Friday, March 02, 2007


I had nothing to gain, to lose,
I looked back at the blood stained lips,
I had a life to kill, a decision to chose,
A fist to accept, a body to abuse

To kiss or be kissed, top or bottom,
Darkness shrouded your naked body,
My hands trembled and ran down your chest,
In the softiced ways, my heart jumped --
-- You closed your eyes and breathed.
A breath for me, a flower for me, a touch for me
Tonight it can be us, cant it?

I was in no mind to accept the cold hands,
I looked at your darkened refection in the mirror
I had a life to kill, but in your presence... no fear
A fist to turn away, a body only wanting love

The kiss shifted, not on lips, on neck
Ecstasy, sweat dripped, a nagging--
--don’t let this be done, but silenced
Maybe tonight I can make love
Down your soft skin, down to your pants,
But finding none... you are naked before me

I was in no state, but to escape fate
I looked at you, I pleaded for your love
I had things to prove, I had to impress you
A fist turned inward, stupidity for wanting

In the moon light, your expression causes me nerves,
But the kisses I feel all down my body... the kisses
Surely this must be love, sparky come give me love
I so sorely need, kiss my lips and come lay with me
I am so desperate, kiss me set me free
Sparky, please---
---don’t push me down like a whore, and have your ways with me

But the hands pushed me down onto the bed, useless fag
Commanding me like a whore, to spread your legs,
Done so like a good boy, do as you say,
Spreading my legs, open, but not ready, but willing
To impress, to impress, how can I be no less--?
As I wait for my love to rape me

Shoved down to the bed, mounting the dead
Thrusting hard inside, ignoring my painful cries
The claws on the bed, skin against thread
Mounting the dead, to the horror shalt devils begin?
Thrusts shoved in, mouth twisted moans, no kisses
A rape by a lover, I pushed back, avoiding pain
Stinging pain, silence screams, ravaging me, oh god no--
--but spark, look into my eyes I love you
Look closer and see...

I was in tears, moon lit, heart broken tears
I looked to the sky and screamed as my world fell down
Screamed in heart break, screamed without making a sound
I had things I had to prove, to prove your love for me
A fist I collapsed and cried, and hated love for what it did to me

I was screaming, eyes open, face twisted, body bloodied
Hands fisted, cocks sucked, asses fucked, soul broken
Top and bottom, fucking the fucker, I pushed and I pushed,
I felt the contraction, the wet orgasm; he had in my hands,
Satisfied and panting, looking up at me, in fathoms
You raped me but you still looked so fucking handsome
Laying in moon light, cum like shimmering sparkles,
Wiping sweat off your brow---
You invited me into your arms

I was broken and bloody, in pain and in tears,
But into your arms I crawled, and I felt little fear
I looked to your face, and I saw obligation,
No love for the whore no compassion, no creation
I fell asleep broken- I gave up the fight
I made a decision as I lay
I died in your arms that night
Alas! I was able to finish this piece after Three Weeks!
Enjoy your Weekend Guys!
Stay Blessed, Stay Beautiful and Stay Free!


chino said...

okok.. third time's the charm!!.. lol..

this poem is pregnant with passion! aylavet! if there's something that there can never be too much of, that's passion. you've pretty much painted a picture with them words...reminded me of something.. LOL..

cheers khalel!

Hannah Grace said...

That is so sad it almost breaks my heart...

Fabulously EB said... love this poems. it piercings my heart, you know. well, as for me, im surendering most of the times to myself because my love paolo is not always there get me where i go. you know.

btw, im fabulously eb. no not eb but e-b. ok?

thanks and get well soon. dont forget to drink your medicine. ok?