    Together we flow as one, moan as one,
    Moving in unison.
    Our bodies hot,
    I kiss her neck and shoulders,
    And taste her saccharine perspiration.

    She lifts her body from mine,
    Her fingers leaving me, and mine leaving her.
    She kisses me,
    And moves down my body.
    Her tepid wet saliva trailing down my body.
    Slowly she kisses my stomach,
    My pelvis,
    Slowly, teasing,
    Heading toward her destination.
    She places her hands on my hips,
    I moan,
    She kisses.
    Softly, then forcefully.
    Sucking, licking, nibbling.
    She massages my thighs,
    I breath hard.
    My voice gets stronger.
    My soul sings and my heart pounds.
    She glides her right hand up my side,
    And it interlocks with mine.
    Sucking, licking, nibbling.
    I squeeze her hand hard,
    And licks harder in response.
    Her fingers join the dance.
    Her tongue and her fingers working as one,
    Heightening my senses.
    Breathing harder, louder,
    Flowing faster, stronger.
    My eyes widen and a smile erupts on my face.
    I cry out.
    My body shudders with pleasure and ecstasy,
    As I reach my peak.
    My heart pounding uncontrollably.
    My chest heaving up,
    She slows, then stops.
    She slides her body back onto mine.
    We breath hard together,
    As we hold each other.
    Our skin touching, caressing.
    We gaze into each other’s eyes,
    Merged now, our souls, as one.
    Our hearts beating in unison,
    Our minds in tuned with each other’s.
    We smile and bask in each other’s warmth.
    Our limbs entwined in each other,
    We know,
    This is right.


    For obvious reason ive been writing my Homoerotica focus mainly on the man to man love. But this time, im writing on a different tone. Well, not really that different nor afar from what my Homoerotica is written except that this time, it is about the girl to girl love. I remember a lesbian friend asking me to write about something like this for her. So here it is now.. I just hope I captured their stories.

    Friday, July 06, 2007

    Asian HeatWave: Rafael Rosell IV

    Rafael Rossel IV is half-Filipino, half-Norwegian. His smiling face and sculpted body was initially be seen in ” Bikini Open,” a sex comedy tarring Diana Zubiri.

    “I arrived in 2001 and spoke no Tagalog. I’m proud to say I speak it fluently in my upcoming movie,” says Rafael.

    “My first big break was a Close-Up toothpaste commercial,” he recalled. “Then I joined ABS-CBN’s Star Circle Batch 9 with Michelle Bayle and Luis Alandy. My first movie was ’Kung Ikaw ay Isang Panaginip’ with Jolina Magdangal for Star Cinema.”

    He is the eldest in a brood of three, all boys. His family lives in Abu Dhabi but visits Rafael often in his rented studio near the ABS-CBN compound. He says they are all very supportive of his career.

    “My best experience in acting was the teleserye ‘Marina,’ where I played the mortal boyfriend of Gretchen Baretto. I came in on Week 8, and I initially felt like an outsider,” he recounts.

    “My father taught us to follow our dreams. I guess I am living that dream right now, ” says Rafael. What would he like to do next? “I would love to host a beauty pageant and have a talk show,” he says.

    To stay in shape, and because he loves sisig and adobo, Rafael says he has to work out four times a week.

    Outside of show biz, he manages a jewelry line called Glisk. He likes being in business. “Math was my favorite subject in college,” he explains. “I love numbers.”

    Presently, Rafael in part of the newest fantasy/epic series of ABS CBN, "Rounin." Definitely, Rafael Rosell is one of the hottest figure in the Philippine you must not miss.


    Happy Weekend Guys!
    Well, tomorrow is supposed to be the luckiest day in this year! So I am wishing you all the luck!
    I am leaving you with Rafael to keep you company.
    Stay Blessed, Beautiful and Free!

    Working Out

    He grinned as he felt the other male rub shower gel onto his back, any excuse to touch each other more. As the water ran down over his skin he felt the other guy move closer, feeling his exposed cock push against his ass. As the two enjoyed the moment, they became more and more aroused, soon both were hard and engaged in a kiss. Time went on and they looked at each other knowing they had better head off home to their girlfriends, so they grabbed their towels and wrapped themselves and headed round to the lockers. After getting dry and dressed, they said their goodbyes and one left leaving the other to finish getting changed. As he pulled on his shirt, he cringed slightly still feeling slightly damp on his back his shirt clung to him. Standing in his open shirt, socks and skin-tight boxers, he heard a shuffle behind the lockers, not realising anyone else was in the changing rooms he walked round the corner to inspect. As he rounded the corner he was slammed backward against the cold metal lockers, his arms forced up beside his head, held at each wrist.

