Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Tiggah' is A Certified G* Spot Winner

Adding to the Heat of the Summer Sun this Tiggah's Life in Random makes sizzling mark in the G* Spot Weblog Award for bagging the award for the month of April.

The Blog is about an asian gay guy in southern California sharing his love of life, food, and his amazing experiences with his boyfriend Pooh!

"Life is random. I'm random. We're all random"
says the author of this Blog.
So take a peek at Tiggah's World. And find out for yourself why fanatics of this blog thinks it deserved to be G* Spot April's Winner.
Also, get the chance to meet the author's alter ego - Tigguh.
Believe me, Tigguh is hotter than the sun itself.
Here is the Complete Tally for this Month:

The G* Spot Blog of the Month: April 2007

Tiggah 41% 182
Teazed 6% 25
Twist 2% 10
Bill Coy 10% 43
Super Xienah 19% 86
Culture Shiok 12% 53
K A D A 4% 16
Harmony in my Ears 3% 14
Pale Ground 3% 15
444 votes total
To all the Finalist of the G* Spot Weblog of the Month (April 2007) Congratulations!


Culture Shiok! said...

Congratulations to Tiggah!

Great job Khalel!

More power to your G-Spot Project!

Thanks for including Culture Shiok!

Anonymous said...

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