Wednesday, August 31, 2005

kufal: Episode I

"Hoy kufal ang hirap mo hanapin dito sa downelink ah!"

This is the sweetest message I ever received in mah downelink account and Whew! everything is rushing like a speeding bullet and love's bullet got my straight in my heart!

...At sa kapangyarihan ng mga diwata ng Engcantadia....


Ive known him for quite sometime now, at wala lang... He never had my attention before. Dont get me wrong... He is gorgeously cute (naks, naman... mwuah to you!) But there is something in him that really scares me... For one, i think he is young for me (as if naman nagkaroon ako ng partner na mas matanda sa akin. Argh! meron nga pala, hehehe!)Plus, i feel he is just someone apt for a one night stand. I just came out of a relationship, and I personally feel so fragile and scared even about little things. At siyempre me halo na rin pagpapakipot. (lolz!)

I did send him a message in downelink with my mobile number of course.

August 5, 2005

"Hoy kufal, Musta?"

Nagtxt na si "kufal!"

After a series of exchanging messages, we decided to meet that night. At kahit medyo ngarag sa trabaho si ako... cge punta ako, besides i was planning to go out that night. I feel so damn stress with work and a good air of the outside world can do magic for me....

That night
11:00 Pm

Nauna ako sa place at wala pa ang kufal! Argh!
Pinagtripan lang ata ako! Grrr....

I got mah drink... roam around and then I heard....

"Hoy kufal! Kufal kanina ka pa?"

I am trying to recognize his face, its been a while since we saw each other. and when... BANG!

"Who the fuck is he with?"

There is this old fellow in his early 40s with him on his table talking to him, while he is sipping his iced tea.

I got a mah self another drink and lighted a cigarette, occasionally disturb by the old guy as he occassionally glance at me when they continously talked about something.

Alas! The oldie left him, as I started to approach his table...

"so, who is the guy?" i asked.

"someone who is trying to hit on me." he answered back grinning.

"so... what happen? where is he going?" asking him back.

"sabi ko sa kanya... you are the only reason kung bakit ako nagpunta dito.. and for sure magagalit ka if a continously entertain him..."

"lapitin talaga ako ng nga matatanda!" he continued, and still giving that close up smile.

I just smiled back......
(We have 7 years age gap)

to be continued....