Wednesday, February 28, 2007

MCCph: Philippine Gay Church

MCC PHILIPPINES is one of the Metropolitan Community Churches all over the world affiliated with the UNIVERSAL FELLOWSHIP OF METROPOLITAN COMMUNITY CHURCHES (UFMCC), founded in 1968, a year before the New York’s Stonewall Riots, a series of most unlikely events in Southern California resulted in the birth of the world’s first church group with a primary, positive ministry to gays, lesbians, bisexual, and transgender persons.Those events - a failed relationship, an attempted suicide, a reconnection with God, an unexpected prophecy, and the birth of a dream - led to MCC’s first worship service: a gathering of 12 people in Rev. Troy Perry’s living room in Huntington Park, California. And that first worship service in a Los Angeles suburb in 1968 launched the international movement of Metropolitan Community Churches, which today has grown to 43,000 members and adherents in almost 300 congregations in 22 countries. During the past 36 years, MCC’s prophetic witness has forever changed the face of Christianity and helped to fuel the international struggle for GLBT rights and equality.

MCC PHILIPPINES is the first MCC in Asia, established in September 7, 1991. We are proud of it as it gives us the vision of MCC spreading God’s love to the rest of our Asian lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender brothers and sisters. Like all other MCC churches in their ethnic origin, MCC PHILIPPINES is an inclusive fellowship for all and especially for the Filipino gays and lesbians. Since 1991, it has become a spiritual and social center for the local gays, lesbians, bisexual, and transgender communities, through its special outreach to homosexuals and to other sexually oriented minorities. Many have found a new meaning to their sexuality and realized the inseparability of it from their spirituality. Its services has been avail of by Catholic priests, nuns and by Protestant pastors. It is a haven to all Christians where Catholic and Protestant worship together and found a common bond in the Gospel of God’s unconditional love.

Compassion is at the heart of every Metropolitan Community Church. Christian love is embodied through ministry among the sick, the bereaved, the broken-hearted, the poor, the oppressed, and all who suffer. Health and wholeness of the spirit, mind and body are fostered through a variety of support group and other church activities for individuals, couples and families. Since its founding, UFMCC has conducted Holy Union ceremonies as a way to celebrate and bless the joining of same-sex couples. UFMCC has been on the forefront of developing networks to provide education, care, comfort and hope for HIV-infected people in many local communities. At the national and international levels, UFMCC has been a public policy advocate for a health care system that serves everyone, and has published a variety of resources on ministry among people with AIDS.

Worship Service with Holy Communion

Support Group, a venue for socio-psychological growth for both members and friends of the church.

Friday Night Socials, making the bond among members stronger through fun-filled and inspiring activities.

Bible Study for spiritual nourishment through the scriptures for growth in wisdom and knowledge of the Word of God.

Rite of Holy Union / Holy Matrimony, the spiritual joining of two persons.

Rite of Laying Of Hands, a prayer for the healing of the sick in mind, body and spirit.

Rite of Blessing for persons, thing, property and relationship

Schedule of Activities:

The X Marks the Spot






Interim Pastoral Leader - Moderator
Mobilephone: (+63)920-738-3778
Telephone: (63)(046)851-15-76

Board Member, Vice Moderator

Board Member, Secretary

Board Member, Treasurer
MOBILE:(63) 917-8563326

Board Member, Lay Delegate
MOBILE:(+63) 918-2970705


For more details, please log on to their website at

Personal Note:

I am personally attending MCC, it help me to strengthen my faith more and learned more what truly God feels about the LGBT community. It is also in MCCph that I have found in myself the personal acceptance of who I really am and eventually lead the way for my friends and family accept and better understand me. Blessing us all with the enlighthenment of God's Wisdom.

So, I hope you guys can share the experience, I guarantee that it is worth it to know what truly behind what the Bible and God feels about People Like Us.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


how can you look into these eyes
and say it like its not a lie
you dont know what its like
till it happens to you
but you still do it
and i still dont fit
in your world of hating
so you'll just take it out on me
until im breaking
its not just a life your taking
its everything to everyone
who's got nothing at all
but you'll still find a way
to make us fall
well what if we dont wanna play by your rules
and what if i told you
your the fool
would you accept it
like you expect us to do
(how can you look into these eyes
and say it like its not a lie)

like its our life you can compromise
just wait till it happens..
when it comes back to you
how can you say its sin
what does love mean to you
to me it means everything
and your not the one to say it isnt true
but you still do it
and i still dont fit
into your world of hating
and im not taking this
tired of all your shaking fists
how can you look into these eyes
and say it like its not a lie
and treat me like im not alive
to stab me with your sharpened knife
cuz im not the one with the broken life
i know exactly who i am
and i dont answer to you
and maybe if your lucky..
someday, someone will take away
everything from you.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Harry Hotter

Cant resist this one, I am fan of harry potter, and this new pix of Daniel is certainly - Harry Hotter!

Hot! Hot! Hot! Harry!


scars of discrimination

Don't talk to me
I have nothing to say
Just let me be
You can't make me think
I have anything to offer
I'm sick of your patience
I tire of your warmth
Go and help someone else
There are plenty of us left

Turn off the light
You know exactly how I feel
And close the door
I want to amplify the dark
I'm not picking fights
I won't make a scene.
I'm not driving to Manila.
I won't pretend to care.
I am not who I know.
I'll wear your clothes
I'll eat your food
I'll whispher your words
But none of it's true
I'll be an illusion
I'll wake up dreaming

I don't appreciate sun
I'm not sensitive to nuance
I don't care for partisan
I don't wish to be free
If you can find somebody else
With a lie just like mine
I'd bet they're dead
That could have been me
I don't know what to believe

I'm not afraid...
Don't ask me how I know
The beauty is...
That beauty is a lie
The cure for pain,
Is yet more...
Well you can find somebody else
To blame for your guilt.
I did not agree to this game
I didn't sign on a line,
But I'll make it up anyway.

I'm on the airwaves
That's me in your ears
I'm pulling the leaves off
I'm cutting the answers
Into the soil
I'm baking the crystals
You see in the sand
I will take, I will give
But you can find somebody else
To struggle or war for.
One reflection in an arm
One chasm into my soul
Pour my mind into the drain
Say goodnight.

Homophobia is a killer! Stop Homophobia Now!
feeling a bit cocky this week, so most probably you will read more anti discrimination essays, and poems...

