Friday, September 15, 2006

The Power of Touch

There are fundamental problems with society. Most people feel that they are alone and that no one understands them; that they stand at a chasm between “self” and “them” that is never to be breached. There is a solution to the problem. Something simple: Touch.

It doesn’t have to be sexual or chalked full of emotion. Just by simply touching someone’s back, arm, or shoulder you’ve made a connection with them. Even if they don’t notice it, they’ll feel it. That feeling, that “connection” is what matters. It’s a section that has been missing from the bridge that spans the chasm of one person to the next.

We are social animals and our problem lies in society’s view of “independence”. The status quo says you’re a better person if you don’t need anyone else and never need any help. It’s been engrained in all of us. The individual has become an island unto themselves. This is wrong.

I’m not saying we can fix all of the world’s problems with such a simple solution but it would be a turn in the right direction.
Happy Weekend Guys! I am taking a leave from my second job and gonna be giving someone the power of my touch!


Jinjiruks said...

ha? anung power of touch yan? masahista?

khalel said...

lolz! Actually!