Friday, June 01, 2007

Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage has been something our society has been struggling with for years, for or against, should it be allowed by the church/state or not?

Well, here's your time to shine, leave a comment to say what you think about the situation, and make sure to back yourself up, don't just say "for" or "against" have a reason.

Be argumentative.


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D.A. Becker said...

Well obviously it is impossible for the hung up Christians to accept gay marriage. The state however, is supposed to be free from religious influence, which is what the great founders of America believed in.

Apart from the Christian bull, or any other bull: if there is a God, I don't believe He could get pissed over two people loving each other; isn't love the most beautiful force on earth? Oh, and Christians can't fight me on that one: Corinthians 13 says so too. Homophobia is just another human flaw that will take a lot of time and effort to be cured.

Marriage in itself was meant to bind two people, and with all of today's laws and papers, is a bond you don't want to break. I'd say two people, who are in love and are both old and wise enough, should not be kept away from this joy, I can't think of any reason to not allow gay marriage; except for conservative minds. But then, the world is changing in so many ways, and gay marriage can't possibly affect social order in any noticeable way; it's a perfectly sane step towards a more civilized world, in America, civilization just takes , well, quite some more time.

Am I glad to live in the Netherlands...

Bold oy! said...

I don’t think gays should imitate straights, really, though I think they should have the same rights as everybody else. Marriage seems to be in decline anyway, so what’s the point?

Stephan said...

I support the concept. Why? Well first I think it is important for this reason. For me it is not about legal issues because then marriage isn't the only answer. For me it is simply I believe I should have the same rights as anyone else. The right to marriage or the right not to. Choice. I am in Australia and I simply want a union that is recognised by the whole community. I want others gay or straight to emotionally recognise what I have as a marriage that is equal to that of a straight couple.

Anonymous said...

i really dont have a final stand on gay marriange, though i heard recently in ewtn's world over live dat another state in the US just legalized same-sex union.

yes, in my perception (nor some might not agree) legalized same+sex union is more of a public acceptance and d rights & benefits dat come with it.

But judging from recent events (esp. in the US/holywood), most heterosexual marriages ended in divorce & d process of annulment s hell. I also have a hetero bro. who is living with a "divorce" woman who's previous marriage is not yer annuled but r happy living together!

Since i'm here in d Phils, i rather spare my partner & I d tedious wedding preparations & legality and just enjoy d bliss & mutual connection between us (dat is if i have a partner!) a simple blessing will do. :)

Regen Luna said...

I don't like to call it marriage coz it's for heteros only. Our church calls it Holy Union or Same Sex Holy Union. Why Holy? coz accdg. to the good book, God is LOVE, when there is LOVE there is God, when ever God is present, Holiness is present too. Love whether for heteros or homos is Holy. Marriage is sacred and also Holy Union is sacred. The reason why people ended in divorce it's not because of the wedding ceremony it's because of their character and differences.

To love is our right, and to be united is our right too. I support "Gay Marriage" or "Holy Union" just as I support "Hetero Marriage". I'm sad that those churches who proclaims love cannot give us our right, Jesus your neighbor as you love yourself...if they know how to love, they will respect the rights of others just like their...

Wentle said...

i do believe that we should enjoy the same rights and privileges accorded to heteros.

On the other hand, are we ready for it? I agree with bold, marriage is on the decline. It is easy to ask for something, but once given, it is usually disregarded and abused.

Michael said...

Governments have to be pragmatic. It has to wake up to the realization that it, first of all, has to be secular, and has to recognize that marriage has moved beyond becoming a primarily religious institution. A main contention of religious conservatives is that grave "sinners" should not be allowed to marry, as they are practically ostracized from such religions that frown on homosexuality and other "sins". By logical extension, then we might as well ban atheists from marriage, which is just absurd.

Marriage has also moved from its status as a social construct that serves a strictly functional purpose - that is, to make and raise - to a purpose that transcends such - the pursuit of happiness. This said pursuit is something that must be safeguarded by democratic societies - as it does not forward any tangible harms that cannot be mitigated after all.

Besides, who ever said that homosexual couples could never raise children? Adoptions are on the rise, and gay couples are latching on to the trend. Extending marriage rights to them would also incentivize married gay couples to adopt children, as the benefits normally extended to heterosexual couples when it comes to having children would also apply to them.

Gay marriage, to sum it all up, is a non-issue that turns into an issue because people are paranoid and intolerant. There should be nothing that stop homosexual couples from acquiring the same rights as heterosexual couples.

khalel said...

For my personal stand on the matter (Though I know its rather obvious - lolz):

I am For.

