Monday, September 11, 2006

Fuck me Hard

As usual, Its a lousy monday for me and topping it all is a text message a receive from an anonymous number (+63) 910 268 5065 (I am posting your number, maybe you can find someone to can accept your offer, lolz), read on...

TYRONE: "khalel ryt? tyrone here from g4m.whats up?wana meet?wer u from?"

KHALEL: "Yes, dis is he. But I dont have a g4m account (i deleted it when committed myself to mantra). Where did you get my number?"

"Lead us not into Temptations.."

TYRONE: "Matagal na nakasave sa fone ko eh..wana meet?horny ako eh.aren't you?"

KHALEL: "Sori but i am already married. Please delete my number. I dont lyk my spouse getting upset. Thank You."

TYRONE: "Let's just kip it as a secret then! c'mon.u wont regret it."

KHALEL: "No, Thanks."

TYRONE: "Married to a girl? u can fuck me hard."

KHALEL: "Not to a girl, to another man."

TYRONE: "Cge na, once lang"

KHALEL: "Why are you pushing it?"

TYRONE: "Becoz I like doin it wt u! wer r u ryt now?can we do it 2day?"

KHALEL: "This is my last txt. I am Happily Committed."

TYRONE: "Cge na, once lang."


I immediate told Mantra about it, sadly he told me that, maybe I am really hiding an account in G4M.