Friday, June 29, 2007


The typical street lights lit one of the so many streets of any common metropolis. Daniel, cellphone at hand, was talking with his boyfriend by phone. He just got out of work and was walking home ready to see his boy to party that night for the White Party Celebration at Malate, Manila.

"I´ll pick you up before eleven o´clock"

"A´right, I´ll be waiting for you, honey"

"I love you, D, see you in a while," He hung up and kept walking with utter casualty. He used to cross some park as a shortcut to get home quicker.

"There´s the fag!" shouted a male voice somewhere behind him.

"Get him!" yelled another one. Panic clouded his senses and adrenaline started rushing intensively through his veins. He didn´t had to think who those voices belong to, he knew they were the studs that have been bullying him since day one of work. In the beginning the just used to yell at him and call him names. Later, they found their way to destroy his property. Just a few weeks earlier they got to fully dismantle his car, what forced him to walk home 'til that day. He didn't lived that far, but being a call center, his parents wanted to have some precautions. The utter most disgraceful action they took against him was when they surrounded him, one of them paralyzed him against the wall. For some time they only had fun punching him a few times on the stomach or the back that made him lie on the ground for several minutes, but, in the last month, they dared to take his clothes off and beat him up. Some friends of his found him badly wounded and unconcious in one of the building restroom. He still had the marks of that last attack. Scars on his back and chest, bruises on arms and legs and an anal wound that hadn´t finished healing ´cause of a stabbing.

He didn´t knew if it was for fear or the previous knowledge of them coming untouched by any kind of reprimand, but he never presented any kind of complaint against them. His mind returned to the present in a matter of seconds. He was more than pale when he saw another couple of guys closing his way out right infront of him. He turned around and started running to a metal fence that lead to an empty terrain. He jumped as hard as he could, but his thin, weak and still resented body didn´t respond as he would´ve liked. He barely reached the half of the fence when he felt he was pulled downwards by two of the bullies. Inmediately, he did nothing more but cover himself on the ground, but them, being more on number and strength, Put him on his feet, fully paralyzed. The one who seemed obviously to be the leader of all of ´em kicked him on the face, breaking his nose and some teeth. Next hit went right to his chest, leaving him breathless for a moment in which they let him fall to the ground. Once again the fully undressed him. One of the studs burned his clothes while he couldn´t do more but moan and spit blood. They surroudned him once more and laughtered while he was crying. The biggest one pulled out a blade, the same they used the first time and made them put him up. He stabbed him several times on the chest and stomach and, while he was falling once more to the ground, on the back. The last remainings of energy and conscience he had served him to understand that they wouldn´t stop ´til they took the last drop of blood out of his body. The leader started kicking him on the ground while the others called him names like: "Faggot" "Shit fuck" "Diseased"

He kept taking those kicks ´til his body couldn´t take it any longer and the life left every inch of his body. This wasn´t enough to them, for they looked for the best place to throw his body, a dumpster "Just the place where it belongs"

"Hahaha" they laughed continously.


Anonymous said...

gay or not, i think there are some peole or group of them who r just plain violent & consider hurting/killing others as fun/trip!

R eldest bro (who s now married), one ordinary weekday nyt after ofys hour, supposed to comedown frm abad santos LRT station but overshoot by 1 train station to R.papa, decided to walk going back to hermosa. Along d way, he just felt someone pulled him and he literally saw stars, he was kicked &punched, laceration on d head & broken front teeth, bloodied all over. Nakursunadahan lang ng tambay. My kuya all d while just covered his head & face while in dat ordeal... luckily he was left alive & was able to take tricyle to d neares police station. The culprits were apprehended & jailed (tnk god). My kuya had to undergo head stiches (ouch) & his front teeth reconstructed. Hi face was blothed w/ bruises for weeks!

Some months ago, d parents of "evil doers" asked forgiveness. My kuya & r family did not press any charge & forgave them. Hope d jailed kids learn their lessons...

beratemyblog said...

Look, if it's really that painful, you can get psychotherapy to change your sexual orientation. And pray. It might take years and some money, but there are success stories.

Being gay is simply a retardation of normal emotional development caused by failure of the person to relate to the parent/figure of the same sex during the first six years of life. In conventional emotional development, the person feels attraction to the opposite sex at onset of puberty.

Being gay is not irreversible, but you must help the doctor and try to love your dad as much as possible.

Riki The Dark said...

I'm sorry, Beratemyblog, I beg to differ. What gays should pray for is for the Big Guy to enlighten the masses of ingorants out there that there's nothing wrong at all with being gay/bi/lesbian/transgendered. I have no problem accepting my family for being straight...I pray that they accept me for who I am and become happy for me for learning to love myself. I'm sure other GLBT feel the same way. If there's anything to reverse, it's being ignorant and hateful. ♥♥♥ Love and Peace!!! ☻ ♥♥♥

khalel said...

"Being gay is simply a retardation of normal emotional development caused by failure of the person to relate to the parent/figure of the same sex during the first six years of life."

i CANT BELIEVE THIS Unica (Beratemyblog)

You have been reviewing to many good sites in your blog and you actually thinks that we are like some retards who needs psychotheraphy?

Indeed, A Requiem for Ignoramus is in order!