Monday, June 18, 2007

Beautiful Jake Cuenca

I was in Tri Noma yesterday to buy some new clothes and some new under garments (I have a fetish on undergarment - i collect them, wear and shoot a self portrait and do my on "brief encounter" series lolz).

Passing by Bench where I usually shop for undergarments, I saw the ramp is on stage - "Maybe its for the new model search of bench," i mumured to myself. So I care not and decided to pursue what i planned to do, get the stuff i need and be on my usual way.

Then, Bang! Jake Cuenca, Diether Ocampo and Rafel Rosell in the store, preparing for the modelling stint. (All Three has been previously featured in my Asian HeatWave Series, so check them Out!)
But I really have this Big Crush for Jake Cuenca! and Darn he is really cuter with that short hair. Im bit disappointed about his height though but nonetheless, his eyes and smile is exuding with sexiness in the store that day. Especially, when he grooves sexily with the music background as he waits for his turn.

Well, i dont know i guess i am really mesmerize that day with him and i think he notice that i am staring with a dirty looks in my eye... He did stare back - eye contact and flirt with me with a smile. I am concious guys, I maybe mesmerized BUT I am not hallucinating, I know he throw that smile! lolz!
He has been humored to be a bisexual. Hmmmm.... I wonder...c",)

Anyway, here are some pictures of Jake, well not actually from yesterday stint. I guess I was really too busy admiring him that I even forgot to bring out my camera. lolz

sizzling as the scourging sun!



My GOd! I remember watching that one movie with him and that de las alas chick! Daang he's such a hunk now! Totally a turn on!

Thanks for portraying the SEXy part of our filipino heritage!

Like it!

khalel said...

Yup He is definitely HOT!

Anonymous said...

thanks for visiting my blog khalel. do you mind telling me where you read the review you mentioned in my tag?

Queer Ranter said...


I love underwear too!!! Especially kinky skanky ones. :P

Anonymous said...

dido here for jake :)

Reyville said...

oh my god! did u just say u have a big crush for jake cuenca? i'm not really bragging on who my crushes are but ask my closest friends who comes into their minds if they heard the words "jake cuenca"? oh boy. since his appearance in that GP magazine, he was officially added to my crushes list. but that was then... hehehe...