Friday, February 23, 2007

EROS: The Wolf and The Snow Leopard


... this post will be an imageless one, i want you guys to use your imagination for this. Its quite long, but believe me it is worth read. Just dont mess your monitors... enjoy this one guys...

... but before any conservative vulture attack this post, i strongly suggest that you read this first...

After I had successfully graduated med school I assumed a position as a GP, that is, general practitioner. Oh, I almost neglected to mention the one year internship that it took to get my medical license, that was a pain. I suppose I'm not what one thinks of when they think "family doctor", those are usually some 50 year old or so cat or some other stereotypical doctor species. The fact that I'm a 25 year old wolf doesn't really make a difference to me nor my patients, I have a fairly consistent list of clientele and I'm doing fairly well... in my humble opinion, anyway.

I walked into the front door of my office and my secretary greeted me like she does every day. She's really a nice girl, gorgeous too. If I were straight... Oh, I forgot to mention the gay thing. It hasn't interfered with my career much either, not that too many of my patients know about that aspect of my life.

"Well gooood morning," she said with her usual cheeriness, which I sometimes question the sincerity of, "You have a new patient coming today, lets see here..." she continued as she used her pen to guide her eyes down a sheet of paper clipped onto a wooden clipboard, "Snow leopard... Seth Carden. First appointment of the day."

I nodded to her a bit and took the clipboard from her paws, "Alright, thanks. I'll go get ready and then be in my office."

I padded on into the back room and slipped on my cliché white doctor's smock. I had a slight grin on my face, I've always had something for snow leopards since that one series of photos in Big Cat magazine. Unfortunately this is my job, and the most I'd be able to do is sneak a peak or two.

I stepped into my office for a little while as I waited for the first appointment to come up, I had about fifteen minutes. The office was arranged so that the patients walk into the waiting room, and then there's a door leading to a passageway that contains my scale, sink, needle deposit, et cetera. To the immediate right of walking into this passage way is my exam room, the door lays along the same wall as the one to my office and the two doors have a row of filing cabinets between them spanning about 10 feet..

I plopped my furry rump down into my chair, assuring my tail didn't get caught underneath me and poking it through the space in the back of the chair. I wiggled a bit to get comfortable and opened up my laptop, I seemingly instinctively went to google and started looking up pictures of snow leopards... naked. I started to murr a bit as my eyes looked up and down the bodies of some young felines, looking so seductive and... God, what the hell was I doing?

I slammed my computer shut, trying to tilt my body so that my now half erect shaft would go back into it's sheath. I failed miserably, and the movement combined with the images now in my head only succeeded in causing me to get a tad bit harder. I swore under my breath a little, this was going to be a hard physical, no pun intended.

I stood up and walked out of the office, trying to think of things to get my mind off of the subject at hand. I opened one of the cabinets over the sink and started to organize some supplies... Cotton balls, swabs, bandages... All the while groping myself mindlessly, damnit!

Well, maybe this guy will be morbidly obese and ugly or something... After all, I've never seen him before. Doubt it... with those legs of his he's probably a runner. Mm... those legs, what a nice thought... No! Must stop thinking about snow leopards...

Time flew by, he was here already. I heard him come in due to the jingling of the bell on the door. My heart rate increased a bit, maybe it wasn't him after all... maybe it was my next appointment showing up a bit early. I padded out into the waiting room and looked, yeah.. It was him. No, he wasn't fat. He was fucking hot, goddamnit all.

I waved a bit, "Mr. Carden?" I asked, he nodded a bit, "Fill out these forms and then my secretary will send you back." I said, motioning towards my secretary who had a few pages of papers for him to fill out. I proceeded to pad back and to the right, stepping into the exam room and sitting down in the chair opposing the exam room table.

I crossed my legs in the chair, trying to hide the persistently semi-hard cock in my pants but still knowing I'd have to stand up after he came in. I heard him say something to my secretary, probably thanking her. God, he had a hot voice, it sounded so innocent yet so manly at the same time... It was sexy, he kind of sounded like a punk boy, but he didn't look it.

He walked in like it was a movie... He flicked his head which caused his headfur to fly away from his eyes, his perky tail gracefully swishing behind him. I wanted to pounce him and just fuck him like there's no tomorrow... However, not only would I lose my job, I'd probably be arrested. Oh well, at least I had a good mental image to daydream and paw off to.

I waved a handpaw, still trying to sit so that my bulging crotch couldn't be spotted, "Well hello there, how're you doing today Mr. Carden?" I said, trying to make some smalltalk.

He laughed a little. Damn, he has a cute little laugh, "Call me Seth, please." He said as he plopped himself onto the exam table. I'd been playing real doctor for a while now... but god knows I wanted to fulfill my childish fantasy right then and there.

I stood up, still trying to hide the bulge in my pants... Oh shit, he looked. Did he look? It looked like he looked, but he might not have. Maybe I was being paranoid, that's probably it. I grinned nervously as I walked behind him, hoping he wouldn't look back and down... I was getting pretty hard.

"Alright mist-- err, Seth. If you would," meaning 'please please please', "could you take off your shirt?"

He nodded a bit as I moved back around in front of him, stuffing my hand into my pocket and holding my cock to the side so it didn't form a tent in my pants. He proceeded to cross his arms and grab the bottom of his T-Shirt, lifting it up over his head just like a supermodel. Holy shit! I had to do a double take of what I saw as his shirt slid off his body. It was a pride necklace! A chrome chain going around his neck with six rings dangling on the end. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, indigo, the colors of the rainbow.

At this point my canid instincts were kicking into high gear, I wanted to make a move but I know I couldn't. This is my job... what if he has a boyfriend? I didn't want to risk losing a paying client by coming onto him. Still holding my now even harder member with my left paw, I grabbed the stethoscope hanging around my neck with my right. I pressed my waist against the exam table to prevent my cock from being seen. I slipped the wolf-ear conforming earpieces into my ears and flicked my ears a bit.

I pressed the head of the instrument against his chest, he shuddered at the cold metal. That made me smile. "Just breathe normally" I said, listening to his breath. I moved the end of the stethoscope over his necklace and placed it just under his left pectoral, which was so firm it made me drool a little. "Well, good news, your heart is beating" I said with a smirk. That made him giggle, which in turn made me smile even wider. As I removed the stethoscope from his chest I snuck in a finger, rubbing it against his chest. His fur was so soft... so fluffy.

