Monday, May 07, 2007

Make It Hurt

“Do you want this?” I whisper softly… Why are the tears beginning to flow? Your eyes are so warm, so caring…the only part of you that isn’t frozen. The only part of you that I can see, that I can feel…

All this time, you were this fortress, this cold stone; a wall that could never be breached. But the moment I left you defeated by your defenses, you tear down your wall and reveal yourself.

How could this be? Are you truly here? Have you really shown all of yourself to me? I’m wondering why, I’m wondering how this could happen only when you see me in pain, lower than you, tired of begging for you, completely spent…

Is it pity? Do you feel safe that I truly am no threat? Or is it something else? Whatever the case I will try, I will try to let you in, take all that I can have of you for whatever reason…but i'm tired.

You reach out to me, you reach out to me this time…I take your hands into my own, I take your eyes into my own…

“I don’t want you to cry, not for me...” so sweetly your lips move, so warm are your eyes… But the tears are still falling.

Your fingers reach up and trace my lips softly, we are in sadness together. You take in a short gasp, and I see your eyes begin to grow with love, the tears falling down for me.

Never would I have imagined such a sight, this must be real, you must be real.

Suddenly you kiss me, so deeply I am awakened from my shadows. I swoon into you and let it take over. Our bodies are so cold ,so harsh. Can we really warm each other?

I feel you groan for more, reaching once more for me, for me. Your breath is on my skin, the ice melting away swiftly. Your spirit creeping up my neck breathing me in more intensely than ever before, “ I do, I do need you…” you cry softly.The purest of saints could not have said something sweeter.

Your lips are my verification, your eyes, my escape. Now make it hurt.


ah well ive had this piece for a Very long time, It just never seemed finished until now.. due to recent occurances I now know how the story Begins, for this is a beginning...

its funny I was soo angry when I wrote this and it seems to have evolved into the underlayers of my anger...

let me know what u think....

Enjoy Guys.

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