Monday, October 09, 2006

We agree not to speak about these things...

You can't call someone a faggot, even if in your heart you feel like that's what they are. We as a whole, Society, have to find a way for us all to live together. So we have to decide as a group what we will tolerate and what we will not tolerate.

And when we have decided what will be not acceptable we ban together and agree to cast shame on those people who go outside the parameters of what is agreed upon as acceptable.Children don't understand prejudice.
All they understand is that they are learning and trying to make sense of the world that is new to them. And they question everything they don't comprehend. They say things that are honest and if spoken by an adult would be seen as prejudiced.

Momma his skin is the wrong color.

That girl is weird she has two Mommies.

His eyes look wrong.

Her hair feels weird.

And a Mother or a Father might get that look on their face like society is watching, society might have heard my child.

So we cover their mouths and we say no, no honey, we don't say that. And you bury it inside. Your questions about why people are different, are asked to be pushed way down deep.

And as we get older, we still don't know why people are different. But what we do know is that we are only taught to be tolerant of a certain set of rules and what our parents have decided is the proper way that all people should behave. And sometimes when our parents thought we couldn't, you might hear father's frustrations slip out when he called someone a promdi behind their back. Our mother might say you know I think the neighbors kid is a fag. Or kapangpangan people are up to no good. Or visayan are dishonest.

The questions you had as a child about differences are now being filled in and sometimes when I don't understand people I find myself getting angry and filling in the blanks with negatives.

That stupid so and so.

That dumb so and so.

You cheap so and so.

And I hate it.

I was rereading a blog from a few weeks ago and there was one guy who was being honest about how he felt about chubs and effeminiate people. He was expressing his frustrations and looking for understanding. A lot of people started a virtual stoning. Calling him a bigot and amongst all other names. And I never got the feeling he was a hateful person. I got the feeling he was prejudiced and wanted to understand why.

We are all prejudiced.

Yes, you are prejudiced.

There are times when you see something and in your mind, where you're safe to think your true thoughts.. you thought things like, Look at these fags flaunting themselves, no wonder people can't stand them. Look at this rude Chinese lady, she just got right in front of me, those fucking Chinese don't care about anyone but their own people. Look at these fucking batangueƱo people, they are so pompous and arrogant and have no idea how stupid they look. Look at that fat bitch, my God have some control over yourself. Look at that ugly bitch. Look at that stuck up business man. Look at those 35 year old bike messengers, I'll bet they are horrible parents.

We agree not to speak about these things. So we think them in safety. In silence, ignorance festers like mold in a petrii dish.If someone could say..

why do these kinds of people do these things, without someone shaming them and silencing them, we might be able to find out where prejudice comes from. In our selves and in others. If I see something I don't understand and I tell someone... without fear of being called a bigot or a racist or an ageist or any other assorted label, I might be able to let the prejudice die and take it's place with understanding. I know It is still a long way for me, I am also guilty as anyone of prejudice.
To all those people who had been victim of my shitty mouth, I apologize.

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lojika said...

yeah ryt! i,too, am guilty of that so called prejudice. sometimes. but tryin hard to get rid of it. promise!

most people are guilty of judgment out of ignorance. i think it's due to being indolent of seeking the truth, know the details and understand.