I stepped back a few and scribbled some statistics down, I glanced up and he was staring at my crotch... Damnit, no doubt this time, he was definitely staring at my crotch. The same crotch that I was so intently trying to hide, but once again utterly failed at doing so. I promptly padded behind him and placed the diaphragm of my stethoscope on his back, "A-alright, give me a cough this time," I said with a nervous smirk plastered on my face. He obeyed and did as I said, "Alright, sounds good. Hop on down and go out into the main room so I can weigh you," I asked as I scribbled down more data.

He stood up with a devilish grin on his face, that kind of scared me. He padded out into the main room, I caught a glimpse of his rump through his jeans. He had such a nice looking ass. I wanted to be inside him right at that very moment, I could feel the pre-cum dripping over my shaft. I continued to watch until he was out of my view, I stuffed my hand back into my pocket and held my cock again before following him.

I motioned for him to step onto the scale with my free handpaw, he did so and I walked over. My hand shook as I reached it up to adjust the counterweights of the scale. I was trying to subdue my canine instincts, it wasn't very effective. I drew my pen from the pocket my hand was in, causing my now rock hard cock to grind against my boxers a bit. This consequently caused me to whimper a bit, which consequently caused this snow leopard to eye me... and my cock, again. I smiled a bit, trying to hide my frightened state. It was no use though, he could smell it.

"So," he asked as he tilted his head a bit, "What do I weigh?"

I stuttered a bit, my mind was functioning through my groin at this point, "Uh.. Erm, 130." I said, with much difficultly might I add.

He smiled a bit, he knew, "What's that in milligrams?"

Damnit, he was teasing me now, "Uhh.. Erh..."

He laughed, "I'm just kidding... you know that right?" Truth is, I didn't really know. My brain was actually trying to compute what 130 pounds would be in milligrams, I was -that- horny.

I nodded a bit, trying to fake another smile. I was forgetting the basic physical procedure, the exact same one that I've performed hundreds if not thousands of times. My hand shook even more than last time as I reached up and raised the metal bar used to measuring height. I lowered it onto his head, as it contacted the top of his head it caused his ears to splay out. That was so fucking cute, I didn't want to move the bar after that. I jotted down his height and said, "Alright, lets head back on into the exam room then."

He lead and I followed, catching a few more glimpses of that sweet feline rump of his. He sat back down on the exam table, eyeing at me again. He started twisting his chain around his index finger, I had a tease on my hands. A good tease, at that. I walked over and reached my paw up to his neck, feeling at his neck with my index and middle finger. Making sure his lymph nodes were in good order, but also savoring the physical contact I was getting. This was going to be good to paw off to when I get home.

I was feeling around and I felt something rough against my wrist, I looked over and he was licking me! Oh god... is what I've been dreaming about really going to happen? It can't! I'll lose my job if anybody finds out!

I looked at his face, and he looked back with a playful glance... His feline eyes pierced right through mine and mentally connected for a second. He started to lick up my arm, grooming down the gray fur that lay upon it. It was so relaxing, the feeling of his rough cat tongue gently lapping over the fur on my arm with care and precision. By the time he got to my shoulder I started to say, "No.. I can't do this. I.. I can't... I'll lose my j--" he cut my sentence off by moving from my shoulder to my muzzle. Pressing his lips against mine and slipping his tongue into my maw. My eyes closed and I began to murr a bit, licking my own tongue against his... He tasted so good, almost as good as he smelled.

My arm moved up and cupped his cheek gently, I tilted my head a bit and I licked at the roof of his mouth. My murring getting louder by the second, emanating the vibrations from my throat into his muzzle. I softly rubbed at his cheek, running one of my claws in a circle around a black spot. That made him giggle too, I kept kissing him. He started to purr, I had never felt how it feels to feel a cat purr so close to me... I loved the feeling.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed him even closer to me, kissing him a bit harder. He interlocked his hands behind my waist as we continued to lap at each other's muzzles He reached up and pulled the stethoscope off of my head, throwing it to the floor beside us. I ran my hand down his chest, running my fingers through his chest fur felt so good. He was so soft. I rotated my hand as I passed over his stomach, slipping four of my fingers into his waistband and running it along his pants line. As my hand reached his tail I hooked my thumb around the base of his fluffy tail. I rubbed a little and he moaned into my maw, inaudible to the world around us but perfectly clear to me. I felt like I was one of the only two people in the entire world, being able to hear that moan when nobody else could.

Without breaking the kiss I pulled him off of the exam table, using my footpaw to shut the door and press in the button on the door causing it to lock. My eyes opened, just in time for me to watch him open his. I gazed into his eyes, he gazed back. Before that moment, I wasn't sure if all he wanted was a cheap fling or something more. I frankly didn't care at that point. However, after I saw the look in his eyes I knew that he wanted the latter, and he saw that I did too.

I leaned back and broke the kiss, as my lips parted his I felt as if someone tore something off of my body. I got over that pretty fast though, my cock was still swelling. He tiled his head and ran his tongue down my body, I shivered a bit as the sandpaper like tongue licked down my chest. The front of my jeans had a small spot of precum forming, my boxers on the other hand... were soaked with the stuff. He gave the visible spot a lick, returning his tongue into his muzzle and smacking his lips. "Murrrr," he said aloud, trying to mimic the canid sound. I smiled a bit, it was cute.

His fingers moved to the button of my jeans, prying it open with both hands. He unzipped my pants about half way before ripping them down to my ankles. My wolfhood poked out of the hole in the front of my boxers, the entire shaft glistening with pre as the tip produced even more of the clear liquid. As those pants came off and my cock got out into the open, it felt as if 10 years of energy flew out of my jeans. I'd been longing to get that particular part of the canine anatomy out into the open for quite some time.

He looked at my twitching cock for a few seconds before running his tongue up the length. I had never been sucked off by a feline before, and the feeling was very unique. It was rough, but soft at the same time. He was very gentle as he lapped up the shaft and engulfed my cock in his muzzle. I arched my back a bit and moaned, his maw was so warm and he was being so gentle as he suckled. I shot a bit a pre into the back of his throat, he purred even louder. As he purred the vibrations against my cock felt so damn good. I reached down and placed one of my paws between his ears, causing him to do that little ear splay that I love.

He continued to suck and lick at my dick, occasionally tiling his head and nibbling down the shaft before enveloping my shaft in his maw. I closed my eyes and enjoyed for a while. As I felt my orgasm come on (it came on pretty fast, actually) I erfed and pulled my hips back away from his muzzle. He looked up at my and tilted his head, "What's wrong?" he asked as he licked over his upper lip. I grinned a bit, trying to hold my orgasm in as to not shoot my load all over this unsuspecting feline's face. "I'm not giving you a discharge before you get yours," I grinned to myself as I realized the underlying double meaning in that statement.

