Thursday, March 22, 2007


"I will Start All Over Again, Brute."

I was so freakin mad yesterday, i just found out that my promotion that i have been waiting for for almost three years now is yet confronted by another issue to date. All the pre and post qualification of pre and post interview, a memorandum order was served to the promotion board questioning its composition itself vis- a-vis the quorum. Argh!

I have heard humors before that my plight for the promotion was being sabotage yet nobody dare say his name. But somehow trailing back everything makes me realized something. It is the great puppeteer himself. Fuck! I so hate this guy, he is like that lurking predator in the dark that is always gazing upon any unsuspecting prey. And for three years his target was me. I fucking really dont get it - he has the power, the money. I really dont get it why the hell he is picking on me. Then someone told me, "It is simply because you are not the type who would be submissive to his every will." Fucking right!

Maybe thats really it, for times him and i have talked, he is like the devil on the temptataion of Christ - Offering me wealth and power. But I refused to and straightforwardly told him that I will get all that in my own time and my loyalty is with current superior. Maybe thats the one thing he cant swallow, i junked his offer because of my loyalty for my boss. Something he will never have if he dont have the power and wealth.

Well, back off brute! I wont give in to your will. Shut down my promotion as long as you can but when i get the chance i will fucking make sure that you spend the rest of your life hugging cold bars, Brute!

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