Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Your words dig deep
Driving further into my breast
Ripping open my cage
As splinters of bone
And gristle
Fly in every which direction
As my exposed heart
Embraces the encroaching darkness
The midnight filth
Poisoning my system
Black oil spreading
With each beat
Of my festering heart
Coating my system
With slick depression
Washing away hope
Watering the seeds
Of doubt and decay
Sprouting saplings
Of pure hate
As a snarl
Of pure fury
Tears across my face
As tears of rage
Coarse down my face
Teeth clenched
Blood boiled beyond belief
My fists ball up
And draw back
Beating the ignorance
Out of you

Just a piece on Gay Bashing.

Last Sunday, I learned from a friend that One of his friend has been killed together with the another friend, another is still in the hospital.

The scenario: Their families launched a search party to look for group for not being off from their scheduled returned from a beach vacation - their decomposing bodies has been found somewhere Cavite.


JOSH said...

im so sory to hear dat... codolence to their family & justice needs to prevail - God bless their souls...

khalel said...

yup, it is really a thought. How I wish I have the power to form a gay vigilante to kill all these bastards!

rOckY said...

violence is a sad part of our world, one i tend to defer from and quite frankly abhor. then again, even i can't help but imagine exacting revenge when i read about events like this.

thankfully logic prevails and i do no such thing - violence will never resolve anything since we become as evil as the bashers are

Fable Frog said...

never ending violence~ when will all these stop? it does makes me angry. my condolence to the family and friends~ the photo you used are quite powerful~

savante said...

OMG THis is terrible. My condolences to thefamily.

khalel said...

@Rocky, I know - another violence wont be the solution to all these things... It is just that sometimes we are drive by our own flaw as human... Nevertheless, I know I can do better - excuse my brute attitude.

and like you i will emerge and judge all these things in a clearer mind.

In this blog I vow that I will do my share to this community to open its mind in the true scenario thats is truly happening in every alley of this country.


Thanks for sharing your passionate common about gay marriage. It's a controversial issue and I hope we can all get through it.

rock it.

Daniel, the Guy in the Desert said...

Khalel, are there any links to further information on this terrible crime? I really want to write about this.
I so sorry for the victims families.

khalel said...

daniel, if you are referring to this particluar incident. There is a news blackout on this one. (Actually, I believe majority if not all of gay bashing and killing incident in this country was never in the concern list of news station except of course for those really high profile cases - i dont know why really. Sad but its true)