He smiled warmly and rose to his feet, planting another kiss upon my muzzle. My snout brushed against his before sliding off and allowing our lips to interlock. He reached up to my shoulders and grasped my white coat, coercing it off as I moved my arms backwards a bit. As the coat slid off my arms and fell to the ground he kissed me again, snaked my tongue into his muzzle yet again and gently broke the kiss.

He slipped my cock through the hole in my boxers and down to my ankles, I stepped out of both the boxers and the jeans, both of which were soaked in pre and snow leopard. As he began to unbutton my formal-ish button down shirt I reached down and unzipped his khaki pants, previously forgetting that his cock probably needed just as much release from it's cage as mine did. It sprung out of the crotch hole in his pants and he sighed a bit, a sigh of relief probably. The barbs covering it made my cock get even harder than it already was, which I didn't think was possible at the time. I unbuttoned the top of the beige colored pants and slowly pulled them down. My eyes looked over the firm legs and the white fur that covered them with the occasional black spot here and there.

I wrapped one of my paws around his cock as I kissed him. My fingers grasped around loosely with my handpad facing up and my thumb facing his stomach. I moved my paw back and fourth as I suckled on his tongue, my hand sliding over the barbs made him groan loudly. I nibbled on his lower lip a bit before I pressed my lips against his once more, our saliva mixing and creating a passion filled liquid as I kissed him like I've never kissed anybody before.

I leaned over and nibbled on his neck, he liked that. I lapped my tongue against the fur around his shoulder and neck, grooming it a bit. He stepped out of his pants and I dropped to my knees, he seemed to know what I wanted as he turned around and leaned against the exam table. He raised his tail for me, the sight of his firm white rump cheeks caused me to dribble a bit of pre onto the floor. My knot was tensing up and pulsing a bit, I knew I wasn't going to last long once I got inside him so I wanted to prolong this for his sake.

Without touching my own cock, I leaned forward and ran my tongue along one of his rump cheeks. He shuddered a bit, I gave him a second to get used to the sensation before I ran my tongue up the white spotted cheek again. I waited to see if he would react, he didn't. He cheeks were so perfectly round, and firm too. I was salivating more than normal, and that was a good thing. I tiled my head a bit and ran my tongue sideways right between his cheeks. He giggled a bit, and then started to purr loudly. So loudly in fact, that I could actually hear the purring from my location on the floor.

I continued to run my tongue over his tailhole, applying all of my saliva to the warm ring of flesh as my tongue lapped over it. I closed my eyes and tilted my head downwards, placing the tip of my tongue at the bottom of his rump and licking upwards moving my whole head in unison with my tongue. As I gently lapped at him a few more times I felt his body relax with each long soft lick. By now I figured he was significantly lubed, so I stood up and gently bit down on his neck. He moaned a bit and squirmed, I licked at the fur on his neck and he turned his head around for another kiss. I indulged the kiss and ran my right hand up his thighs, sliding my ring and index fingers against his nice firm cheeks and running my middle up between them. I moved about half way up before I gently slipped my middle finger into his hole, he gasped a little at first but then simply closed his eyes and slouched down a bit more.

I slid my index finger over towards the middle and slipped it in too in an attempt to loosen this kitty up just enough to accommodate my cock. As the second finger entered he squirmed a bit, he was warm. So warm, in fact, that I couldn't wait to get myself into him. I erfed a bit as I shot a spurt of precum onto his leg, causing him to giggle a bit. I slipped my fingers out of his hole and fluidly moved the paw over to his cock, wrapping my fingers around his now slick with pre shaft. I positioned myself behind him and slid my cock down from his small of back and stopping at his hole. I gently closed my eyes and inserted the tip of my shaft into him, he twitched a bit and groaned. I pulled myself out in fear of hurting him, but he shook his head motioning to me that he was alright.

Slipping the tip of my cock back into his wiling pucker and not getting a reaction, I pushed it in just a bit farther. I lost track of things for a second and the next thing I know I was in him all the way to my knot. He moaned loudly, I should probably have tried to quiet him down a bit but I didn't care. He was warm, just as I imagined it before I was inside him. His body so close to mine and my member engulfed inside him, I was warm all over. I started pumping my hips, rutting my cock in and out of him. My handpaw was stroking at his cock rapidly, the pads on my fingers and palm gliding against the barbs on his cock. It was slippery and easy to stroke him due to the precum that was dripping everywhere at this point. He arched his back, thrusting his hips and grinding against my dick. I could feel my climax coming on, I didn't want it to end... he apparently had other plans, judging by the way he was working at my shaft.

His tail began to swish in front of my face so I reached up with my free paw and grabbed onto it. I trusted harder and harder, my knot was pumping and about ready to blow. My snow leopard was about to pass out, but I could feel his orgasm coming on through his cock. After a few more minutes of pumping about as hard as I could, I was finally about to cum. Not sure if he wanted me to tie him, I leaned up to whisper the question into his ear. As my lips started to move and begin the first word of 'Do you want me to tie?' he nodded, knowing what I was going to ask. Just then I started pushing my hips as hard as I could against the feline's hole, he started to grunt a bit as my knot caused his pucker to contract to allow entry. As I finally managed to fit the swelling into him and his tailhole dilated around the knot I began to shoot strings of hot sticky wolfcum into his hole. I had to physically resist myself from howling out loud and really causing a commotion. To brace myself and prevent myself from making too much noise I pulled upwards on the tail that was grasped in my left paw. This caused a sensation to travel into my kitty's rear and then I felt his cock pulse, I moved my paw over to the tip and let his cum shoot into my paw. He mrowled and moaned loudly as the last few shots of cum spurted out of him.

I moved my paw up to the leopard's maw, offering him a lick if he wanted. He accepted and took a big lick off of my paw, slurping up his seed and drinking it down. I brought my paw to my own muzzle and licked the rest of the cum off of my paw, being sure to run my tongue along my handpads to get every last drop of seed off my paw. It tasted so good, I had never been with a feline before and I can't describe how it's different... But my god, it tasted amazing.

I wrapped my paws around his waist and intertwined my fingers against his tummy. He turned his head back again and I kissed him, slurping at his maw just as we did before we started. I slowly repositioned him and drug him down to the ground, sitting on the floor and holding him in my lap. His eyes were closed, he was making cute little noises from me being inside him still. I nibbled on the back of his neck and snuggled him close to my body as I waited for my knot to let up enough for me to remove it.

