Monday, March 05, 2007

Finding Love

"Need to look to,
The skies for answers,
Need to cry to,
The earth for this fate,
Need to see through,
These lies my mind tells,
I need not find you,
'Till I am ready.

When I'm ready,
I will find you,
When I'm weary,
You will heal me,
And when I'm clearly,
Looking for you,
You will find me,


This one's for you - Jed and Glenn. I am so damn happy for you guys! Indeed Love comes when you least expect it come. Mwuah!

Jed is someone dear to me, and bunso - so seeing him glowing with that happiness yesterday with glenn being on his side makes us so pretty excited for him really. Seldom will jed talked about his "personal" life on MCC's testimonial part, especially his love life. But yesterday was different, he have this particular aura I would only people who are in love - and he is!

Damn! Jed is in Love! Yipee!

Glenn was really a fine man - well mannered if I may say. Me and Bunso were making him gaga over our silly antics including bunso's most profound question: "Paano kung mainlove sa yo ang isang halamang dagat?" lolz! All these amidst a pizza dinner at rajah solayman park.

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