Wednesday, March 28, 2007


remembering cairo

not exactly sure where you are your heart slips from your throat and slams through those brittle bones they call your rib cage yes a kennel for you heart a cage for your soul a cell for you kingdom you fathom this to be whole there’s dried blood over your fingers tinging your cuticles rusty and while you sit there and ponder your world wide wonder sets acid flames upon my very tongue your mind explodes in the visage of carnations given off from the fountain lamps and their misty white bulbs like old victorian crushed red velvet you finally drop your eyes and deign to see me actually see me like i am truly there beside you like i have always ever been where i belong and you finally just now see me and now you see who the real master here is and why you act so subservient when you know very well you feel me around you those morons those insects those blighted little vicious tendrils i watch you crush one by one by one and dare i kiss each of your fingertips before you are done i love so utterly where as by you by me better now and somehow by now you know and by now you see and for all that has lost within you and me each empty day and simpering night such fight no flight insight demon knights all dancing in your head for me with a growl and a sigh right here beneath me you lie ever more mine and finally finally finally i have drowned you down within me we lament in these those cages and cells where we think we are whole but just infiltrated swiss cheese by holes by numbers and i keep telling you i keep telling you holding you down keeping you here i keep telling you i keep telling you come home there’s no place left for you to go come home before i make a worms meal of us all i don’t exist and i don’t believe until you tell me so when what why where how in me there’s nothing but you inside me holding my head holding my hand holding me down holding me

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