Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I never knew love could find me here
In the empty void I called my soul
Into that darkness, it's kind eyes peered
It looked longingly for me, stretched it's hand

That hand was yours, reaching into my life
Soothing old scars as you passed them by
I peered at you from within, with bitter strife
I longed for your life, I needed what you had

You came and looked me in the eye
You were crying, not for you but me
"Come," you plead, "don't ask me why"
I came and never looked back once

I wondered why you loved me, or even cared
Then I realized you were full of love, to the brim
I knew that instant why, you wanted it to be shared
And you chose me, above all others in the world

You pulled me up into a world full of bliss
I followed you everywhere, trusted you always
You pulled me close to you, and lightly gave me a kiss
Together we walked the world, you always were there with me

i love you, please know that.

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