Friday, May 11, 2007

side effect

A boy in his early twenties booked into a hotel called 'Drive-By Motor Inn' at around 6PM on a cold June night. Fumbling with the key he unlocked the door and stumbled inside. He was longing for a hot shower so he stepped into the bathroom and took of his clothes. The boy looked at his tanned muscular body in the mirror and thought of his girlfriend -- he could have been at home with her if he hadn't been assigned this business trip.

The boy turned the taps and stepped into the shower, the water was warm and soothing on his body. He sometimes sat down on the floor of the shower with the water running over him and pleasured himself and tonight wasn't going to be any different. As he went to sit down he noticed a bottle sitting on the shower shelf.

The boy picked it up and looked at it. The label read 'Hot Sex: Makes Your Orgasm Ten Times Better!'.

He turned it over and read the instructions:

1. Gain and maintain erection.

2. Open bottle and poor over the top of your head, drinking some as you go.

2. Masturbate like you've never masturbated before.

May have side effects.

The boy sat down on the ground and placed the bottle beside him. He massaged his big cock until it was rock and hard, again he thought of his girlfriend. He started to move his hand up and down over his erect penis and with the other hand he picked up the bottle of 'Hot Sex'.

The boy poured it over his head and drank some as it trickled down the long locks of hair that made his fringe. He massaged his cock and thought of his girlfriend. Suddenly the boy froze, the bottle dropped to the floor empty and his head slumped forwards in his lap. The boys hand still maintaining it's grip on his hard penis. As the water ran over the boys head wild visions ran through his head, visions he could not control.

Hot men in short tight shorts with six packs and sexy pectoral muscles ran through his head. The boy's head rose and stared blankly at the tiles wall in front of him, he massaged his half-soft penis and made it hard again. Then he masturbated, masturbated like he had never masturbated before and all the while images of men appearing in his mind's eye.

He subconciously massaged his aching anus which was screaming for some attention. He dreamly wildly of hot sex with basketball players and underwear models. The boy played with his testicles as a chant formed in his head: Girls are your past, Boys are your future.

He moved his hand up and down over his penis head and felt an excited feeling spread over him. The boy stroked faster and faster until he climaxed. White liquid spewed from the end of his penis and dripped onto his plums.

The boy was now a gay boy -- and would take it up the ass for the rest of his life.



Enjoy your weekend guys!
Stay Blessed, Beatiful and free, you all!

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