Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Bloggy Award

The Bloggy Award takes time to review Hush and Listen, here is the entire review they did for my blog.

This blog should be called Hush and Look with the plentiful images of naked men. A blog by a gay man who’s managed to reconcile himself with his faith, it is full of poignant poems that speaks to you. A warning to those not comfortable with naked bodies and explicitly erotic language - stay out!

Visual Aesthetics

First thing I did? Cover my eyes. This blog has way too many nude men in various poses some artistic, some questionable, some plain disturbing. Apparently this is a gay blog so the author thinks the images beautiful…and some are (if you’re comfortable with nude art). However the average person will probably find this blog really offending to look at.

User Friendliness

Average loading time. Readable text. There are just too many things going on at the sidebar making it difficult to find what you are looking for. The author has a section for his poems, videos, love notes , random thoughts, etc, which is good but the blog will be much the better if the contents of each section is hidden in a drop down menu to lessen the links. Same goes for his blog roll, which is really very long. The nice thing about the blog roll is that there is an indicator that tells you which blogs have new posts.

Reading Enjoyment

The author is poetic and has some pretty good poems although many of them are quite explicit. Personal posts are sincere and not too long. Surprisingly I did enjoy many of the entries once I got over the shock but the too explicit photos still managed to mar my reading enjoyment many times. Those not used to explicit language will also cringe many times while reading some of his more erotic entries.

User Info

Those who enjoy voting for blogs in various blog communities will find some useful information and links in this blog. Gays and lesbians looking for spiritual fulfillment will also find some posts on this blog helpful as it espouses a group that ministers to homosexuals.

Overall Experience

Poetic but peppered with too many erotic and explicit images and language for me. This blog is definitely for adult eyes only. It is very interesting though how the author has managed to reconcile his lifestyle with his faith. Many struggling gays and lesbians will find this blog an inspiration.
Thank you so much to bloggy award.


chino said...

i'll have to agree with the last statement..

this blog, although rife with explicit stuff, has a very spiritual undertone that makes it so lymphatic to read..something that's not usual in ze gay community.. usually it's just plain hot sex.. LOL
cheers khalel!

khalel said...

thanks chino! I really feel good about that last comment.