Friday, March 23, 2007

Shackle and Cuff

Alas, its weekend. Most probably my next post will be on monday again. So I am leaving you guys with a little bit naughty story. The inspiration for this story came from a casual coffee date - me, jed and bunso. But dont get dirty minds peepz - THIS IS FICTION. I wonder if mantra can grant me the same pleasure tonight for i told him last night that i really really wanna get drunk tonight - i am a naughty little devil when i am drunk, thats why! lolz! I just hope he gets to read this story - lolz!

But that Story is yet to happen. So meanwhile, try to focus your mind to this one first. And when your done, DON'T MESS UP YOUR MONITOR!






Ever since i got with Eros he'd been coming round mine everyday so i wasnt suprised when he turned up today. I let him in then made us some drinks and was taking them upstairs when i noticed he wasnt down stairs, I opened my bedroom door and he was lying on my bed naked apart from a sheet covering his dick my eyes went from this -_- to this O_O then he said,

"come get me..."

So I put the drinks down took my shirt off and jumped on the bed with him and i held his face then toungue kissed him, massaging his toungue with my own, I felt his hand undoing my belt and taking down my trousers but i didnt care all i wanted now was him i wanted him to fuck me and my dreams were answer as he said,

"roll over"

my eyes widened because i was slightly shocked that we both being virgins wouldnt realy try having sex well at least not at this stage so i said,


"roll over and relax"

"erm...ok..i guess"

i rolled over onto my stomach, he grabbed my semi from between my legs and got something from his bag, or somethings, and i felt something going on my ankles,now i know they were shackles he did them tight so that they kind of hurt,and got out some handcuffs and cuffed me too the bedposts, then he put a gag in my mouth and pulled all the chains so i was laying perfectly in the middle of the bed and could not do anything but squirm and make muffled noises from behind the gag. He got back on the bed near my lower half and i felt his cool chilling breath on my neck he started to kiss and nibble at my neck while his left hand played with my nipple and his right was at the bottom of my back i felt it going slowly down further until his hand was on my right ass cheek he caressed it while making a love bite just below my left shoulder, then i felt his right hand move off my ass then i felt three fingers penetrate my entrance this made me yelp but the sound was muffled by the gagg, he chuckled to himself and when further in he didnt care how much pain i was in he knew i'd enjoy it which i did but the pain was unlike any other i had felt. He pulled out his fingers then started playing with my other nipple, he was kneeling above me slightly then i saw his shadow move down so he was laying between my legs he moved sharply inward and i felt his cock go right in me and it hurt me so that i wenched the bed fowards when i moaned he kept going further in i felt my eyes rolling back into my skull my vision was foogy and i had what felt like a chair leg inside me. My erection was preesed agaisnt the soft silk on the bed and my abdomen. Each time he thrusted it rubbed together making me want to come, I wanted to come but it just wouldnt come out my head was spinning with thoughts and erotic sensations the adrenaline from all this hurt my head i was thinking about anything but cuming.

I felt him going further, quicker, deeper I was crying underneath the gag i wanted to cryout for him to stop but all i could do was make muffled sounds that sound like moans, I felt blood running down my inner thigh but he was'nt gonna stop until he got relief for himself. He kept getting faster and faster, his breathing became heavier and quicker too. He jerked up sharply and moaned loudly, I felt his semen go in me and drip along with the blood down my thigh and onto the bed. He pulled out quickly which felt uncomfortable as hell.

He took the shackles and cuffs off of me rolled me on my back and lay between my legs. His left hand was caressing my sack while his right went up and down my meber slowly his thumb just slightly grazing my tip. He stoped and i whimpered as the pleasure went away his hands lay on my upper inner thighs and he shut his eyes and licked the precum off of my tip and licked it around my erection then he slowly placed his mouth over my member at the tip, which he caressed with his tongue before going further along my length. He started sucking letting my dick go further down his mouth each time i went tense and he released his mouth from my cock then he said,

"shoot for me baby"

and i came across my own stomach and chest, my body was limp so i couldnt move, he licked the blood and cum from my legs and released the gag from my mouth. I had my eyes half closed then said,

"i love you...."

and collapsed on the bed under him.


Happy Weekend, Guys! Darn, Wipe out that mess you made with your monitor!

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