Wednesday, May 30, 2007

H&L on PGB

Excuse the author's pride.
Another review for Hush and Listen:

"Some might actually complain why it's taken so long for this blog to be featured - I beg your forgiveness, I can only process so many blogs in a day. Let's cut to the chase and explore the words of hush and listen.

Most of the blogs we featured thus far tend to share a lot of themes and ideas and common. There's nothing wrong with that, of course - it just shows the interests that run common for most of us in the community, may it be entertainment or the latest hot guy to hit the scene. hush and listen is a bit different compared to most given what it chooses to tackle.

Every gay man has been known to dabble in writing to some extent, whether in terms of short stories, entire novels, poetry or songs. I guess it's the whole cultural role we tend to take on naturally. What makes hush and listen so different is the level to which Khalel, the author, appears to take his passion for writing into something far greater. His words are terribly striking and any gay man is sure to be able to relate to at least one but more likely many of his pieces which he faithfully posts. The complement these beautifully crafted words are images and pictures that are equally strong, artistic and sensual at the same time....."

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