Monday, March 12, 2007

One Year

There were times my heart bled,
My eyes dripping with pools of water
Times when I stumbled and fell...
But I picked myself up and headed for shore.

Just when I wasn't looking for someone,
When I thought I'd be all alone,
When I believed everything was gone,
I found you...
You brought back my sense of being,
You brought back everything I believed in,
You gave me back my zest for life,
I was back on track.
Thank you for loving me.
But most of all,
For giving me a chance to love again,
And be loved in return...
Thank you...
For the love that keeps me alive,
A heart that reminds me with its every beat,
And a love so precious I discovered in you...

I Love You, Mantra.



Happy First Year Anniversary Bibi! I Love You!
(better be safe, grammar police are lurking in the dark)


chino said...

bibi..bebe.. beh..bhi..bhebhe.. behbih.. ang daming tawagan.. aint it all just so sweet?

felicitations to you.. :P

Aequillibrium said...

happy anniversary!