    “So you like a bit of guy on guy huh?” He was asked, but before he had time to answer or even realise what was happening, the blonde stranger planted a powerful kiss on his lips. Watching as this new guy forced kisses upon him, he looked him over, and standing in just a towel, he decided he wasn’t complaining, so closed his eyes and returned the kiss. During this, his arms were released and his shirt was soon lying on the floor once more. Their hands all over each other, it wasn’t long before once again there was two hard cock’s in the room. More fondling led to both men ending up wearing very little (not that there was much in the first place)… the towel was soon torn from the newcomer showing off how well endowed he was, and the white, tight boxers on the other man would soon be pointless as they led their games towards the showers. The switch was hit and the water was running, over their firm bodies it ran and once the white material was soaked, it wasn’t long before his hard dick was visible through his shorts. On the floor, the completely naked guy grabbed the others’ shoulders and forced him down.

    “Suck it!” He ordered, and was contempt as straight away he received the oral pleasure he wanted. Mouthful after mouthful he tensed in bliss until soon enough he was almost ready to burst. This time, he wrapped his fingers under his partners chin and brought him back up, kissing him again as he manoeuvred their bodies, so he was soon on top, straddling the other at the waist. Taking hold of his own penis he began to masturbate, already he could feel the tension building inside, and soon enough he covered his friend in patches of cum. Breathing deep trying to catch his breath as the water poured down over them he sat backwards, feeling the bulge of the other cock press against his naked butt. Grinning he began to move as if riding an animal, whilst his intentions were to masturbate the other guy between his ass cheeks. Soon enough, the boxers had been taken off and they had positioned so he was now really being buggered. As he rode the cock, both men groaned in pleasure, and as the pace quickened their moaning became louder. They finished just in time as another gym member came in for his shower. The two showered, dried and as they were getting changed exchanged a few words before leaving.

    “Next week, tell your friend to hang around for a while, more’s always fun!”



    Well, Ive been hearing countless stories about Gym "routine"

    So I think you guys cant relate to this one. lolz!

    Thursday, July 05, 2007





    I seldom post my personal photo here in this blog. So try to enjoy this one. lolz.

    taken in a photoexhibit at SM Mall of Asia.


    We always want what other people obtain
    No matter how ridiculous or not
    The Feeling is like crying in the rain
    And not having what you already got

    It wrecks us from the inside out
    Always putting thoughts into our brain
    On why we should weep and pout
    Over things we can't gain

    It makes us wish we weren't who we are
    And forces us to want to change
    The way we did things way back far
    Because we did them while deranged

    Or so This Feeling says we were
    When really we were just our own
    It makes us through madness deter
    Us from being fully grown

    Can we ever beat The Feeling and win?
    Or will we forever be won
    By this ever persisting sin
    Until we're over and done?

    Wednesday, July 04, 2007

    The Forbidden Question

    1. How old were you when you lost your virginity?

    Thirteen with a Girl.

    2. Worst thing done while drunk?

    Puke at the middle of Orosa and Nakpil just when the Celebration for the White about to start and people are lined up at the entrance and I am being carried by mantra and kiddo at their shoulder.

    3. Have you slept with any blogger contact?


    4. Have you ever cheated when you were in a relationship?


    5. How far how you gone to check if your partner is cheating you?

    befriend his "concubine" and have dinner with him.

    6. Mancrush, 1 local and 1 foreign celebrity?

    Foreign: Keanu Reeves

    7. Last time you pleasured yourself?

    Two Days Ago.

    8. How big is your wang (dick-size)?

    7 inches, i think.

    9. What's the 8th message on your inbox, and who sent it?

    Oooops!!! I just deleted my inbox.

    10. Kissed in public?


    11. How many one-night stands did you have?

    Wait, Im counting....

    12. Craziest place you've done it with?

    Public Bus.

    13. Have you slept with anyone famous?

    Yes. Once.

    14. Do you have a Sex tape out there? In YouTube? Or naked pictures?

    I think there are somewhere, I THINK.

    15. Have you been in a threesome?


    16. Tried illegal drugs. What drugs?


    17. How many (if you can still count them) have you slept with?

    Can't remember really.

    18. Dude we all know you’re gay, so just admit it.

    Piolo Pascual.

    19. Have you ever had an indecent proposal?

    Many times and counting...

    20. The worst billboard in Edsa.

    Ellen's Beauty Clinic. It never fails to make me laugh just seeing that billboard. lolz!