The only real grounds the debate has from the opposition's side is a religious stance, and as we have freedom of religion it should not be imposed upon individuals who are supposedly breaking the religious codes a punishment such as to deny them marriage. Because marriage is an economical agreement. Otherwise try to justify letting athiests, agnostics, people who don't go to church, murder's, rapists, and people who backtalked their parents once upon a time that same privilege. The bible condones several things (sexism, racism, and the like) that we obviously don't indulge in, but the few and far apart passages that can be INTERPRETED (as this is all anyone can do with the bible, since we didn't write it, did we?) are so heavily relied upon to bash homosexuals. And I do not believe homosexuality is a choice (so why not deny the disabled or mentally handicaped marriage, too?), but even if it were, we're free to make that choice in this country. So let us be free to accept the consequences of the choices we make, but do not tell us we can't make choices like marriage (and adoption if we so choose and are found qualified). Marriage has crossed social and racial lines, and I believe it is dangerously close to crossing gender lines. We just have to keep pushing as those before us did.

Author's Note:

If would be really interesting to if someone can drop a line why this should not be allowed... Wait, I am calling the Vatican.... Keep the insights rolling peeps...

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Too many words written here. But it all boils down to one thing -- Gay marriage is NOT an issue. We should've kept it that simple.

I'm NOT pro-gay marriage. In fact, I'm NOT pro-any marriage at all! It's just paper. It's just a show. It's just a little excuse to gather your friends and family for a little get together and ask (or beg) approval or acceptance.

I have seen GAY couples living together for decades. One of the couples close to me is living together for more than 40 years!

Do they really need a paper-signing, fashion show cum little picnic at the park with lots of white ribbons and flowers? -- NO!

theTripper said...


i dont even believe in marriage. humans, not only in twos or pairs, should be bounded by love and not by marriage.


rOckY said...

I don't care much for religion and what the various 'churches' care to recognize. for me, marriage remains a fundamental human right that the state should uphold since these are rights that are being denied to us.

it's not just about being able to say you're married or that you're together - i'm in a relationship that is going to hit its sixth year this july so i can already declare that i'm proud of what i have.

what annoys me is that when i die, i cannot name life insurance policies in my partner's names without creating mountains of paperwork in the form of waivers for my family to relinquish their claims to my estate of sorts. i can't enjoy the same tax benefits that married people do. the law does not recognize my union and has the power to treat my partner as just another stranger living in the same home as i am.

i'm not saying marriage is just about these tangible things. i already enjoy the intangible aspects of having a meaningful relationship with a man i'm ready to call my life partner. since i already have that, why can't i get the more basic rights? why can't the state go past the pandering of religion and recognize us as a couple?

khalel said...

Thank you for hitting the nail rocky! Actually that is really what we are after... OUR RIGHTS!

Whether we admit it or not, we are living in a tangible world.

YES, Marriage License is just another paper to tell the world that there two individual who fell in love and decided to be lifetime partner. BUT this little paper will be the passport to this tangible world of conjugal partnership.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

So this has become about materialism and security. I thought it’s about unconditional and undying love between two gay persons – has it gone out of style?

If this about rights…There is no legal difference between unmarried cohabitation by straight couples and unmarried cohabitation by gay or lesbian couples. It is up to the couple to define these rights and obligations for themselves. They may opt to a WRITTEN COHABITATION AGREEMENT between both parties will do the job.

If the above mentioned agreement is still not enough to secure your partner’s properties and selfishly think of your own security instead of concentrating about how wonderful life is to be together…

Here’s more options depending on your circumstances, Will or Living Trust includes techniques like insurance trusts, personal residence trusts, special needs trusts, family limited partnerships, and the making of lifetime gifts.

All of these techniques can be executed with a lawyer’s assistance WITHOUT the need for “approval seeking” marriage.

Riki The Dark said...

Hi Khalel, thank you for inviting us to post our thoughts on Gay Marriage in your blog! I'm pro-gay marriage and it's great that you, DA Becker, Michael, Rocky, and Stephan have refused to stay in the sidelines and have passionately defended our brethren's rights to be treated fairly and equally because it's not just about gay marriage, it's about our right to be treated fairly and equally by the state (which, you know, should be separated from the largely homophobic Church ). I found this great website created during the time Canada was the focus of world attention due to the heated contoversy of legalizing Same-Sex Marriage in Canada back in 2003, it's a good read for all (
Just as our the Canadian GLBTs fought for change as well as equality and won, so should we.

beratemyblog said...

There's a contract that's somewhere between marriage and a common-law relationship (living together). it's in writing and called a "cohabitation contract'. the contract terms lay out the property and other obligations between partners who may be of any sex. Of course this includes what happens in case of separation. since this is less controversial, it may be the best way to go for most people who can't/won't go into marriage or a plain live-in relationship. ask your lawyer.