Friday, June 15, 2007

Have you Ever Loved?

Why do I ask…
I know you’ve loved someone
But have you ever seen that someone
Take a turn for the worst?

I have…

I just watched with knowing eyes
I knew the consequences he would face

But for some reason…
I couldn’t reach out and save him
He gradually fell deeper into his hole
A hole of paranoia
A hole concealed by his forced smile

Why couldn’t I just tell him to stop?

…well I did…

But my voice was too quiet…
too far away from him
Some of my words reached his ears
But they were distorted and manipulated in his mind
He turned my words against me
Making me feel like it was my fault that he was fucked up

I would cry in my room for hours
Hoping that what he said wasn’t true
I knew his words were false…
But some part of me believed him
My heart was being eaten away by worry
While his mind was slowly drifting further away

Then there was the day that he left
He took his stuff and walked away
Leaving me here with an unbearable pain
I need for him to return
But no matter what I could’ve said
He would have still left
And I would still be left here alone

He took a turn for the worst
I couldn’t help him while he was here
And now that he’s gone
There’s no knowing what will happen to him
A feeling so desperate and helpless…

Have you ever loved someone…
Who turned and walked away from your love?

…I have.


cant_u_read said...

i have too. many times. and although it happens every now and then, it doens't get any easier at all. but we become stronger persons. we learn and we come out better lovers. that's what matters, i believe.

jimg29 said...

this poem really captured my own predicament helplessly reaching and let go a friend in desperation...yes I have!

khalel said...

"To Bleed Willingly and joyfully!"