Monday, March 19, 2007

Lube Talk

Among condom users in the country, petroleum jelly, baby oil, hand creams, massage oils and other oil-based lubricants are usually applied as additional lube on condoms. Consumers are largely unaware that oil-based lubricants can break latex condoms in seconds. They often blame the latex for the breakages, and they have perpetuated the myth that condoms are unreliable.

To be assured of safer sex, water-based lube should be used. Water-based lube with powerful, long-lasting lubricating properties do not dry out, which provides a high safety factor in preventing condom breakage.

Some men who have sex with men use condoms with inappropriate lube during anal sex. Shampoo, soap and conditioners are used since these are easily accessible. These can actually cause pain and discomfort when used as lubrication.

Moisture creams and lotions can interfere with the body's pH levels and cause irritation or infection. Oil products become tacky and sticky and are not water-soluble; washing them off becomes a real messy problem.

What Does A Water-Based Lubricant Do?

Can make penetrative sex less painful.

Can increase sensitivity and heighten sexual pleasure when used with condoms.

May protect the vaginal wall and the anal canal from irritation, preventing abrasions, which could cause infections


Last night, there was a sale on HBC near MCC. So right after the mass - Jed, Marco and I rushed ourselves to the boutique and tried to Grab some stuff.

One of the "interesting" stuff we got is a water based lubricant by body recipe. Pretty Cool really! Hahaha! I hope mantra and I can try it later this night! Lolz!

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