After a few minutes went by, I was able to pull the knot out. The white kitty in my lap grunted and gritted his teeth as I pulled the wide knot out of his tailhole followed a small stream of wolf cum. Spilling all over my cock, sheath, and legs. The leopard turned around and started to lick groom my fur, starting at my sheath and moving out to my legs being sure to get every bit of cum off of me.

I laid back onto the floor, pulling the leopard onto my chest and holding him close to me. Occasionally kissing his lips and smiling wide, wrapping my bushy gray tail around his slender white and black one and savoring all of the contact that I could get with him. It was right about then when reality set in and I realized that I had completely lost track of time, and I didn't know when my next appointment was due. I rolled the feline off of my chest and stood up, reaching a paw down to help him up as well. I looked over to my door and I saw a piece of paper on the floor. I padded over and picked it up, it read, "Canceled your appointments for the rest of the day, took it off. I hope you had fun. -Stephanie"

I chuckled to myself, glancing to the clock and realizing that I would already be behind by three or four appointments. I walked back over to the tall slender leopard and wrapped my arms around him, kissing him yet again. After the kiss had broke, he looked me in the eyes and smiled, "Thank you," he said with a slight blush.

I tilted my head, "For what?" I asked, thinking that it was kind of corny to thank someone for something like that.

He smiled and kissed me, "For making my first time wonderful," he said with a boyish innocence to him.

I blinked, I didn't think someone that seemed that experienced could be a virgin. I kissed him back and smiled, "I love you," I said almost instinctively.

He blushed, his cheeks turning bright red, "I love you too," he said as he wrapped his arms around my neck and buried his nose into my chest. I just kissed down at the top of his head and held him for what seemed like hours.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Yesterday i received a text message from bunso informing that it is over between him and his one month lover. No big Deal really, I am used to that story - he will send me a message telling me that he have found someone, and then later on his story will be their break up.

"Love Hurts."

But honestly, i feel bad about every story he would tell me, i know bunso loves the guy so much, i could feel in his last story about the guy and our occassional exchange of text messages about what he call, "suplado type" boyfriend.

I felt bad because i know he deserve that happiness he has been longing for so long...

Then it struck me, "I wanted it to be over... He Cheated on Me."

"Then you have no reason to shed a tear and you have more reason to be happy." I replied back.


"Ditse, kinakabahan ako... Matagal ng hindi nagtetext si Peejay and now that he finally sent me message he is saying that he wanted us to have a serious talk about our relationship."


"Deep inside your heart
I know you are searching
Searching on an unknown quest
The destination: you’ll never find
What you want is security:
A hope, a place called home
Someone to wrap your arms around at night
Someone to tell you its ok.
Once you realize this,
And once you find your heart:
I hope you will turn around to find,
The one who was always there for you:
One who was always yours –
Always was and always will be
Yours when you couldn’t find yourself"


Bunso, we love you - ate and I, and that love will not falter.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Philippine Blog Award

The Philippine Blog Awards aims to recognize notable FIlipino-owned blogs in their respective niches. With topics ranging from the arts, culture, technology and politics, Filipinos have become more abreast because of the fast growing blogging industry here and abroad. The Philippine Blog Awards is a venue to showcase notable blogs with quality content that engages readers from around the globe.

Nominations are now open! Feel free to submit as much blogs as you want—if you think they deserve a chance to be called one of the Philippines’ finest blogs.

Nomination period will run from 14 February 2007, and ends on 28 February 2007.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I submit my blog if it belongs to a blog network?
If your blog’s domain is owned by the network, then you may not join. This is because you are considered a contractor of the blog even if you have full ownership and direction for content. Personal blogs that were acquired by a network are still eligible to join.

2. How many blog entries can I submit?
You can submit any number of entries as long as these blogs fit the three criteria mentioned above.

3. What is the criteria for judging the awards?
Content - 40%
Design - 10%
Appeal and Context - 15%
Consistency - 15%
Mileage - 20%

4. Who are the panelists?
There will be several notable judges in the Philippine blogosphere as well as in the realm of technology, design, literature and politics. There will also be a public voting for some award categories.

5. How do I qualify for the Special Awards?
You must fill up and submit the form we created for the Special Awards. Remember, nominating a blog for the Special Awards does not automatically qualify that entry for the main Awards Categories. You must fill up and submit the corresponding main Awards Categories form and the Special Awards entry form to qualify for both.

So, What are waiting for guys, nominate your favorite blog now and maybe, just maybe you can put this blog in one the nomination slots.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Power OFF?

Faith kept me searching for everything Id lost, but never gave me any clue of what I was searching for. In the confusion and searching in vain for something Id never find I lost my faith and forgot what it was.

I abandoned hope today, it wasnt getting me anywhere. All it did was blind me with fantasies of tomorrow so much that I couldnt function in the reality of today.

I did away with the idea; all it did was get in the way of becoming what I really wanted to be. While I was at it I destroyed the superego for trying to make me something Im not.

Emotion and intuition cannot be trusted so they were the next to go, and reason is too analytical, and only seems good at pointing out the obvious, its really just taking up space.

Memories only serve to drag me down so I swept those from my mind. Inhibitions seem to limit my greatest desires, so theres no sense in keeping those around.

Consciousness is relative, conformed, and closed in so Im slowly shutting that down also.

Last Sunday, after attending mass at MMC (Metropolitan Community Church - its a church for the LGBT Community here in the Country, I will do a feature on it soon) Mantra and I went to the Baywalk Area in Malate, Manila to have a our long uverdue dinner date in that area. We grabbed a table in Anthology Bar were they are featuring some live bands, exactly what both of us like - good food and good music.

After a while, one of the patron of the Bar, a japanese national came to the stage and requested to sing an original composition.

"We are here on Manila, me and partner for a business trip.. I hope you guys like this one, this an original composition i wrote two years ago.." his spill.

The song has good beat but what strike me most was the words laid on it: "You Hope to be Best, But what have you done lately... You hope to run the distance But you are to afraid to run."

It generally talk about how we hope and dream and coward we are to face these dreams and the obstacles that goes with it.

So, today, I am leaving my day as the seconds ticks. Focusing on what truly is essential towards achieving those dreams. I am focusing my life away from the nightmares of the past, brave enough facing my tomorrow.

Power Off. Switch Mode.

