Friday, June 08, 2007

H&L: Updates

"I am Working on It!"
Honestly, the switching of Blogger into a new platform really gave me the headache, been wanting to move in to the new format but i still would like to maintain my three column format that i have carefully draft in the old blogger platform and for almost a week, i have been searchin all of the help i can get but i cant still figure it out. I am a "street smart" type of template designer and i am used of making it the old fashion ways but the newest widgets in the new platform are quite complicated. Thus, I would really need to transfer to the new platform for this.

But I guess you cant stop a street rat like me... I have out smarted blogger [at least i think i have] and voila! I am officially in the new platform and with almost the same template i used to have in the old one! Plus with some new widgets for my readers to have a much more easier grasp of the blog, so here are the newest things about Hush and Listen:
  • Drop Down Archive List (2004 to present)
  • Recent Comments Auto Posting
  • Post Link/Blog Reaction
  • Social Bookmarks
  • Language Translation
  • Labels and Categories
I am still working on the "the peak-a-boo" post. I got the codes installed but I think something is wrong, its still not working. So i am calling geniuses out there to help figure this out.

On the Other hand, i temporarily schew the tag board. So if there is something you need to tell me about this blog or even personal stuff, please use the comment page.

I am really excited about this and I am hoping that these new widgets will help me expressed accross to a greater readership what hush and Listen is really all about. The nine Language Translation for this blog would really be cool in helping me to achieved this.

Lastly, I am calling on you guys, to help me out in improving this blog. Tell me your suggestions/comments or whatever... I would really appreciate it.

Thanks Guys! Happy Weekend! I Hope you Enjoy, FLIP.

Stay Blessed, Beautiful and Free.


Anonymous said...

Hey, i read ur dis blog entry in
spangol... COOOOL! Though i can only grasp 5% of it :(

Whatever ur planning on H&L, we suppor u 101%! Bopol din ako sa blog eh... happy weekend, pray for me in ur church ha :)

Queer Ranter said...

I've always wondered how you got your template to 3 columns. Looks really cool.

Anonymous said...

Khalel, got a new post. hope u can read it b4 sunday :) a happy weekeng 2 u!

BK said...

Hey, very cool site here. Gorgeous photos and the change in language preference is really awesome.


khalel said...

Thank you guys!