Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hush and Listen

The G* Spot Weblog Award for this Month (May 2007) has been the most controversial and most talk about one to date.


BISEAN is topping the race
with more than 80% of all the votes Cast.

Now there are readers questioning the integrity of the poll itself, needless to say the integrity of this Weblog Award.

Right after the set of this month nominees was properly notified thru their respective blogs, River Pisanu, owner/author of Bisean emailed me, hereunder is the conversation we had, to wit:

Hello Mr. Khalel,

Thank you for your prompt response. This is about the G-Spot Blog of the month. Thank you for featuring my blog on one of your polls. I appreciate it. I have something to ask you...

You have to take down my blog from that poll. Let me tell you why...My blog is just 1 month old and I barely get exposures (understatement -- absoloutely! LOL). Another fact is I'm Thai. All of the blogs you feature are Filipinos. Maybe you thought I am one? Oh my, I'm honoured. Who nominated me anyway? Oh he's gonna be soooo dead! Hahahaha!

Right now Khalel, I feel like I'm a candidate in the Miss Universe Photogenic competition -- I would pose like hell, flash the best smile, higher my chin and strut my best angles -- though I know it's Miss Philipines gonna win the Photogenic award anyway!

AND my blog is not even categorized as's a B! So I should me on the B-Spot yeah?

I think I would be the super-really-under dog on this poll, yeah? Maybe I'm just a bit jittery about the fact that I'm gonna lose the dang survey. It's unfair! I have just been blogging for 36 days! Somebody also did a similar "blog fights" like this and paired me up with a blog that's over a hundred years old! Of course I lost. Whew!

BUT hey! What the heck? "publicity is publicity". So, I'll jump on it if I have to.

Even though my blog's gonna lose for sure; I'm not gonna sit down here without a fight! --send me the HTML code of that poll -- pllleeeeaaaassseeeee. I'm gonna do my own campaign Thai style. And I'm gonna do what Tigguhtigz did to win last month's poll -- hellya! LOL

Send it to me ok?-----OK!

Oh my this would be fun!

Kop khun krap,

River Pisanu

Love beyond gender.

Here is how I responded:

Allow me to answer your queries and concern point by point...

Let me tell you why...My blog is just 1 month old and I barely get exposures (understatement -- absoloutely! LOL). Another fact is I'm Thai. All of the blogs you feature are Filipinos. Maybe you thought I am one?

Another Newbie in the Blogdom won as a G* Spot Weblog of the Month, i think its Filipino lesbian, she is up ang against well established blog in the INTERNATIONAL SCENE.

May I repeat that International Scene. Meaning the G* Spot Award is not merely focused on filipino Blogs BUT is giving recognition to ALL Blogs.

I know youre THAI, and the one who nominated you also knows that.

Who nominated you??? I am giving him the privelege of telling you that.

The G* in the G* Spot Stands for GREAT. So youre nominator thinks that you are one great blog.

And NO, filipino blogs, doesnt always win the G* Spot Weblog Award, There had been winners from Australia, Argentina (I think), Filipino Lesbian is Philippin Based, Tiggahtigz is on California.

and rest assured there is no such thing as an undergog here. There has been WELL ESTABLISHED BLOG (I wont mention the name of the Blog, but look at the PLU Blog List and you will the idea.) thats been topping the PLU Blog List with his 3000_+ visitors weekly that has been nominated for three consecutive times yet never won any awards even when G* Spot Awards is conducted on the Weekly basis.

So I hope You give this thing a good fight...

Stay Blessed, Beautiful and Free.

River Again:

The HTML code for me to post the poll on my what Tigguh did. He got the polling thingy on his blog that's why everybody who visit his blog can click on it.

Unlike the others, they didn't get much votes because they have to go and vote at another blog.

So where's the HTML? I wanna put it on my blog pleeeeeaaassseee so my visitors can click click click click click click click!

Thanks again Khalel, you rock!


i think it will be unfair for others if i give you the codes... tiggah, done that for himself... i suggest that you read my script maybe you can find the codes there... it is okay... but i think it would not be proper if the same will come from me...

hope you understand...


Somebody told me you're a nice guy, so I would believe him. I already did my campaign in Europe and South America and now I think my votes are unbelievable. LOL

Anyways, I understand. No worries about the code. But still! (I'm being a stubborn little boy here) you did not send me a notice of congratulations to get the link from your site! Hmmm... me and OYGA. I haven't put anything on my blog yet because of that but my friends are already voting anyway.

But I understand. You rock and stay nice. And please don't be so sad all the time. Your posts shows it.

Hugs from Thailand,

River Pisanu

and this one is the newest message from RIVER:

Goodmorning Khalel, I see your online.

This is just to say that I have taken off your link and the link to the voting from my blog.

I get a lot of bad emails, really bad people who's giving me a headache. It affects my day. I'm beginning to change my opinion about Filipinos now.

They hate me for having those numbers. I want to shrug it off but I guess this is the best thing I can do now to detach myself and blog from those people.

Now you know why I asked you to take off my blog on that poll? But I really appreciate what you did.

I hope you have a lovely day, Khalel. Thanks.

Hugs from Bangkok,

River Pisanu

Now, if indeed one can provide me with straight FACTS concerning the alleged cheating for this Month, I suggest you do it and present me this FACTS!
"Beneath the dingy Unofrmity of International Fashion MAN have remain A SAVAGE, A BLOODTHRISTY HUMAN BEING!"

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