Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Its a Special Non Working Holiday yesterday in honor of the end of the Ramadan of our Muslim Brothers throughout the world. So the night before that - me, my mom and mantra decided to go to the mall on the following day, so we did.

My mom is buying me a pair of new snickers!

Actually it was the third attampt I think, that we went to a mall and hunt for a pair. But the last two eneded on a scene of us going home empty handed. Its not that Filipinoes panicked buy all the snickers and there's no available stock to take home with us. There are actually quite a number to choose from and all the color one can possible imagine, specially that of the line of Converse that even have a loud fuschia colored rubber shoes. We came home empty handed simply because most of the times i feel guilty about the cost of the pair i like, costing around Php 3,000 to Php 5,000 a apir. Its simply too much for my conscience to bare.

Don't get me wrong I am not one of those 'brand concious bitches'. Actually the last pair i am wearing for four months now i think cost me only Php 250. Well its me, i can wear anything and that incluides scrapped clothing and apparel without minding if it doesnt even cost a nickel, ha!

But i always tend to feel guilty about buying this 'well valued commodities' for myself. I can spend and splurge money for gifts and items for family, friends and yes including my domestic partner but i would feel extremely guilty if i am spending for myself. Double that guilt when i have someone buying me a gift or something. Specially on this case, its my mom buying for me.

12 Year - FlashBack

"My mom and I live almost under a HiWay Bridge on a small hut that she is renting from her friend. Literally owing only a 100 watts Incandescent Bulb. My mom and dad decided to go on seperate ways since I was three with my tatay (dad) having his own 'new' family, with my younger sister living with him.

I was still studying then via a scholarship grant my high school teachers endorsed me into."

It has been a struggle for me and nanay (mom) and believe me, until this day 2we dont know how we survive, I guess fate did smile upon us."

I am still feeling guilty trying a pair from the shelve knowing how much these beauties would cost.

"Go ahead, take your pick." my mom

So not for us to get into another arguement like we did with the last time, I tried a skecher, i dont like really and i know it would not fit me - the size is obviously to big for me. And I know that there is nothing smaller than that display. "Smallest Size on Display, Ha!"

As expected, it does not fit! Thanks to my size "6" pair, hahaha. I got a small pair really, that earn me the title: THE MYTH BREAKER! (recall this silly thingy about the size of your feet and the size of your wank! lolz!)

I was looking at another pair by Merrell this time, when the CS (customer service) approach me and asked to try it on.
"Got a size 6 on your black stock?"
No Sir. But Please try this blue one first. And feel the comfort.
This time i'll make the color the excuse.

"Sad that you dont have a black one,"

Sir this pair is making your feet much more smaller. Why dont you try on the Black one that we have and i will just a cork padding on it and lets see if i still know my magic.

Now I am in trouble. This CS is really persistent to make a sale and and really quite abreast with his merchandise. After a couple of minutes the he came back holding the black pairs i like and slowly slipping in the cork padding and asked me try it on.

"Its a perfect fit Sir."

"Wrapped that one!" its my mom.

I looked back her and just smiled. She was giving me this new set now, leather type this time.
"Its a little big for me mom..."

"Go get me three pairs of those cork padding and wrapped this leather shoes as well" My mom telling the CS.

After that, he asked Mantra to follow him and told him that she is buying Mantra a pair of slip on sandals. Yes, my mom is buying my baby his slippers! lolz.

She did asked me to get a pair as well. So Mantra and I decided to get our pairs at charcoal...

I love you nanay, and thank you!

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