Monday, May 28, 2007


To some love comes so easily
Just the way they smile can turn anyone on.
Some people have all the glory
Some like me, do everything wrong.

I dream each night of things I want to be
But then I take a look in the mirror
And I am in front of my greatest enemy
With no power left to fight.

Trying so hard to conquer something unreal
But I can no longer hold on to this
You have no idea how I feel
How I lost the sense of perfect bliss.

Toying with my emotions that I have tried to hide
Failing with all I had left inside
My dreams, my heart, bruised and broken
Because of you and the words left unspoken.

The distance is growing
Like a grand canyon between us now.
You never call, you never write
What’s the point in having you around at all?

Each day my heart grows a little weaker
The less I hear the less I feel for you.
I cannot be near when you act so far
All I am in love with is but a dream of what I think you are.

I don’t know you anymore
We’re strangers now.
The more I wish, the more it hurts
Each day it seems to get a little worst.

I have a feeling that if I turned around and walked away
You wouldn’t even notice
Maybe you wouldn’t even care
I guess all in life truly isn’t fair.

So that’s what I am going to do right now
I’m just going to turn and walk away
Out of your life, not like it matters anyway
And if you don’t stop me, I guess this is how it will stay.

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