Thursday, May 10, 2007


Your tummy is empty and dry from trying,
like ploughed fields or deserts made from ice or ocean.
you forgot to take your angry pill and i get the blame again.

I love our fights.

Save a little space for me right by you,
on your pillow with a hand on your skin.
I wanna be yours, and work real hard to keep you happy,
and never let you cry anymore,
and never let you get sad or angry,
and your friends will be so proud of me.
I want you to be proud of me to.
I won't let ANY ONE EVER get you again,
and i will take you all up high with space ships and planets and stars

and shooting stars

and we'll watch the danger from birds eye views and hindsight.
I will hold you all tight in my arms
and tight tight tight like snake squeeze
and prison grip, and never let you go.
My bed will be warm on sundays when your all there under my sheets,
I WANT TO KEEP TRYING through your cigarettes
and SILLY STUPID boyfriends who you don't love and never will,
i know you are, because i love you too, and I KNOW YOU ARE
and don't ever say we are over and don't ever say, EVER that you love him, or them, or anyone. you love me, i know you do.
This is for you.

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