Thursday, May 17, 2007

still fallin'

These abrasions healed over are my weakness,
My strength,

These unsightly scars give me no satisfaction closed,
However, when they breathe they scream for me.

I don’t weep, no need, the clear salt doesn’t sting
The red rushing within me, pools outside me… weeping for me.
It stings

Do you know what I see? Everything you see, just like you.
But you can’t see my shame. I won’t let you.

Do you think you could pick me from a crowd?
I look like you, I act like you, just like you.

When I feel it all come crashing down on me, I don’t scream, I don’t cry.
I let the sticky mess inside me, talk for me.

Its an addiction that could, devour me, demolish me, destroy me.
Release me.

I haven’t fallen.
I’m still falling.

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