Friday, March 09, 2007

The Sinner

What If?


“Oh Lord!” Carlos cried as he leaned his back against the door he had just slammed shut. It was a symbolic thing that he had his back to the room of his daughter. How could she have even thought what she was just doing was alright? How disgusting! Even thinking about it, he felt queasy.

He tried to think of what he could have done, remembering the day she first appeared on the earth. He had been praying for a child, they both had together. It was almost exactly five years after their marriage that their prayer had been answered, and the cry that rang from the kitchen startled them both awake.

It had been three in the morning when she had appeared, coming into tangible form in the way nearly all babies did. He was grateful that he had forgotten to close the bread before he went to sleep. Something like that, some act of genuine forgetfulness, was one of the only things that could create a child, apart from God himself.

They had named her Patriacia Louis Cruz, and those first years were a sort of bitter-sweet bliss.

She had seemed so…normal. Always so normal. Carlos felt a wave of nausea once again, and stamped down the stairs to Marco’s den. Marco looked up quietly when Carlos entered the doorway, eyes waiting for an explanation as to the interruption, putting the pages in his hand down as this seemed too important not to allot his full attention toward.

Carlos closed his eyes for a moment, fighting back tears of the parental betrayal. “I found Patricia in her room, and Jayson was with her. Only they weren’t studying.”

Marco gulped. “What do you mean?”

“They were kissing each other.”

“No…” he said, eyes indicating that he was revisiting memories of his upbringing. He had lived with his uncle who had (illegally) married a woman. He remembered the absolute shame of having had an uncle and an aunt, ones who were together. Together together.

“Oh, Marco…what’s going to happen now? What do we say?”

“I don’t know…I suppose we should forbid them from seeing each other.”

“Will that work?” said Carlos, concerned. “Remember those teenaged days, we never listened if we were told not to do something we, unfortunately, had considered right when it wasn’t. Oh, Marc…” He chewed at his lip as the tears glossing his eyes threatened to fall. Marco wrapped his arms around him and pulled him close.

“I suppose we should show her the dangers of a,” he frowned, “straight relationship. Oh God, I never would have imagined…”

“I gotta get away, honey. Let’s go out. I’m sure Jayson has left by now.”

“I’m going to check to make sure.”

“Good. I won’t have him in our house with the way he had his hands all over her. And vice versa!”

“He did?” Not waiting around for an answer, Marco headed out to race up the stairs, but ran right into the boy, who was attempting to do the opposite.

“You little whore,” Marco declared, eyes narrowing as if of their own volition.

The boy hung his head, as if ashamed. “Please don’t tell my mom. Please,” he looked up for a short moment, eyes pleading along with his words.

“I don’t plan on speaking with your mother. You are no longer my concern. Get out. Get out of my house now, and don’t bring her into sin, you depraved little boy.”

Tears were welling up in the boy’s eyes as he pushed past Marco and flew out the door.

Listening at another door, Patricia cried softly.

“An all girls academy?”

“We think it’s for the best.”

“It’s Christian too. You want to please God, right? To stay away from these horrible sins?”

“Yes,” she answered, if a bit hesitantly.

“The bible makes it overwhelmingly clear, Patricia. He made man and woman just as he made tigers and leopards. They aren’t supposed to be together. Don’t you remember Sodom and Gommorah?”

“What about the lion and the tiger! They mate together, they make ligers. It’s not all black and white!”

“Don’t give me this inanity, Patricia!” Carlos shot back. “You know he placed the lion and the tiger in separate parts of the world for that reason.”

“No, Dad, I don’t know that. I can’t know that. And you can’t either! None know the mind of God!”

“Which is why he created the bible, His word. We need to protect you from this urge of yours to rebel. You can’t honestly really like him.”

“But I do!”

“But, think about it Patricia. To have sex with him. Imagine him…well I don’t even know how it would work! Your parts are so different. You’re of different breeds!”

“This has to end, and fast. You can still redeem yourself. It’s never too late to return to God’s favor while you are still living.”

Patricia frowned deeply and her arms crossed across her chest.

“Think of the health risks,” supplied Marco. “Imagine getting pregnant! So unnatural. From what I hear, you would never get over it, the pain of knowing what you had done!”

“I hate you!” Patricia cried. “I hate you!”

“So be it. If you cannot live under our rules, Patricia, cannot become a respectable lesbian, there is just nothing more we can do for you. You may as well move yourself out.”

Wiping at her eyes, Patricia gathered herself a blanket of God-fueled resignation and stood, giving a bow before muttering something about going up to her room to pack.



What sayeth you?

Happy Weekend Guys.

Stay Blessed, Beatiful and Free.

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