Thursday, August 31, 2006

Religious Freedom for SAME SEX Marriage?

Tulad ng dati pagkatapos ng akin "midnight supper" (yup, i always take my supper that late because I usually get out of work by eleven pm na) I tried to watch the late news and the documentary shows that follows it sa mga local channel.

Last night, PROBE TEAM had the issue of the Jehovah's witnesses members who got blessing from the Spiritual Leader in terms of their "matrimonial status." The two had been married to other people in their past before they met each other in 1979 (I supposed both of them are already seperated from their spouses then). Just recently, the court accredit their "matrimonial union" as vested by their religion into something that is legal.

The decision of the court earn some raised eyebrows from different people of the society (Naku sa pinas pa na nagpapakonserbatibong ipokrito) most especially sa Catholic Church (bago mag isip, katoliko po ako). Calling the desisyon, blasphemous in its very essence. It is destroying daw the core and foundation of "marriage" dahil nga kasal na sa iba and parehong sangkot.

But the court ruled that the state cannot touch the religious freedom bestowed in every man. So thats it!

I think a month ago, Jed and I were arguing about this issue and its legality. Knowing jed, sa kanyang pagiging mainitin ang ulo. I told him that the decision of the court can be precedent for same sex marriage., and both of us debated. Both of us concentrated lang on the definition of marriage as stipulated in the Constitution.

Personally, I would want to get married, siempre iba pa rin yung feeling ng kinasal ka di ba? And the ecumenical church I am involve with, "unites" same sex by the marital union. So I must admit I got so excited.

Really hope it is that easy. I am looking deeper on the legelity of this court decision. Intriguing really...

ATTENTION: JED me bagong issue na naman tayong pagdedebatihan! lolz!

On Simple Life

Top 10 Life's Simplest Pleasures
( in no particular order actually )

10. Cuddling my pillow while watching dvd's, Preferably with someone special but a solo act is acceptable. (Dahil madalas naman tulugan ako ni Mantra or ako ang maunang matulog! lolz)

9. Lazing away a Sunday afternoon on my daybed doing absolutely nothing flipping through my dvd collection and dreaming impossible dreams. This I have been and took a sabbathical leave from MCC for the month of August, dont get me wrong, I still attend church hours, on a much nearer place close to home.

8. Listening to my favorite records.

7. The sweet thrill of holding a new book in my hands. The sheer indescribable scent of freshly minted pages and the anticipation of opening new unimaginable vistas.

6. Taking a road trip with someone you love - having your hands inadvertently touch and link together. (Hay, one day Mantra.)

5. Realizing that you're off from work at a surprisingly early hour! Nothing like receiving sudden unlooked-for blessings. Imagine what experiences you can have as you sneak your way out of the office! The people! The sights! The tastes of MASILOG! :) Yeah, I am single-minded. (lolz)

4. Finding that perfect purchase for a bargain basement price of the ukay landia. The perfect fit of the perfect jeans. The beautiful cut of that lagapayo shirt. The impossibly suitable addition to your home decor whether it's that maximalist bling bling.

3. Late night chats with a best friend, whether dissing the latest heartthrobs they have in line or discussing the latest scandalous on-dit at work.

2. kissing my Baby.

1. Waking up early in the morning to watch the man I love sleeping next to me.

Reading this, I just realized that I am kinda a sap :) A somewhat skanky sap but still, pretty much a sap.

Religious Conversion

Sometime late last night - in between my wish and enough sleep to get by another day and my troubled mind about the bite mark at mantra (grr!), I got into thinking about MCC (the Metropolitan Community Church - Philippines,) an ecumenical congregation which I am part of, and the way we can comeup with a fullproof way of bringing back the lost sheep to the hallowed halls of the church. Seriously, whether others will admit it or not, the more people attending the congregatiopn the more impact it can create for the Philippine LGBT Community. Seriously doubt there's actually dwindling church attendance as the hysterical reports say but I don't see how the holy fathers could turn away a few other lost souls to their congregation. This is when me and me talk.

Somehow or rather, innocent talk about conversions and good christian boys started straying into baptismal fonts and then into far more dangerous territory - as we started comparing the relative merits of having sexy dark priests serve communion in wet white thongs - instead of the boring cassock. Although daughter of Christ, me faithfully decried such a scandalous notion, I found myself thinking otherwise. Surely handing out white thongs amongst the well-endowed amongst the budding "clergy" would help increase attendance by a thousand-fold - especially with those wicked unrepenting "sodomites" who'd no doubt be scrambling to be admitted into the House of God.

And do not lead us into temptation,
But deliver us from evil!

Puerile and dirrrty... I know. The blasphemous thoughts that get into my head when I'm struggling to keep awake at 3 in the morning and pretending to be sleep. Certainly idle mind, the Devil's workshop and all that.

