Wednesday, October 11, 2006



I do enjoy my gay porn, especially those sexy guys in CorbinFisher and SeanCody, but for all its potential richness, don't you sometimes find gay porn tends to focus mainly on a few simple ideas, and these are conducted in a rigorous, set pattern?

This pattern is simple to remember, and obvious once observed. Two, or more, men will meet. One of them, perhaps as a result of an intense stare or a word or two of conversation, will begin to feel his cock through the material of his jeans. At this point it is usually appropriate for other nearby males to begin the same action, though on occasion they will assist with the through-the-cloth stroking. It should be noted that the majority of us have hit fast forward by now, simply waiting for Ah, there we are! Hit play again...

Their jeans are now opened. There's a hint of flesh, perhaps a sliver of belly, then the entirety of a cock rolls into view. Stroking and sucking ensues, a dispassionate sort of sucking. There's no fun involved, just a look of utter seriousness glinting in the actors' eyes. And on it goes. Sometimes slapping takes place, accompanied by an encouraging grunt, something like
"Suck it, yeah. Yeah, suck that dick. You like that, don't you?"
the kind of macho things that are guaranteed to put most of us off sex, but apparently fulfill some sort of primal urge when committed to celluloid.

Eventually, we get onto the fucking. Everyone's clean and tidy, well-lubed and there's never any concerns over gentleness or pain. This is strangely-sanitised sex, there's no risk of hurting the other person, or doing something they may not enjoy, because the other person's thinking of a dollar, and that fucks all the pain away. They move, writhe and grunt. Then comes the best bit, the 'Money Shot'. The fucker, against all common sense, withdraws and proceeds to wank himself to orgasm. The semen is directed in an arc across the cheeks of the recently-fucked arse, and the head of the ejaculating penis is rubbed and slapped on the now-anointed skin. Finally, and always, they kiss.

Perhaps this knowledge of what's really happening is part of the fun. Perhaps one should feel a gush of warm familiarity when witnessing such acts. We know, we just know, that they're going to kiss now they've finished. Perhaps it's supposed to warm our hearts, provide us with that just-watched-'Beautiful Thingy'-feeling?

Perhaps gay porn is not supposed to be taken so seriously...


Momel said...

Might you be watching too much porn lately?

He hee, cheers!

khalel said...

Guitly AS CHARGE! lolz I found this really cool porn site over the net, sadly though my network admi found and barred it. lolz!