Thursday, June 28, 2007


So strange but so wonderful
Of which makes no sense.
But nothing does any more.
So different but so alike,
Unable to break away.
The slow, steady passion which takes us over,
Non existent but so existent at the same time.
So confusing, but it explains itself,
But my understanding is so small.
As you plant burning kisses down my neck,
So panicked, not meaningful.
But it’s what I want.
So lost in what I am unsure of,
Mind so focused on a hot night,
Not thinking of the cold morning.
My best friend, my biggest foe,
Emotions flying,
trying to grasp them before they get out of hand.
Bodies so hot, minds so chilled,
Not sure what we are doing, trying to stop before it’s too late-
And we stop.
Not wanting to do what society think is wrong,
One so strong, one so frail.
Afraid to break something which can not be repaired.
So we just lie.
Wanting to touch, not wanting to hurt
A simple kiss on my forehead sets us back into reality.
It will be a warm night with no passion
Which leads to a comfortable morning yet again.


Kit said...

beautifully said khalel. i am sure it resonates with many (if not everyone). thanks for sharing.

raphael & dolce' said...

Hi- I just added you to my blogrolls