Fetuccini Carbonara (Yum!)


1 lbs thick-sliced bacon, diced
1 lbs fettuccini noodles
3 pc large eggs
1/3 cup chopped parsley
1 tbsp dried Italian herbs/seasoning
1 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1 tsp fresh ground pepper


1. Saute the bacon in a small skillet until crisp. 2. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain well on a paper towel. 3. Cook fettuccini noodles according to package instruction until firm and tender. 4. Meanwhile, beat the eggs thoroughly in a large bowl suitable for serving. 5. Have the cooked bacon and the chopped parsley ready at hand. 6. When the pasta is done, drain it immediately in a colander, and pour into the bowl of eggs and immediately begin tossing it. 7. As the strands of pasta become coated with the beaten eggs, their heat will cook the eggs. 8. Sprinkle the bacon, Italian seasoning and parsley on, and serve immediately. 9. Top with lots of freshly grated parmesan cheese and freshly ground black pepper. Serves 4.


I miss cooking this dish. The last time I cook ata fetuccini for someone was with my last girlfriend pa! (Take note ha, girls pa ang trip ko nun! lolz) I hope I can find time to cook one this weekend!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Running On Empty

He's running on empty.
This man of four score years and ten,
doesn't know where
he doesn't know when
the call will come
to summon him home.

At night he no long kneels to pray
for the Lord to spare him
one more day
He doesn't care
he sits with the others
who sit in chairs
and blankly he stares
at the flickering window
onto other peoples' worlds.

The world he knew
has drifted away
consumed in the smoke
of cigarettes and fires.
And all the ones he loved
are gone
and there's nothing left
but he lingers on
suffering the half life
of the unknowing dead.

Nothing intrudes,
nothing involves.
All the care from the bleeding hearts
is for others,
for the dying children
born of dying mothers
and all the lives that are blown away
and no one came to see him today.

And no one cares
that he once had a life
two strong sons
a daughter
a wife.
No one cares
that his wife is dead
that there's no loving hand
to soothe his fears
that no one comes to
dry his tears.

And it doesn't matter
that he sleeps alone
when he sleeps at all,
that his mottled hands grip
an icy sheet
and he's lost all feeling
in his frozen feet.
And he's running on empty

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Batong Buhay

Matagal na akong di umiiyak. Ewan ko ba sa dami siguro ng dinaan ko sa buhay kasama ang mga sangkap ng pamilya, pakikipag kaibigan at pakikipagrelasyon sa iba't ibang tao. Totoo nga siguro ang sabi nila - BATO AT MANHID NA AKO SA GULO AT IKOT NG MUNDO.

Isang araw nakatihan kong regaluhan ang sarili ko ng mga tuta. OO, tuta, di ko alam siguro lumaki ako sa pamilya na mahilig sa aso at ilang aso na rin nga ba ang inalagaan ko. So, two months before my birthday, I raised afund to buy me some puppies - A Spaniel, Chow chow and a shih tzu. Breeders would know di biro ang halaga ng mga asong ito. Dont get me wrong di ako yung tipo ng maluhong tao, pero pag me project talaga na gustong pag ipunan I can make sacrifices. So, I did raised the needed fund. I got a male Black Spaniel First, followed by a chow chow after a month and A shih twu after a week. That is how determined I was to get the puppies I have always dreamed ever since I was a child ata. Wala lang I really like furry pups.

I did all the necesarry basic things have them regularly check by vet, buy them the most expensive utilities and foods I could find, gave them their daily dose of vitamins etc etc etc.

Then Bang! One morning, AKI the chow chow was feeling a little bit down, bigla siyang naging matamlay, so as any could father would do, I had him check up sa doctor niya, but despite rigorous medication and all... AKI died, and she died on my arms. Hearing her cry really breaks my heart. I was really hysterical when she died, well can I say, I have treated them like my own children, at para talag akong namatayan ng anak that time.

But it is not the end of it, sumunod sa kanya si HARU (shih tzu), same case and like AKI she did not survive either despite her hospital confinement sa isa sa mga high tech vet clinic dito sa manila. Same tears flooded my tears, my two daughters died on me, five days before my actual birthday.

Fate has really somethintg to teach, I guess, because right after HARU, sumonod na ng pananamlay si SAATCHI (Spaniel). Amongst the three, SAATCHI is special. Siya yung pinakamalambing sa tatlo, he even sleeps with me sa bed.

Like my two daughters, SAATCHI suffer the same fate, their doctors call PARVO the culprit. That despite blood transfusion, SAATCHI did not survive it either. He was confined the day of birthday and died the following day.

It breaks me so hard that I would want to knock everybody down. But hey, It did taught me one thing, di ako manhid tulad ng mga madalas iparatang sa akin. Di ako manhid. Bato nga ako, batong buhay.