Monday, February 19, 2007


"get back to the Real world, dahlin"
it was Jed - my bitchy sister.
I think I will call this entry "Depersonalization"

... So? If a person walks around in a surreal like state, a dreamland is that always a bad thing? Does that mean they're crackers? Does it mean they possibly could have a disorder according to the mental health community?
I'm sure we all have been there at certain points in our lives, as we interact and cope with being in the world how it is today. I'm told it is like a divorce from the world, self, reality, and being, because one is unsure if they are really interacting with life or not.

But I remember being told by my College Professor to "Live your life as if you are in a movie.." (Am A communication Arts Grad) which I have in some ways always felt like, encountered, or maybe just imagined. It is honestly what has gotten me through life in many aspects (that and humour)...not knowing the "final cut of the film" or the "finished script".

Is it really some kind of psychological disorder, or is it actually something that one can flip a switch with, and turn off at their own will?

Maybe that is why I have always questioned my interactions with men and certain people...because they either seem too unreal, too good to be true, or are the type of character that just will say anything until their own form of "release" (or whatever) happens and thats's over, it's done...time to search for a new character to interact with. One is left in wonder, wondering what they did or what went wrong. It's like they mentally already "shot their wad" and then rolled over and turned their backs on life as it continued or people whom they once had their scene with...(note to self: I guess I'll have to ask people that I know who are obsessed with running their lives by bd/sm protocalls and find out perhaps what is the mindset or card someone could be playing..seeing as how I view bd/sm and all the stuff with it as nothing but sheer mind games and playing with that also a form of depersonalization? or just a call for another form of release?)

Interesting, because they say they want to have evolved from other genres of gay men...when in reality, they haven't. They may listen to different music, have read the works of Chopra, Capote, or the prophecies laid down by the evolution of others, but has it gone through them and settled, or has it led them to be even more detatched from or about themselves?

"But it's the way that it goes and it's what nobody knows and everyday my confusion grows..." I hear in Bo's Coffee, where this girl is sitting alone and talking to herself alone until her brewed coffee becomes lukewarm and the scented steam no longer reminds her of the cup before her.

Great. Thats wonderful. How deep.
It still doesn't answer or seep the question of the interactions I have with people.

She sounds like she's missing something or someone she knows about, or once had in the palm of her hands.

Does she ever question if she is crazy, and if she did (lets just say) would that mean that she has a shred of sanity left? Or does this world where she carries her bags of yarn knitting who knows what for God knows what, just continue and all of us around her are the ones who are the broken machines?

I have half a mind to demand a pair of mittens, a scarf, and a hat out of her.

Maybe she'll scream, maybe she won't even hear me.

Do you hear me?

Friday, February 16, 2007

Asian HeatWave: Jake Cuenca

Juan Carlos Cuenca popularly known as Jake Cuenca (born December 30, 1987, San Jose, California) is a Filipino print and commercial model and a television and film actor who rose to prominence via his stint as one of the young stars in the youth-oriented show Click. He was a contract star of GMA Network but jumped to ABS-CBN after his contract with GMA-7 expired. Cuenca is currently a member of ABS CBN's elite circle of homegrown talents properly named Star Magic. Jake was also a student/alumni of PAREF Southridge a school for boys.

Cuenca grew up in California and was the middle child in a brood of three. His career in the Philippines began when he was discovered by a talent scout for Cosmo Modeling Agency at the age of nine. Soonafter, he made several television and print commercials including endorsements for Safeguard, Coke and Globe Telecom.

"allow me do that for you, sweetie..."

By the time he was fourteen, Cuenca was taken under the wing of star makers Neil de Guia and Douglas Quijano. In 2003, he auditioned for GMA Network’s highly successful youth program, Click where he was included as one of the cast. His stint in the show contributed much to his growing popularity. When the show was defunct, Cuenca began portraying varied roles and was cast in several television outings including Hanggang Kailan, Forever In My Heart and Love to Love.

Alongside his growing television career, Cuenca also attended workshops with directors Peque Gallaga and Joel Lamangan where he developed the technique and motivation needed for television acting, a far cry from the broad-gestured and exaggerated manner of billing in commercials.

His career heightened in 2005 when he became part of the fantasy show Encantadia, playing Dingdong Dantes and Karylle’s invincible heir, Kahlil. He also appeared in the ninth season of Love to Love entitled Miss Match where he was paired with reality show winner and young actress Jennylyn Mercado.

He starred as one of the wizards in the fantasy-themed television series Majika. Cuenca, along with fellow male stars from hailing from successful telefantasya's, was featured in the second issue of X-ray Magazine where he sheds off his boy-next door charm for a much more provocative and mature take on his image[1].

Jake Cuenca is now in the Kapamilya Network ABS-CBN after his contract with GMA-7 expired. Jake Cuenca is now featured in top-rated TV shows in ABS-CBN. In fact, Jake Cuenca is certified a true Kapamilya when he appeared in the ABS-CBN 2006 Christmas Station ID entitled" Angat ang Ligaya ng Pasko" & currently he is a cast of the upcoming ABS-CBN soap opera entitled "Sana Maulit Muli" with Kim Chiu & Gerald Anderson which aired on January 8, 2007.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Asian HeatWave: Diether Ocampo

He auditioned for ABS-CBN's talent search in 1996. A year and a half later, he became one of the members of Star Circle Batch II. His first movie appearance was in 'Calvento Files (1997)' .He also dabbles in photography and used to take up classical guitar lessons at the Yamaha School of Music. But all those activities have taken a backseat to his steadily rising show biz career.

The biggest trade-off of his career, however, is his education. Diether was a second year physical therapy student at De La Salle University in Dasmarinas, Cavite, when he was bitten by the show biz bug. It was his grandmother, who urged him to take up physical therapy. After all, he comes from a family of doctors. His last name is Pascual.

It was ABS-CBN Talent Center director Johnny Manahan, who advised him to use Ocampo, his mom's maiden name. "I regret that I wasn't able to finish college when I entered show biz," says Diether. "But an opportunity like this comes only once." The eldest child in a brood of three, Diether describes himself as a reluctant actor. He never imagined himself acting before the cameras.

When he was in college, he got interested in music. He formed a garage band with his campus friends and played alternative rock. But it took acting workshops with Peque Gallaga (film director) to hone Diether's talent, before he became an actor. Today, Diether, is happy about the way his career is turning out. "Everything I planned to achieve, I was able to do in less than five years, which was the original timetable," he says. He credits director Johnny Manahan and ABS-CBN for his flourishing career. He has also been handled by resident ABS-CBN directors "They were the ones who motivated me to take up acting seriously," Diether says. His show biz earnings are apparently more than enough for him to maintain a comfortable lifestyle and provide a better life for his family.

