Friday, June 22, 2007

Asian HeatWave: Joe Vince Canizares

Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Shoe size: 11 ½
Height: 6’0”
Sign: Sagittarius
Body Type: Muscular

Joevince Canizares is a familiar face. He has appeared in several print ads and tv commercials. His look changes whenever he sports a different hairstyle so it is quite difficult to recognize him in every ad he appears in. The hottest among his print ads is his underwear ad for Penshoppe (the lady librarian’s fantasy scene where all the guys in the library are only in their underwear). This is one hot Cebuano.

If he is not playing flag football or basketball, you can be sure to spot this gorgeous guy in the hottest nightspots. He’s sweet too—calls up his girl any time of he day just to let her know he’s thinking of her (Aww!). Get his blood pumping by wearing deceivingly conservative clothes yet still oozing with sexiness and sensuality.




I First saw this Guy in a brochure of "Natasha" - On Brief. And Mantra told me that he is sitting right beside JoeVince back in school when he is still studying in Cebu.


chase said...

yup. he is a total hottie i've seen him around here in cebu..

anyway, we're kinda alike.
not the body though but the appendectomy scar. hehehe

Thirty3 Næked Laydies said...

joevince is... delicious. thanks for sharing him w/ us.

Anonymous said...

such a hottie