Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Eyes meeting,
Lips greeting,
Two hearts beating as one –
while crosses burn atop churches
and choir boys lose their angelic voices;
while priests drop dead between their pulpits
and bishops choke on holy water droplets.
Here, I stand with them by my side,
watching the end of the world –
when boys kiss boys.

Hands traveling,
Clothes unraveling,
Souls marveling at the sight –
while the trumpets sound from ear to ear
and demons rise to make their steal;
while fire rains from the blackened sky
and the faithful fear we are out of time.
Here, I sit with a martini in hand,
watching the end of the world –
when boys touch boys.

Head bobbing,
Flesh throbbing,
Sprits robbing themselves of life –
while below the oceans run red with blood
and the moon turns crimson right above;
while churches lose their pious wealth
and hell’s flames make statues melt.
Here, I lay in bed with them,
watching the end of the world –
when boys suck boys.

Blood rushing,
Passion gushing,
Bodies pushing past the brink –
while angels fall with broken wings
and sulfur burns through human skins;
while Babylon overtakes the hearts of men
and the Whore makes her House of Sin.
But I’m just laughing at the end of the world,
when boys fuck boys.

Pleasure tested,
Muscles rested,
Each one bested what came before –
while everyone waits for the final end
and a little girl fears her father’s best friends;
while God extends his mighty hand
and three women sleep with a married man;
while the Faithful wait to come out of the dark
and mankind still feels hate in their hearts;
while the Father descends along with His Son
and blood is spilled with the knife and gun –
I wonder, is it really the end of the world
when boys kiss boys?

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