To date, he has purchased a townhouse for his mom, who moved from Cavite to Quezon City, Philippines. He is one of Bench top models. He also established several business ventures. From TV, Diether has made a smooth transition to the movies. He has appeared in a number of big screen blockbusters in the Philippines and has won some acting awards and posted for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) in a very sexy protest.

hot! hot! hot!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Til' Death Do Us Part

ALDARO, Italy (Reuters) - Italy won't split up its Stone Age "lovers."

In a Valentine's Day gift to the country, scientists said they are determined to remove and preserve together the remains of a couple buried 5,000 to 6,000 years ago, their arms still wrapped around each other in an enduring embrace.

Instead of removing the bones one-by-one for reassembly later, archaeologists plan to scoop up the entire section of earth where the couple was buried, they told Reuters.

The plot will then be transported for study before being put on display in an Italian museum, thereby preserving the world's longest known hug for posterity.

"We want to keep can them just as they have been all this time -- together," archaeologist Elena Menotti, who announced the discovery a week ago, told Reuters.

Their removal will be a relief for archaeologists who had to hire extra security to guard the rural site outside the northern city of Mantova after the discovery made world headlines.


More importantly, it will give scientists a chance to figure out what was has become one of Italian archaeology's greatest mysteries: the first known Neolithic couple to be buried together, hugging.

Was it a sudden death? A ritual sacrifice? Or maybe they were prehistoric, star-crossed lovers who took their own lives.

That is a crowd-pleasing theory in these parts, since Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet was set in nearby Verona.

But scientists acknowledge they still know precious little about the now-famous Stone Age couple, whose embrace has become a subject of world newspaper headlines and chat shows.

Italians dubbed them the "Lovers of Valdaro" after the Mantova suburb of farmland and factories. But even their gender is a open question until scientists confirm the theory that they were a man and a woman.

Archaeologists seem certain the couple died young, since their teeth are intact and that they died during the Stone Age because of an arrowhead and tools found with the remains.

But new evidence indicates the couple were not alone and that the remains may have left been near a Stone Age settlement.


Archaeologists on site showed Reuters photographs of another skeleton found nearby, suggesting the couple were in some sort of prehistoric burial ground.

While the single body was buried East-West, possibly following the daily path of the sun across the sky, the Stone Age couple were buried "the wrong way."

"They were buried North-South, and we don't know why," said archaeologist Daniela Castagna, standing over the grave site.

John Robb, lecturer at Cambridge University and an expert in Neolithic Italian remains, says the trouble with the Stone Age couple is the singularity of the find -- which makes it difficult to explain using known historic data.

He said Neolithic burials are almost always single burials.

"There are a couple of mass burials. There are couple of examples of heads being found under houses. And then, about one burial in every 20 or 30 sites is completely unique," he said.

"And these are probably things that have strange ritual circumstances of one kind or another."

But until scientists get a closer look at the bones, all anyone has are loose theories.

The discovery generated Internet conspiracy theories with some taking a darker interpretation of the hugging skeletons.

One reader on AOL, said it was absurd to assume "this couple is in eternal bliss."

"Maybe it is eternal hatred that had them locked together in a death grip," wrote another reader.

Other people have called for the couple to be left alone -- something that Italian archaeologists say would leave the remains vulnerable to looters, vandals and even bad weather.

There is also a practical reason, the owner of the land hopes to soon build warehouses on it.

"We say rest in peace -- unless you're dead long enough to be interesting," wrote another reader, Jim Noonan.

source: yahoo news

Happy HeartDay Guys!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ang LadLad: Senate Queer Politics

It's official: Ang Ladlad, the national network of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Filipinos, has registered with the Commission on Elections (Comelec) as a party-list organization, and is now in the running for a congressional seat in the 2007 elections. NOPE! Because COMELEC did not accredit "Ang Ladlad" to be one of the party list organization in the upcoming election on May 2007!

According to Chairman Benjamin Abalos, "we should take a good look. Party List Organization should really represent the mareginalized sector of the country!"

Question: Are you saying Mr. Chairman that the LGBT Community is not a marginalized sector or are you saying that we still dont exist in your eyes?

Presently with COMELEC not accrediting "Ang LadLad" for patry list. Dante Remoto, filed his Certificate of Candidacy for the Senatorial race! (Go Gurl!)

Ang Ladlad is the first political party composed of homosexuals, whose vision is to create a world where the human rights of all are respected and everyone can live peacefully, without regard for everyone’s sexual orientation and gender expression.

Ang Ladlad is a network of 150 LGBT groups all over the country. The term ladlad means to “unfurl the cape that used to cover one’s body as a shield” or to come out, in the LBGT’s case, of the closet.

The group includes members from LEAP (Lesbian Advocates Philippines), Rainbow Rights, Lumina (from Baguio), and members of lesbian and gay groups in the University of the Philippines, Polytechnic, University of the Philippines and the University of the East.

The country's gay and lesbian population, which Remoto estimates to number about 8 million, was not about to miss another chance to bring the concerns of a “marginalized sector” into the halls of Congress, in particular to “claim and reclaim” the rights lost through ages of discrimination and homophobia.

Though many might disagree with Remoto’s assertion that Philippine culture and most Filipinos are intolerant towards homosexuality, he sees it differently. In their party pamphlet, Ang Ladlad’s says “gays are often seen as comedians – not to be taken seriously. Lesbians, on the other hand, are viewed as violent, possessive and domineering. They are stereotyped and caged in roles.”

Among the cases of discrimination alluded to: the probation and expulsion for gays or young men found to be effeminate in certain schools; exorcism or religious cures so that gays can be reformed; the witting agreement of fathers to allow their lesbian daughters to be raped, also in the hopes of reform; and prejudicial murders of gay men which police refuse to acknowledge as hate crimes.