    21. Funniest TV Commercial.

    VCO shampoo commercial! The Second version where the "albularyo" used the VCO for himself. lolz!

    22. When was the last time you watched or read a porn material?


    23. What will be your pornstar name and what will be the title of your first porn movie?

    Cairo San Agustin (lolz! Thats my alter ego)

    24. Worst TV show?

    Mostly from GMA.

    25. Spit or Swallow?

    Let me taste it first. (lolz!)

    26. Longest time when you were "doing it" with someone?

    3 hours STRAIGHT.

    27. Shortest time?

    30 seconds?

    28. Last time you had sex with someone?

    July 03, 2007.

    29. What's your favorite sex position?

    Doggie Style, yummy!

    30. If you HAVE TO sleep with a blogger contact, who would that be?

    Any Volunteer? (lolz)



    Now Lets See How you would answer these Forbidden Question.

    Tuesday, July 03, 2007

    The G* Spot Weblog Award: July 2007

    The G* Spot Weblog Finalist for the Month of July 2007:

    Goodluck Guys!
    May the Best Blog Win.


    Again Congratulations to our Last Month Winner, Mister Hubs!

    Daniel's Blog, being the first runner up is automatically part of the finalist for this month's race together with Miong 21 who has been reconsidered after a renomination by his reader and in consideration of the close margin of votes between Daniel and Miong 21 in last month's race.

    Aside from the two, there are also some "come back queens" (lolz!) for G* Spot Weblog Award this month, racing as well with some new ones and some are well established and respectable blogs of their own right. SO this one will really be an interesting month of G* Spot!

    So to all the finalist, Congratulations and Goodluck!


    And if you want to nominate your favorite blog, please do so and send us an email to

    We are now done with the half year with the Official SIX (January to June 2007) Winner of the G* Spot Weblog Award and just still waiting for the next set of Six to Complete the 12 Blogs to compete against the The G* Spot Weblog of the Year.

    Who knows, maybe its your favorite blog that will bagged the First Ever G* Spot Weblog Award or It can be your own blog! So if you think your favorite blog or your own blog has it takes to be part of the G* Spot Weblog Award do drop an email to us.

    Aside from the virtual winner's button, we preparing of giving something physical for the G* Spot Weblog of the Year 2007 or maybe some cash or kind. (So Calling all friends and readers of this Blog help us on this one, ayt? Thanks!)



    Now, who can I go to to solicite some possible awards for The G* Spot Weblog of the Year.... hmmmm.... (lolz!)

    Monday, July 02, 2007

    Requiem for Ignoramus (Chapter II)

    I supposed to at least write something good and light today of shring my experience on the White Party Celebration held in Malate, Manila. However, I got so distracted by a comment on one of my most recent post, "Requiem for Ignoramus"

    A comment left by a fellow blogger and author of Berate My Blog to wit,

    Look, if it's really that painful, you can get psychotherapy to change your sexual orientation. And pray. It might take years and some money, but there are success stories.

    Being gay is simply a retardation of normal emotional development caused by failure of the person to relate to the parent/figure of the same sex during the first six years of life. In conventional emotional development, the person feels attraction to the opposite sex at onset of puberty.

    Being gay is not irreversible, but you must help the doctor and try to love your dad as much as possible.

    Now, about this blog.

    Like what the Blogsite suggest, this blog entails reviews of blogs from the different spectrum. There are also some neat stuff where where the two authors tries to accomodate some people seeking a bit of interior decoration. Pretty Cool really.

    I also have submitted Hush and Listen to their list for review and to be berated so to speak. And they did accomodate it and made one for this site which i truly appreciate getting an 8 out of the 10 supposed to highest point I think Hush and Listen did well. (So Hooray for that and my appreciation to the effort of the authors to actually take a look at my blog and berate it. So this is to clear the cloud that maybe my blog got junked or rated low that's why i am publishing this post now.)

    But I think, Hush and Listen triggers something more from the two authors which marks the comment above. It is sad really that obviously the authors sees HOMOSEXUALITY as a form of Retardation that needs professional help from psychotherapist. It can really as a suprise that all along I thought it was truly a site that understands clearly what the LGBT Community is all about. Afterall, most of the sites that they are berating are actually gay sites, and please correct me if wrong that even the TOP Three Reviewed sites are by Gay Authors. SO it is rather vague that the authors have this sad views of WHO HOMOSEXUALS ARE.

    Indeed, A Requiem for Ignoramus is in order.


    Berate (verb) to scold harshly