Monday, July 02, 2007

Requiem for Ignoramus (Chapter II)

I supposed to at least write something good and light today of shring my experience on the White Party Celebration held in Malate, Manila. However, I got so distracted by a comment on one of my most recent post, "Requiem for Ignoramus"

A comment left by a fellow blogger and author of Berate My Blog to wit,

Look, if it's really that painful, you can get psychotherapy to change your sexual orientation. And pray. It might take years and some money, but there are success stories.

Being gay is simply a retardation of normal emotional development caused by failure of the person to relate to the parent/figure of the same sex during the first six years of life. In conventional emotional development, the person feels attraction to the opposite sex at onset of puberty.

Being gay is not irreversible, but you must help the doctor and try to love your dad as much as possible.

Now, about this blog.

Like what the Blogsite suggest, this blog entails reviews of blogs from the different spectrum. There are also some neat stuff where where the two authors tries to accomodate some people seeking a bit of interior decoration. Pretty Cool really.

I also have submitted Hush and Listen to their list for review and to be berated so to speak. And they did accomodate it and made one for this site which i truly appreciate getting an 8 out of the 10 supposed to highest point I think Hush and Listen did well. (So Hooray for that and my appreciation to the effort of the authors to actually take a look at my blog and berate it. So this is to clear the cloud that maybe my blog got junked or rated low that's why i am publishing this post now.)

But I think, Hush and Listen triggers something more from the two authors which marks the comment above. It is sad really that obviously the authors sees HOMOSEXUALITY as a form of Retardation that needs professional help from psychotherapist. It can really as a suprise that all along I thought it was truly a site that understands clearly what the LGBT Community is all about. Afterall, most of the sites that they are berating are actually gay sites, and please correct me if wrong that even the TOP Three Reviewed sites are by Gay Authors. SO it is rather vague that the authors have this sad views of WHO HOMOSEXUALS ARE.

Indeed, A Requiem for Ignoramus is in order.


Berate (verb) to scold harshly


joy-joy said...

i wonder what they'll say about my blog which i just submitted to be reviewed a while ago? should i withdraw my request? baka 1 liner lang ang review nila sa blog ko. i.e., "refer to khalel's review" hehehe

Anonymous said...

OMG! until now they haven't dat those blogsite owners r of d same genre???

Oh now i understand about d fox! (am i ryt here?). Cheer up khalel, so u went to malate??? I saw it on tv about d LGBT celebration! ba't di ka nagyaya! (hehehe)