To win a seat in the Senate, Ang Ladlad’s well-thought and researched strategy consists of capturing the youth sector which, Remoto estimates is “70% of all voters.” Their studies show that of the 70%, 90% are poor (Class D and E), so the places where their target voters are include the depressed communities and beauty parlors. “We have three major hairdressing groups in the Philippines, with 90,000 members nationwide, that’s another big voter base,” says Remoto,

He says a new era in politics in the country has arrived where the old traditional rules and practices are either dead or dying, and the time is right for Ang Ladlad to stake its claim through the utilization of new technology. “This is what many old politicians don’t understand. In the last election in 2004, who were the winners? The ones who had a good reach through media, entertainment, and IT (information technology). The youth market is wired to the Internet, like three to four hours a day.” He cites the successful 2004 campaign of Senator Mar Roxas, which employed print, television and Internet awareness to propel him to the post.

“We’re running this like a marketing campaign,” he adds. “The old parties ran elections, sorry to say, based on guns, goons and gold. But that no longer works anymore. The world has shrunk into a village.”

They also plan on reaching Filipinos abroad, particularly overseas absentee voters and dual citizens, through the formation of chapters in Filipino-centric communities in Los Angeles and New York.

Ang Ladlad’s platform includes:

Support for the Anti-Discrimination Bill that gives gay and lesbian Filipinos equal rights in employment and schools;
Support for gay-owned and gay-friendly businesses;
Setting up micro-finance and livelihood projects for poor and physically challenged homosexual Filipinos;
Setting up centers for old and abandoned homosexuals;
Support for the bill repealing the Anti-Vagrancy Law, which policemen often use to extort bribes form gay men.

Though Remoto claims that his party is focused and dedicated to the LGBT cause, “like a laser beam, so we don’t dissipate our efforts or spread our energies around,” he emphasizes that Ang Ladlad is for all Filipino people. “Our advocacy is really LGBT, but it’s not just that. This country is poor, the main problem is economics. We’re earning P50 per day, so we are committed to staying here and helping. There are so many things we can do.”
As for the concerns of the overseas Filipino workers, who “single-handedly keep the economy afloat,” Remoto says, “I’ve lived and worked abroad. I know the problems of the OFW. The point is, the money that they send to the Philippines that is deposited in government agencies should be audited, and there should be an OFW bank. It’s been in the planning stages for many years. It should get done.”

He adds that the fruits of the labor of the OFW should be returned to them in the form of scholarship, micro-finance for housing and small businesses, as well as discounts in hospitals.

Regardless of sexual orientation, for Remoto and Ang Ladlad it is imperative for everyone to help the country move forward. “The young people should be given hope, otherwise let’s all migrate. But I think the better option is to stay here and do small things that help the country. Train people to change their mindset.”
You can visit "Ang Ladlad" @

Monday, February 12, 2007

Rising Phoenix

My soul lies on the ground
Crying and dieing
In the blood-soaked grass
All its worries before
Are now a thing of the past
As it grows steadly pailer
It dies withouit valor
A most dishonorable death
Secrets within that
Contain repressed sin
Spill out before the world
Nothing is sacred anymore

It couldn't last much longer
It couldn't take much more
The flash of light that
Finally ended the fight
The light that quickly
Pierced the eyes
That drew back out
Had come back to
Split the skin
The blood was spraying
And i was praying
For the forgiveness of my sin
I fall defeated in shame
Not even a word to my name
Nobody knew me
And few seemed to care
I got cut down
And now everyone' there
At my grave asking
What could have saved me
On that fateful day
My one regret is that
I never said what i had to say
Now I lie in the
Same blood-soaked grass
Knowing it's too late
And its too late to change

Just before i die
I break down and cry
And defy every ounce
Of my pride
But now i rise
Out of the blood
And walk with
A graceful stride
Im no longer as
Weak as i used to be
My eyes are open
Now i begin to see
But to my distress
Humanities nature
Is covered by a sinfull dress
But there are few
Who actually confess
They speak it all
Unlike all the rest

Now im stuck
In high school in
My years known to
Be the best
I endure the senselessness
Of the petty skwaking
No one stops to think
They just keep on talking
Despite the consequences
They will have to go through
It's useless for me to
Try to deny this
But it's the truth
Real thoughts can
Only be found in the youth

The older we get
The more we forget
What it's like to dream
We're so used to life
We orget to scream
We have conformed
To what we know is normal
These are the thoughts of the mortal
Only to please onself
We wonder why life sucks so bad
I'll tell you why
And it's Pretty sad

We've neglected and forgotten
What we've already had
We always want something more
Than what we presently have
We dwell on something new
For about a year or two
Then it loses importance
To the rise of an
Amazing breakthrough
I've come to realize
That I'm one of the few
Who can enjoy life
And just shrug off striff
Because i know there's
More to life than
Just me or you
So take some time
And strike yourself dead
Rise from your blood
With a clearer head
And a better understanding
Of what life is presenting

And now just try to comprehend
What has just been said
Clear your mind
And empty your head
Wisdom like this is
Not just bought
And it cannot be taught
It must be found from inside
A fully conciouse mind
Wisdom like this
Is hard to find
Use it to enjoy
Your life
Pretty soon it'll be you
Who shruggs off strife
Ressurect yourself to
Protect yourself
From humanities knife.
"for in my death, I have found life."

Friday, February 09, 2007


alas, weekend!
I think this photograph would tell you how my week has been.
Got to have that needed rest.
Still a long road ahead!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Me, the Sun and the Star Fish.

here are some of shots i got using my nokia phone. Darn! I really have to get a digital camera next trip...


A Great Diving Spot really but scary. "liluan" literally means whirlpool. Believe be the water here are so crazy!

"Liluan: Side B"

"And let there be light..."

Cute Star Fish!

The Biggest One is almost a foot size!!!

"well that's me.."


"The view is really Great!"

There are still a lots of pictures on my phone, but I dobt think I will have the liberty of sharing it.

For your naked and personal and mantra matter.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Harry Potter

The shocker of the year 2007!!!

17 y/o Daniel Radcliffe poses for racy shots to promote his West End debut in Equus. He appears fully naked in this play about a stablehand who has an erotic fixation with horses. When he takes his shirt off, Harry has flown out of Hogwarts for good. Premiere on 27th February in London at the Gielgud Theatre.

Here are the high resolution promotion shots:

P-1 (966 kb)
P-2 (653 kb)
P-3 (613 kb)
P-4 (898 kb)
P-5 (382 kb)

Friday, February 02, 2007

Asian HeatWave: Rocky Salumbides

Philippine Male model Rocky Salumbides from Makati city, Salumbides portfolio on modeling magazine He has been modelling since June of 2004. He represented the Philippines in the Best Model of the World Contest in Istanbul last December.

cant get enough? here are more pictures...

sizzling hotttt!!!!!