Thursday, June 14, 2007

An Open Letter to Myself

"wash away my tears"

Dear Khalel,

Hold your breath and don't look down.
Just take it one story at a time.
It's really not so hard.

Sometimes screaming will help you keep the insides inside. There's no turning back, all you can do is hope they'll be there to catch at the bottom; but they won't, and it's never a soft landing. And after you hit the bottom, fracturing every bone, everyone expects you to just tough it up and walk away. But you can't even move your toe, let alone walk.

Everyone passes by so casually; barely even noticing your mangled body laying there. You almost want to laugh but your jaw is lying on the pavement beside you, which makes it a little difficult.

"Take the fall, it's worth the risk."

Just be thankful that you can't see yourself like this. The system is suspended in limbo, the power is on but there's no response. And all that's left is to shut it down and move on.

Khalel, be strong. Be very Strong.

I will be your strength,


Sometimes, there is really no one we can depend upon except ourselves.


Jay said...

the beach is fun man! you should go, especially right now, its really hot. wait, isn't it always hot there?

khalel said...

Note really jay, we still get to enjoy some rainfall. c",)

Bout going to the beach, I have exhausted my leave credits early this year by going to CEBU. The Beach there are really awesome!

cant_u_read said...

i personally think that no matter how "tough" one appears to be, he will always have sporadic moments of questioning himself. it's always good to have something to rest one's faith on when episodes of weakness happen -- be it god, friends, family, drugs, whatever. so hold on to cairo. allow him to be your hero.

khalel said...

Cairo Is My Alter Ego

cant_u_read said...

i gathered that by reading your letter to cairo, your alter ego. :-) hold on to him. allow him to be your hero.

Anonymous said...

I reall luv d song, d warrior is a child, it reminds me of my own struggles. Keep faith man :)

khalel said...

@cant u read, thanks. Cairo has been my source of strength most of the time.

@ josh, i love that song too. Thank you.