Saturday, June 30, 2007

Certified G* Spot Winner: Mister Hubs

The Last day of this month marks the end of the celebration of Pride Month with a Bang not only because of countless parties celebrated accross the globe in commemoration of the Stone Wall Riot fight for Freedom and Equility for the LGBT Community but because the ending month sets the newest blog to belong to the certified list winner of the G* Spot Weblog Award hailed by readers accross the Globe.

For this month, Mister Hubs bagged the Award to be The G* Spot Weblog Award Winner for the month of June 2007 garnering the 34% (187 votes) of the 554 total cast votes for this Month. Here is the Complete tally:

BAMR 2% - 10
Mister Hubs 34% - 187
Daniel 22% - 120
Bedtime Stories 1% - 7
Wild Monkey Dance 1% - 3
Miong 21 21% - 119
It's Gay World 10% - 57
One Gay Boy 1% - 5
Tactology 8% - 42
Pink Panties 1% - 4



Congratulations to Mister Hubs!

Do visit his site and definitely you'll get hooked with the works of this author! Truly, A must read LBGT Blog!

The G* Spot Weblog of the Month for July will be announce on July 03, 2007.


Reyville said...

congratulations, misterhubs! and miong21 as well...

rOckY said...

hoorah for Misterhubs!

he totally deserves this!


jerrick said...

it could've been miong 21.. aww.


My heartfelt, "can't-be-bought-in-the grocery-store" thanks to everyone who voted for Misterhubs.

More power to Hush and Listen and, of course, Khalel. :-)

empress maruja said...

Congratulations, Misterhubs! Bunggaloo ka day!


@ Empress Maruja: Thankz :-)

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